Rose: Konnichi wa!!!!! No school! WOOT!

Malik: ;;;; I'm gonna regret asking...but why?

Youko: -.-;;; ::is still fuming from getting hit in the head by a very heavy object::

Rose: Cause Hurricane Ivan is coming to here! Not something to be happy about because my poor little computer must stay home as well as my stereo...and my Naruto wall scroll!!! T.T

Malik: O.o...

Youko: O.o

Rose: And the reason Libra isn't in this chapter is cause she already left to evacuate to Texas...I'm heading over there too when the traffic gets better. O.o You should see the traffic to get on the interstate. It's ridiculous!!!

Malik: ;;;;;;; But you have no school...

Youko: That's good right?

Rose: I don't mind not having's the fact dat I have to leave my computer, which I've had since ever, and my stereo. My wall scroll I got last year!!! I don't want to leave my things!!! T.T

Malik: What about your manga and anime?

Rose: I already packed dat. I got my Shonen Jumps, only the issues where Bakura is in them, and some of my anime magazines. I have all my manga dat I'll need, still haven't decided if I'm bringing my Yu-Gi-Oh depends on if I have room, I borrowed manga from a friend so those are definitely going. She borrowed some of mine too and she's assured me dat they're safe with her in her bag, yea...she left already too...I'm the only one still here!!!! O.o...

Malik: o.o...Is that why you're writing your story now?

Youko: O.O

Rose: T.T Yes!!! I wanted to let people know at least I'm not dead!!!! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH SPENDING MY LAST FEW HOURS AT MY HOME ON THE COMPUTER TYPING UP A STORY?!?!!?!

Malik: O.O;;;

Youko: O.O You're bringing your Playstation 2 too?!? And all of your games?!?!

Rose: T.T Yes...MY GUITAR!!! It has to stay too!!!! Someone do the disclaimer!!!!

Youko: It's Malik's turn!!! I did it last time!!!

Malik: ::sigh:: Fine...Rose doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh!...or has seen the movie...

Rose: T.T I was THIS close!!! But I was 2 hours after the last showing!!!!!!

Youko: ...She really wants that card eh?

Malik: Yep...

Rose: I want the Blue Eyes Shining White Dragon card!!! I have an obsession...with dragons! Ironically, I have three Blue Eyes White Dragon cards...and I act like Seto sometimes...o.o... what are you looking at damnit?!


Youko: O.o;;;;

Rose: O.O ...It is?

Malik: I dunno...I just wanted to say it...

Rose: -.-;;;; Please Enjoy!


"Aw, man! Dat means you win again!" Jou gathered the rest of his cards from the table and started to shuffle them. "So, what's the score?"

"Let's see, I have 27 wins and you have 3." Yugi beamed proudly at his friend. "You wanna play again?"

"Of course! I can still beat ya!"

"Jou, you've only won 3 out of 30 games. I highly doubt you can make up the difference."

Jou glared at Yugi before he replied. "I can too. We just need to play 30 more games!"

Yugi just sighed before taking the deck from Jou. "It's your funeral." He shuffled his cards in with the rest and dealt them. "This time we're playing Speed. Rummy 500 seems a little played out. Plus I'm getting tired of it."

"Okay! This time you're going down!"

"Again, I highly doubt it."

Malik turned down yet another hallway and found it to be exactly like the previous one. Ra damn! How many of these hallways are there on this damned ship?!?! It's like I'm going around and around in circles. Of course with not much lighting in the said hallways, it was quite hard to tell them apart. I think I'm lost...perhaps I should go find Bakura? Maybe he'll know which way it is back to my room. Then again...he might not...

The next hallway Malik entered was much darker than the rest he'd been through and was much longer. Maybe some of the light bulbs are broke? But did that stop the young egyptian from continuing? Nope.

Serenity had absolutely nothing to do seeing that Seto was still resting and she didn't want to disturb him. Maybe I should help Isis look for Malik...I mean this blimp is huge and it'll take a while for one person to locate another without knowing their exact coordinates...great...I'm starting to sound like Seto. ((a/n: Random...I just noticed a cut on my hand...I have no clue how it got there...O.o;;;...)) She turned at one of the many hallways and headed in the direction of Malik's room to see if he was there. He's probably not there, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

Yami nuzzled Anzu lightly on the cheek. He was happy, she was happy, everyone was happy. The only problem was how were they going to tell the others. It was a little burden that he couldn't stop thinking about. "Anzu?"


"How exactly are we going to explain this to the others?" He looked into her bright blue eyes, his full of questions, hers full with answers.

"Well, I thought we could wait until I was feeling a little better first."

"I already knew that part. I meant when we do tell them. How are we going to go about it?"

"Well..." Anzu started but stopped. Maybe this was a little more difficult to explain than she originally thought. "...oh my god! They're going to think I'm a slut!!!"

Yami looked down at her strangely. "What?"

"They're going to think I'm a fucking slut! Yami, I can't let that happen!!! We can't tell them!" Anzu buried her face into her hands and sighed. "We're gonna have to lie..."

The look on Yami's face just got stranger. Must be those mood swings. He personally thought she was over-reacting. How can you be thought of as a slut if you're going to keep the baby? "Ummm...Anzu? Maybe you're over-reacting a little?"

Yami slowly inched away from her in fear that she'd probably bite his head off for even suggesting that. "Over-reacting?! I am NOT over-reacting!!!"

"They won't think of you as a slut okay?"

"How the hell do you know that?!?"

Yami decided it be best if he didn't answer that. Two things in life men have to look out for: arguing with a girl while she's PMSing and trying to convince a pregnant woman that she's over-reacting. Of course I just happen to be in one of those kinds of situations at this moment so I have one of three options:

A) Say "I love you".

B) Go along with her and say that she's not over-reacting.


C) Say you remembered something that you had to do and casually walk out of the room as fast as you can.

...I guess I should go through them in order? Yami took a deep breath and braced himself for the worse. "I can't believe you'd even suggest something like that Yami!!!"

"I love you."

"Don't try to sweet talk me mister! You're just trying to change the subject and it's not gonna work!" By this time, Anzu had taken her hands away from her face and was starring straight at Yami. "This is very serious to me!! You may not care what people think about you, but I have an image to maintain! And if people think I'm a slut, all my hard work will go down the drain!"

Okay...choice A didn't work...guess it's on to B. "'re not over-reacting. Better?"

This is a good time to draw little smoke clouds coming for Anzu's ears. "NO IT'S NOT! THIS ISN'T EVEN ABOUT THAT ANYMORE!"

The pitch of Anzu's screaming was the perfect tone to close your eyes really tight and cover your ears. "Anzu...calm down..."

"Calm..? CALM? I AM CALM!!"

Damnit! Both A and B didn't work! I guess it's time for C...she's going to kill me. "Uh..." Yami slowly got up from the bed. "I just remembered that I have to meet Yugi to...uh...explain to him the difference between ejaculation and masturbation!" Yami quickly bolted to the door. "Be back later, I promise!"

Anzu just stared, glaring almost, at the door. "...and when you get back we'll continue this conversation..."

"HA!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!!" Jou jumped up from the table with his hands up. "TAKE DAT YUGI!!!"

"Just because you won that game doesn't mean you won't win the next one." Yugi picked up the cards and started shuffling them. "The score is 9 to 31. At least you aren't trailing as bad as before."

Jou sat back down and grinned. "I told ya Speed was my game. Deal again."

"Fine. How about we play a different game?"

"Depends, what do ya have in mind?"

"War." Yugi started passing out the cards.

"Sure. War is fun!" ((a/n: O.o...dat sounds a lot like Libra... she always gets me to play these card games with her. -.- She likes Rummy 500 and I like Speed, so we argue about it for a while...we usually end up playing Egyptian Slap Monkey or some other's very strange...))

Bakura was happily sitting in a big fluffy and comfortable chair watching T.V in his room. One thing wrong with this picture...a HAPPY Bakura! He was currently watching a cooking show. "Why I am watching this again? Oh...yea...because I'm bored..." Bakura sighed before sinking deeper into the chair. "...I hate's rotting away my last brain cell...I need that brain cell!"

Bakura quickly turned the channel and it landed on Lifetime. Bakura's eye got really big and his jaw dropped. "What in Ra's name is this crap?!?! OH MY RA!!!! IT'S THE ALL GIRL CHANNEL!!!!! THE HORROR!!! THE HORROR!!!!" Bakura slammed down his fist on the remote control in an attempt to change the channel, but instead he hit the 'catv' button. ((a/n: 'catv' makes the channel stay on DAT channel. No matter what button you press, other than volume, it won't change the channel. If you press 'main', then you can change the channel on the t.v. again. The buttons might be different on certain T.V.s.)) He then started hitting the 'up' on the channel menu, but it did nothing. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Rose: Yay! I finished it...AH-CHOO!

Malik: Bless ya...

Rose: ;;;; Thanks. I've been waiting for dat one to come out since yesterday. O.o...I guess I have a cold...grrrrr to colds...

Youko: ::staying away from Rose:: I refuse to come near you...

Rose: ::ignoring Youko:: I need Afrin! ::sprays Afrin up her nose:: YAY! I CAN BREATHE AGAIN! Note to self: Pack Afrin for evacuation.

Malik: Afrin...use it if you have a stuffed up nose! Not a commercial ad...

Youko: O.O ...

Rose: It works okay? I'm feeling better already. ::yawn:: Oh yea! About the last chapter, I didn't realize I misspelled 'yarn'. I put 'yawn' instead of 'yarn'. Sorry about dat, wasn't really paying attention.

Malik: What idiot misspells 'yarn'?

Rose: —.—;;;;;;;;; Shut up...also...I must leave my Yu-Gi-Oh manga here. There is no room in my backpack for it...T.T poor Yu-Gi-Oh manga...wait, we're not leaving! WOOT!

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