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Golden Fire


It all started when Kikyo died, believing Inuyasha had betrayed her. No, that's not fair. The beginning is much further back than that. But the beginning that I am, and always was concerned with, was when Inuyasha stepped into the legend. The legend of the Shikon no Tama, the Shikon jewel. Purified by Kikyo, stolen by Inuyasha, reincarnated and shattered by. well, me. Not entirely my fault. I was trying to get it back, so I could leave the dog half-demon and be on my way. Fate just needs to mind its own damn business sometimes. Let a girl just move on for once.

I guess that even if fate was willing to let me move on, Inuyasha wouldn't. Not him exactly, because in the beginning we hated each other with a passion. But passion does strange things to people and their hearts and I began to wonder what his story was. When I did and my curiosity had been satisfied, I couldn't leave for other reasons. I didn't love him at that point, but I felt close to him. Watching his face as he lost the love of his life for the second time, I knew I couldn't leave him.

And I never did.

Well, except to visit my family on my side of the well. And school, can't forget that. But he'd always come looking for me after a day or two and drag me back to his time. I came to realize that he cared about me almost as much as I cared for him. I just wished he'd listen every once in awhile before throwing a fit that I wasn't back to his era on time. That's what he was planning to do this afternoon. For once, I convinced him to stay for the night and live in the modern world.

He frowned and peered out of the windows. "I can really go out?"

I laughed. "I know it seems strange to you, Inuyasha, but yes."

His ears twitched and I looked at them, longing to rub them. He would never allow me to do that though. Especially not now, when I was winning an argument.

"And no one will look twice at me?"

I put my hand over my heart. "I solemnly swear." At the time, I really didn't think anyone would stare. I guess no one really did. But they did look twice. How was I to know? At least the girl was subtle. We didn't notice.

"So, no hats."

"No!" I sat down next to him exasperated. "Are you going to come or not? I really don't want to go alone, but if I have to, I will. I promised to go after all." I paused and bit my lip. "And if you get bored, we can go. It's only down the street a bit. Although I guess Hojo could walk me home." I looked at him out of the corner of my eye.

I heard a faint growl, and knew I had said the magic words. "Fine. But I better get extra ramen for this."

"Yes, fine. Whatever you want, Inuyasha." I stood and pulled him up to his feet. I went to the table and picked up my cat ears and tucked my tail into the back of my black dance pants. I was glad I kept them after all these years.

Inuyasha studied me. "You don't look a thing like a cat, you know."

I stuck my tongue out at him. "I thought I'd go as a cat hanyou. Ears and everything."

"You don't look like a cat hanyou either," he replied. "And I don't have a tail."

"Hmm. no, but your brother does. besides, I don't have claws or fangs, so this makes up for it." I crouched and drew whiskers on my cheeks with my mother's old eyeliner.

"My brother doesn't have a tail except when he's in dog form."

"Really? I thought the fluffy thing was a tail."

Inuyasha opened his mouth and then closed it. He shot me an angry look. "Well, next time he tries to kill you, ask him."

"Hmm. I will." I looked at him. "Let's go. And Inuyasha?"


"It's Halloween. Try to have fun."


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