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This fiction contains non-explicit accounts of sexual activity between a minor and an adult that is semi-consensual. If you have problems with this, or are not mature or old enough to read this, please press back or close your browser now.

Addicted To Your Embrace
Chapter 1-Let's Study, Sempai!

"Could you pass the rice?"

"Oh, sure. Here you go."

Keitaro passed the rice that was out of Naru's reach to her.

Hello, I'm Urashima Keitaro. I have a job that most red-blooded males would be jealous of. I'm the manager of a girls' dorm. If only those red-blooded males knew how it was. I live with an especially violent bunch. There can be no "accidental" peeks at the girls without a price. More often than not, that price is pain. It's a good thing I have this strange immunity to things that would kill any other man. I'm not entirely sure how I became that way. It's a good thing, though. Through the time I've been here I should have died an innumerable amount of deaths. The most I've ever gotten is a broken leg.

"Sempai, how's studying going?"

Huh? Oh. That would be Shinobu Maehara, 13-year-old resident of the Hinata Girl's Dormitory.

I gulped. "Um, fine really, just fine."

"Well, Sempai, if you're not to busy I was wondering if you could help me study."

Uh-oh. That's not good. Narusagewa...

"Uh, well I guess I could. You, Naru, and I could have a study session."

Good save. And now for the confirmation.

"No can do, baka. Me and Kitsune got some plans for this evening."

Kitsune sighed and wiped her mouth as she put down the bottle of sake she was enjoying.

"Yep, Yep. Girls night out on the town. I've been needing to pick up some more sake... So I'm killing two birds with one stone. Pretty slick huh?"

Naru rolled her eyes at her. "Remember, Kitsune, this is OUR night out. I'm not gonna waste my time with you, picking through sake, and taste sampling them all."

Kitsune face fell into a pout in disappointment.

"But I get to try new sake, possibly finding a new brand, and get hammered from just all the samples alone. It's a win-win situation," she said as she waved her index finger for emphasis. Kitsune let out a sigh. "Oh well, I'll just have to go some other night. You up for coming with?" She looked towards me.

I can see it now... Blargh. I'd get drunk, along with her, and she'd get all playful. Not much different than usual, but except when she's drunk it can sometimes be more an offer than a joke. Naru would probably follow us too, and catch us in some compromising position. I think it's reasonable to decline. Only way I'd do that was if it was a way to get out of...

"Uh, no. That's all right. You can go ahead yourself and have fun."

Kitsune pouted again. "'re no fun." Kitsune leaned towards me, allowing a great deal of cleavage visible to me. My eyes naturally trailed down. So big and round... I broke my stare, my cheeks feeling hot.

"Heh. I still got it!" Kitsune rose a fist triumphantly into the air. "That's always good for some entertainment."

Naru scoffed. "Well, let's hope you keep your 'entertainment' PG. There are young ones present."

It took a little bit for Shinobu to realize they were referring to her. She obliviously blinked, and then realized she was supposed to blush. It appeared a bit forced.

"So...I guess that means we'll be studying alone tonight, Sem-pai." Shinobu said, her voice hanging a little while on the last word.

My eyes raced around the room in panic, hoping it would present some escape to this "study."

"Uh, no. I'm sorry Shinobu, but I was hoping for Naru to be there to help me. I'm a bit behind in my studies and don't want to be distracted too much."

Shinobu's eyes started to tear up.

"It's okay Sempai. I know I'm just a burden..." She sniffed for good effect.

"URASHIMA! How dare you deny her the right to be tutored! YOU are the manager, so it is YOUR responsibility to help the tenants." Motoko emphasized this with by slightly withdrawing the Hina blade from it's sheath. The light just loved to reflect off the edge of that sword and blind me. Sometimes I wish I never gave her that blade. Imagine that, giving MY family blade to her, and she uses MY blade to hurt ME. Where's the justice? I started to sweat as the temperature began to go up in the room a few degrees coming from Motoko's general direction. One last try...



There. Can't say I didn't try. I suppose I have to give in to the inevitable.

"Okay." I hung my head in defeat.

Later, Shinobu helped me clear the table and take the dishes to the kitchen to be washed. She washed them and I dried. I offered to wash them but she said something about me needing to keep my hands in shape for "studying." I began to sweat again. It seemed to have become my pastime.

All during the time we washed dishes her hand would linger on mine as she handed me a dish. I tried to avoid contact, and shy away if any were made, but she seemed adamant about touching me. She stood awfully close to me, our sides brushing together a little too close for comfort.

We finished the last of the dishes and Shinobu wiped her hands dry on her apron.

"Well, let's go study. I've been looking forward to it all week."

Thus, the time I've come to put off, dread, avoid, and yet feel sickly anxious for has arrived.

I walked slowly behind Shinobu. I tried lagging behind, but it was just prolonging the inevitable. Try as I might to avoid these situations, they keep occurring with no little amount effort on her part. She eventually took a hold of my hand and practically pulled me up the stairs.

We walked by Motoko in the hall. She gave a nod to greet Shinobu. Shinobu nodded back. Motoko gave ME an icy stare.

"Teach her well Urashima." Motoko spoke a phrase that sounds light and approving when written, in a commanding form with a hint of a threat. Just great.


I really didn't want to "teach" her well. I wanted to be far away...yet some part of me wanted to be here. I tried to keep that part locked away.

I reluctantly followed Shinobu into my room.

Shinobu took one last look down the hallway before closing the door behind us.

"Well Sempai, time to study."

I swallowed.


I sat down on in front of my desk and got some books out the bag lying beside it. I was going to ask Shinobu about where her study material was...but I knew she didn't have it with her. I heard a rustle behind me, and tried to ignore it.

"So what will we be studying today, Shinobu-chan?" I tried to sound casual and not distressed. The books in front of me were pushed off the table by delicate hands, the same hands that then pushed me onto that same table onto my back.

"Why, you Sempai..." Shinobu said playfully. A saccharine sweet giggle followed. I gulped.

"What do you mean?" I knew what she meant.

She just gave me a droll look. I slid around Shinobu, who was in front of me, and stood.

"I just have to use the bathroom really quick." I started slowly advancing towards the door.

"But you already used the bathroom, silly."

"Oh...but I have to go again. Ya know, all that tea at dinner..." I turned towards the door. Almost there. Never made it.

Shinobu's voice dropped an octave. She lowered her head; her hair obscured her dark expression. "If you leave, I'll call Motoko here and tell her you refuse to tutor me."

A threat. Of course she didn't clarify that she still would be leaving her clothes off when Motoko came, making Motoko jump to the only conclusion she could conceive. This would leave me as a bloody puddle after the aforementioned judgement. She would literally KILL me or if not, the authorities would finish the job with Motoko as a witness no doubt. I closed my eyes and hung my head. I was aware of Shinobu's state of dress but I chose to ignore it. She wasn't wearing a top.

"What, you don't find me beautiful?" She giggled. It sent shivers up my spine. It had a playfully touched tone to it.

"You know you want it too," irritation flickered across her features, "Don't deny it." I felt very uncomfortable. I tried to deny the voice agreeing with her in my head and felt ashamed. Shinobu began crossing the room and took my hand leading me over to my bed mat.

She gently led me with her hands to lay on my back. She crawled over me and leaned onto me.

"You know I can never get enough you, Kei-chan." She traced my lips with and index finger. I shivered again, with a hint of desire coursing through my veins.

"I. Need. You." Her beautiful eyes looked down into mine. I became lost in them. I could see a million emotions and feelings there. I could see into her soul. It was while I was lost, she kissed me, beginning her seduction.

It wasn't much soon after clothes of both of us were scattered across the floor and desire was being sated.

This wasn't the first time this happened, Oh no. The first sign was a scare. I was so weak then. I almost went too far. But it wasn't me that took it to this level. It turned out I wasn't the one to make that decision, I doubt it was ever mine. The sad thing about it is, I keep getting more and more used to it as time goes on. I am becoming enamored with the cute short girl, with short blue-tinted hair. It becomes easier each time. I'm afraid eventually all resistance will fade away, and I will consciously want to do this; seek to do this. That scares me. If someone was to find out... I have to stop this somehow before that happens. Get her help. I felt guilty though. You see this was an indirect result of something I did. But I'll save how for another time.

-End Chapter 1-

-Authors Notes-

To you other fans of my works, sorry I did this instead of updating my other fics, but I had to get this out of my system. For those of you who actually read my author's notes in my other works, yes, this IS the work I've been hinting at. I finally figured out how to write it. I wanted to make a somewhat twisted romance. I wanted Shinobu somehow taking advantage of Keitaro in a perceivable way. I found this hard to do, because realistically, Keitaro's bigger and stronger. You don't have to be to take advantage of someone. I never intended with original idea to write this from Keitaro's point of view. But to sympathize with Keitaro and actually get the feel of him being a somewhat victim, the reader has to BE him.

This didn't probably didn't turn out with a noticeably higher writer's level that I had hoped to achieve. I figure it's going to take me quite a bit of writing before it's noticeably better.