Addicted To Your Embrace
Chapter 4- The Truth Lies in the Past: Part One

(Note as to prevent confusion: This chapter takes place in the past. The previous chapters take place after their sexual relationship had been going on for some time.) Shinobu Maehara.

Hinata Sou was empty and quiet except for two residents. Shinobu approached her Sempai's room with one feeling oppressing all the others. It was an overwhelming sense of need driving her forward, the need to feel that gaping whole in her soul, even if only temporarily. She walked without the most assured of footsteps, but steps that would not falter. She approached Keitaro's door with apprehension. Second thoughts flashed across her mind questioning why she was here. She knew what she needed fulfilled but not entirely sure of how to accomplish it. Nonetheless, she could not stop herself from opening the door.

Keitaro looked up from his studies to see me entering his room. The sliding door made a slight "clak" noise as it closed behind me. I had my eyes closed and head tilted downward, hiding my expression as I felt out my thoughts and emotions. I decided to sit by Keitaro, his eyes following me across the room. I slid silently into place beside him. I think I heard Keitaro swallow. Why did he do that? Did he feel the weight of my soul I carried with me as I entered? Why would he be so nervous? It's only me, Shinobu.

"Uh... Hello, Shinobu... chan."

"Hi, Sempai," I responded quietly. My voice came out a bit deeper than usual. I could not help myself as my voice hung on "Sempai" in an uncharacteristically sensual way. I started breathing rapidly, my breath seeming to escape me in my excitedly emotional state. Emotions I weren't aware I had were vying for purchase in my mind. I sighed deeply trying to gather my wits, smoothing my dress as I did so. I could feel Keitaro's wary gaze on me as I looked down at my dress.

"How are you feeling, sempai?"

"A little thirsty." Suddenly, thoughts unbidden forced their way into my consciousness about the ways that I could quench his thirst. I almost shuddered involuntarily at the thought that I would have never had before.

"Ah...perhaps I should get you tea..." I said for nothing more than to fill the silence.

"That...would be nice..." he trailed off as he realized I wasn't going anywhere.

I began to breach the subject of why I was here. "Sempai...I've...been having thoughts...dreams..."

"Oh. What of?" Keitaro asked with genuine curiosity.

"I was...more emboldened," I licked my lips in an unconscious action, "I done things I never thought I would do, and was commanding in getting them."

"Oh... well they say your dreams are embodiments of your desires. Maybe you wish you were more bold?"

I mused over his words for a moment, something about them a little too true. "Embodiments of your..." my throat felt dry at the revelation, causing me to swallow deeply, "desires?"

"Yep. Things you wish you could really do, you do in your dreams."

Images unbidden flittered through my thoughts. "Oh. But mine...seem so real."

"Oh...well, all the more enjoyable the dreams must be."

"Yes...the dreams are very...enjoyable... Sem-pai." I responded with an undeniable lilt to my voice. I finally looked up into Keitaro's eyes. His head winced back as he caught my eyes. I briefly wonder how much he saw there. I leaned in closer to

"K-Keitaro. My...Sempai," I whispered quietly.

"Yes. I'm your 'sempai' as you put it." He smiled nervously at me. His nervousness did nothing to deter my intent, however. I stayed close, and glanced off to the right, contemplating my next words.

"I...feel so lonely Sempai."

Keitaro hesitantly put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me.

"Shinobu, you shouldn't be. I'm here for you. We're all here for you." Such comforting words to my ears... But there is only one person that I want.

I moved onto my hands and knees and leaned in even closer. Keitaro leaned back, making me tower over him slightly. It made a thrill run through me.

"In my dreams, I never feel lonely." I felt as if I was a cat stalking its prey with enjoyment at its ease.

"That's...nice..." Keitaro trailed off. He must have felt like the walls were closing in on him.

"Do you know why?" I couldn't stop myself anymore. I leaned in closer, feeling his hot, flustered breath on my face.

"Why?" He quietly breathed. It seemed the mood required a quiet response; it was the quiet before the storm.

I finished my sentence with the oppressive feeling of anticipation being broken like a dam. "Because I'm with you in them..."

He became even more flustered before my eyes, emotions flashing across his face in a flurry as he attempted to stutter some sort of response. "Oh. Shinobu...I..."

"I'm with you..." I moved closer ready to finish with my lips dancing with his in a symphony, "entirely," I punctuated. I finished my statement by beginning my tentative inexperienced kiss. For some reason I felt that I had kissed like this before, the "otona no kisu," the adult's kiss. I done it in my dreams...but experiences from dreams shouldn't transfer over to real life. Sempai's response to my kiss was the same as the dream also. He did not push me way, but he moaned when I did this or that with my tongue, and only sometimes kissed back reflexively, which annoyed me to no end. He was very hesitant, but atleast not outright resistant.

I lifted a hand from the floor, steadying myself in a crawling position on my other three appendages, to his chest. I pushed him firmly, yet gently to the floor, never breaking the kiss and crawling over him as I did. I shifted my weight to rest fully on Sempai's lap, straddling him to keep him in place and tugged his shirt over his head, muffling his weak protests. Lucky for me, today he wasn't wearing anything complicated. I ran my hands over his chest when I finished, enjoying the feel of his flesh. I felt my body flushing and everything sense sharpening in my excitement. There was no way I could allow myself to turn back now. It was beyond my control.

"Shinobu...we can''re too young...and Naru..." He said pitifully.

"I...NEED you, Sempai. I don't care anymore..." A silent tear fell down my cheek in remembrance of the emptiness that caused my need, almost forgotten in my excitement, landing on Keitaro's chest.

"Sorry about that," I purred, "Sempai." I bent over to lick the tear off of his chest. Keitaro shivered beneath me, exhilarating me. I shivered as well when I felt something stiffen beneath me. I reflexively ground myself against him.

"Mmmmm..." He moaned at the feeling. My emotions went swirling into instinct and desire.

With one hand, I threw my dress off in one swift motion. My bra soon followed. I ground against him one more time and then put my hand on his chest, putting all of my weight on him with my arm to prevent any impromptu escape. I reached down with my freehand between us, lifting myself off of him to pull his pants and boxers off his waist, and finished the job kicking with my foot to push it all the way off over his feet. I kicked my panties of soon after. I leaned back from my position straddling over him, standing on my knees, reaching downward, knowing what I was looking for.

I can't believe what I'm doing; it's almost like I'm another person. Or, I thought, maybe this was always myself. Everyone has needs and desires. Perhaps I denied them for too long. I banished my thoughts and took a deep breath to steady my resolve. Keitaro seemed to be in awed state as he looked at me. This flattered me to no end. "Sempai," all I could think was, "Sempai is looking at me!" I grasped him in my hand and apparently the awe broke at my touch.

"Shinobu. You shouldn't," he said frantically, "No. NO! DON-"

The world faded into moans, groans, and flesh, as their realities became a heated race to satiate need and desire.

Keitaro Urashima. Shinobu was breathing heavily along with me when she sighed in contentment. She traced my musculature on my sides and chest as she rested on me, her other arm around my neck holding onto me affectionately. It felt sinfully good.

This girl, the word "beautiful" inserted itself along with the word "girl" in his thoughts, came in my room and seduced me. I should have fought it harder... It's just that this affection and desire is something that I've needed so badly because I've never had it. I feel sick at my helplessness in the face of my need. I'm not an animal. But she came into my room so sincere in her feelings. She asked nothing more than she took. She made no obligations. Some guys would love to be in my position. Those guys are fools. He had a flashback:

"In my dreams, I never feel lonely."

"That's...nice..." I trailed off because I had no idea of what to say.

"Do you know why?" I felt her excited breath on my face as she leaned in oh so close.

"Why?" I quietly breathed. It seemed the mood required a quiet response; it was the quiet before the storm.

She finished her sentence with the oppressive feeling of anticipation being broken like a dam. "Because I'm with you in them..."

It sounded not unlike a confession of love. I was speechless. She stripped me naked so fast. I didn't know what was going on, and it didn't help that my mind locked up at her beautiful nude form... The aforementioned nude form was still on top of me that very moment.

"Shinobu. We shouldn't do this again. It isn't right. You are too young and Naru..."

Naru, I thought guiltily, I made the mistake already before... I was supposed to save myself for you, but that night a little while back... I know I will always feel guilty in your presence. I love you, and for that reason I can't tell you what happened or let this go on. If you were to find out... you would never forgive me. Everyone would think I'm a monster.

"Mmmm?" She responded.

"Are you listening to me?"

Shinobu didn't answer; she was trying to hold the moment, ignoring me.

"You know," she said conversationally like this was not a big deal, "it was even better than my dream."

I sighed, exasperated.

"Sempai," she said wistfully. "You are so kind to me, and make me feel loved. I don't care if your heart isn't mine, you still do."

A lump formed in my throat. "Shinobu-chan."

Shinobu sighed one more time as she reluctantly broke her embrace from me. She began to dress.

"It's time I get started cooking. Everyone will be back for dinner soon."

She quietly exited the room, leaving me to silently berating myself over my weak will.

"Never again. I shouldn't. I can't possibly give her everything she heart belongs to Naru."

I got my bathing equipment and went to take a bath.

Everyone arrived home to hear a beautiful cheerful tone from the kitchen. They all went to the source of the cheerful melody to see Shinobu beaming as she put the finishing touches on dinner. She turned and bowed to greet them.

"Hello everyone." She turned to look out the window with a faint smile on her lips. "It's a beautiful day."

"Hi, Shinobu. You seem to be in a good mood."

Shinobu blushed. "I suppose I am."

"Shinobu! Shinobu! I wanna eat, eat, eat!" Kaolla Su shouted.

"It'll be ready in a second. Go sit at the table, please."

Motoko, Su and Kitsune exited. Naru stayed behind.

"So, have you seen Keitaro?"

"He went to soak in the bath. He should be down any moment now."

"Ah. Okay. The baka hasn't done anything stupid lately, has he?"

"Naru!" Shinobu admonished, "Sempai has been just fine."

Naru scoffed at the thought of him not doing anything stupid and turned to leave for the table.

Shinobu shortly entered the dining room, caring several plates of food and setting them on the table. As soon as she released them, hands and chopsticks dove for the food, taking it in large quantities into mouths and onto plates. Shinobu took a few more trips into the kitchen before having all the food. On her last trip Keitaro came into the room. The moment she sat down the last plate, she moved quickly across the room to pull his chair out for him. She didn't appear to be hurried going across the room, but it was faster than a normal pace, Shinobu's shy grace making it seem effortless. Keitaro smiled and blushed at the attention. He sat in the chair and Shinobu pulls out the one beside him and sat. Naru glared briefly at Keitaro.

Look at him soak it up, Naru thought, blushing at a middle-schooler.

Shinobu gathered food for herself into her plate, and Keitaro's at the same time. Keitaro had begun to reach to get his own food only to find Shinobu was already pouring food into his plate. Motoko and Naru raised an eyebrow at this.

"The jerk can get his own food," Naru said with a tinge of jealousy.

"I know. He's just has been so nice to me."

"What'd he do?"

"Ermmm, he and I had a talk over tea when he studied. He's comforting to." Shinobu almost hid all signs of a flush threatening to kill her. It came out as the normal infatuation blush, so it was ignored.

"Keitaro, you play with Shinomu? Keitaro needs to play with Su..." Su spoke sadly as her arm hang from the index finger resting in her mouth. Sometimes Su is suspiciously close to the truth. Of course her innocence masks all deeper meaning behind her words.

"Okay Su...maybe sometime after I study? I have exams coming up..."

"NO! Play with now!" Su suddenly swung a psionic hand laser out of subspace.

"GAH!" Keitaro turned to run only to fall into the woman on the opposite side of Keitaro than Shinobu, Narusagewa Naru. "Mmmph," Keitaro responded to his new position amidst a pair of luscious bosoms. Standard Chaos ensued.


Naru Punch preceded a Boulder Cutting Slash, sending Keitaro high into the sky.

"S-Sempai?" Shinobu stuttered as she followed his form through the sky.

Shinobu turned towards the females responsible for Keitaro's trip. She came off as slightly peeved, but inside was flowing with anger. "Keitaro didn't mean to do that Naru," Shinobu admonished. "Besides, every time you do something like that, HE has to fix it. It's a surprise that the Hinata Dormitory is still here."

Naru lowered her fist and Motoko her sword. Naru then picked her chin up, with a look of defiance. "If that baka wasn't such a pervert, none of this would happen!"

Shinobu merely frowned lightly. She turned and went to do the dishes without a word.

To be continued...

Authors Notes:

When Shinobu said, "It's a beautiful day" it was supposed to be like Tenchi movie where Yosho's former love in the Sakura tree tries to take Tenchi. In the fake world, his fake wife (forgot her name) looks out the window and says this. It is one of the first things she says every time the world resets when something disrupts it.

At the end there it degenerated into complete third person. The last scenes were too general amongst characters for me to choose a point of view. I originally had this whole chapter in third person. It was the scene/text that inspired the whole story. I chose Shinobu's point of view for the seduction to finally give some insight to why she acts like she does. The Chapter that will be the ultimate explanation what divergence from the manga caused this scenario will be Part Two of "The Truth Lies in the Past." I'm actually plotting an end to this, and this will be dubbed my first completed story ever. I originally thought that I would aim for an impossibly long story. But a shorter story can be as good as a long one. Other fanfic authors have shown me that. A story ultimately has a POINT and an ENDING. It's time I start writing stories with that intended. Besides, dragging on a story for the hell of it probably gets pretty tiring and more a burden than anything else. I don't expect this story to get longer than 10, probably it will be 8 chapters. I still have to get in a few things.