I hadta do the challenge. Cuz I'm messed up, y'see. The body is 150 words exactly. I rok, yo.

I don't own, surprise.

Countdown **

Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, having been left alone on New Years by their respective female companions (the former by breakup, the latter by family visits) planned upon spending the occasion together, drinking soda, eating Captain Crunch right from the box, and making flatulent jokes. Thusly it was so, until the duo fell asleep in a sea of cereal and empty cans.

The TV played the events in Times Square, revelers and their garish celebrations while the two snored softly on a battered, broken couch.





Still asleep, the latter grabbed the cheeks of the former, and gave a passionate kiss (full-on liplock, with tongue, I shit you not).

"Steph.I just want to be with you forever."

Dick Grayson woke with a start, and did the only sensible thing. He woke his companion by slapping the younger man, twice.

Once for sleep-kissing,..

Once for sleep-proposing.