Silent Harmony

A "Hey, Arnold!" Fanfiction Piece.
Gerald and Phoebe.


The sun began to set outside the park and a small, young girl sat quietly in the swing, swaying back and forth idly. Her black hair was pulled back in a tiny rubber band, falling around her glasses-framed face with a soft sheen. Bright green eyes glimmered behind the thick glass of her wired glasses, Phoebe was quiet and reflective. Every second that passed through the gentle stillness of the shaded setting of the sun was precious and thoughtful to her. Blowing out a stream of air, she jumped off the rubber tied up by chains, swooping down on her blue backpack. With a tragic air, she slowly trudged along, dancing airily with the shadows.

"Hey, Phoebe, wait up!"

Her cheeks turning red, she looked over her shoulder at a tall African-American boy pedaling swiftly after her. Gerald. Bringing a fist up to her mouth, she bit her knuckles agitatedly. Black curly hair and milky chocolate eyes accented a playful face, a red jersey with the number '33' emblazoned on it in white worn by him. "He-hello, Gerald," she murmured, wisps of her silky black hair draping around her pale face. Pedaling quickly until he was beside her, Gerald smiled at her; the bike wavered momentarily, but he recovered with a sheepish grin.


"Yeah, um, Phoebe, you know about the-"

"Basketball game?"

"Uh, yeah…I was wondering if, you know, you would come?" He gave her a bright, wide smile, eyes large and pleading. Stopping her walking, squeezing her backpack tighter to her chest, trying to cease her rapid and erratic heartbeat, Phoebe lowered her face, then lifted it up with a cheerfully innocent smile.

"Sure Gerald, that would be a wonderful learning experience," smiled Phoebe and Gerald made a silent 'yesss!' and punched the air exuberantly, almost hitting a pothole and he swerved quickly, grinning cockily. He had known her for a year or two, and that time had given him the ability to translate the meaning behind those advanced, calm words.

Both smiling with a common feeling, the two walked and pedaled into the sunset.