Only a Memory Away

~*~I hear the voice of my destiny call

And I know I must go find my way

The hardest part will be leaving you all

And I'll miss you much more

than words can say~*~

Raven meditated on the rooftop, away from the blabbering idiots, as she would say. But she couldn't concentrate even though she sat alone on the silent rooftop, her mind kept trailing away.

Raven opened her eyes, 'This is hopeless,' as she got up and walked over to the edge of the roof, 'I can't stop thinking about that.'

"Still trying to deal with the situation at hand?" Beast Boy asked, sitting down next to Raven. Raven shuddered at the memory.


"Mail call!" Beast Boy called as he and the other three Titans boys entered the tower, Cyborg carrying a large box.

"More fan mail?" Raven asked emotionlessly.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy gave a peace sign with his hand. As he did that, Robin grabbed the box from Cyborg and ran over to the table, holding the box over his head. He set it down and punched it open.

"That was an unusual way to open a box." Starfire said.

"Whatever." Robin said. Beast Boy turned into a squirrel and jumped into the box of letters.

"Good idea, let's mail him off to Africa." Cyborg joked.

Beast Boy's head stuck out of the box, "I heard that!" He went back under and jumped back out as a squirrel with a letter in his mouth. He turned back to normal and looked at it. "Letter from my folks..."

"How wonderful for you to hear from your family!" Starfire cheered. Beast Boy shrugged and tore the envelope open and read the letter inside, his grin slowly turning into a frown. When he was done he crumpled it up and threw it behind him, and everyone stared at him questionably.

"They want me to return home..." He said with a blank look on his face.

"Why?" Robin asked.

"Family problems, that's all they mentioned." He said blankly.

"This is not good, we cannot lose a member of our team." Starfire said.

"It's not right, they can't force you to leave." Raven added.

"Yeah well they're coming here to drag me home." Beast Boy glared at nothing. He walked to his room, still glaring at nothing.

Raven closed her book, "I'm going to my room to meditate."

When Raven got to her room, she dropped to her knees and cried. She actually cried. They were coming to take the only boy she ever loved away from her.


That was two days ago, and today Beast Boy was leaving. Raven softly cried. Beast Boy looked at her.

"You okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine." Raven stood up and walked to the other side of the roof. Beast Boy ran after her.

"You don't look fine." Raven glared, then sighed. Beast Boy always knew when she was lying. She turned to face him and he stopped short. They faced each other for a few seconds, then a couple tears escaped Raven's eyes.

"I don't want to loose you." She whispered to Beast Boy. He stared at her a couple seconds, then hesitantly put his arms around her shoulders. Growing quickly accustomed to the awkwardness of the position he was in, Beast Boy pat Raven's back in a soothing gesture and reluctantly let her go when she pulled away from his embrace and wiped her eyes. Pulling her chin gently up so she would look at him, Beast Boy smiled.

"I'm not going to stay. I swear." Raven smiled and Beast Boy grinned back. They went down to the kitchen together to get tofu and soy milk.

~*~I'll be only a memory away

If you need me

You can call me any time of day

And I'll be there, it's OK

Only a memory away~*~

"I don't care if BB's leaving, I'm not eating that tofu!" Cyborg screamed as Beast Boy started handing out tofu.

"You'll eat it and LIKE IT!" Beast Boy said, stuffing tofu down Cyborg's throat. Cyborg ran like heck to the bathroom and everyone could swear he was throwing up. Beast Boy started laughing like heck and soon Robin and Starfire joined in. Raven just shrugged.

There was a knock at the door. Raven, being the only one not engulfed in laughter, answered it. Nothing was there. Except for a big green hole (A/N: K9: instead of a black hole! Weeeeee I love my black hole). It started sucking things in, but the only one affected by it was Beast Boy.

"MAN! My parents had to use the vortex!" Beast Boy screamed as he got sucked in. "I'll get back ASAP guys! I won't be confined to my parents!" Those were Beast Boy's last words before he got sucked into the vortex, and it disappeared. They all stared, astonished. Cyborg had seen it from the bathroom, and he was also astonished.

"Need to be alone." Raven said. When she got to her room, she let go of her tears and broke down into sobs.

~*~My intuition says something is wrong

My friends said they'd come and say good-bye

I can't go until I know what's going on

I fear there is danger somewhere near by~*~

A month later, Beast Boy had still not returned. Everyone had expected him to be back within a week, but there was still no sign of Beast Boy. The team still managed to keep crime out of Jump City, but they had a weak spot without they're last member. Out of all of them, Raven was the most broken down.

One day Raven lay on her bed, surrounded by broken objects. She hadn't been meditating in while, for she wasn't able to concentrate, and her emotions had gone haywire. She sat up, and held her head in her hands.

"Beast Boy isn't returning," she said to herself. She got up from her bed and walked to a drawer in her dresser. In it was a knife. She picked up the knife, and examined its fine blade. She stroked he finger over the blade, and looked at it. There was a small cut on her finger. "Perfect." She held the knife near her chest, "There is no reason for me to live if I can't be with him."

~*~I'll be only a memory away

If you need me

You can call me any time of day

And I'll be there, it's OK

Only a memory away~*~

Starfire and Robin sat on the couch, side by side, watching TV (A/N: K9: More like Robin was flipping through the channels again). All of a sudden, the green vortex appeared again. Starfire screamed, and Robin bolted upright in surprise. Out of the vortex fell Beast Boy.

"That was one sick ride, and I'm meant that literally." Beast Boy's swirly eyes finally returned too normal and he stood up.

"Beast Boy! You have returned!" Starfire cheered.

"Yeah, yeah. Great to see you too. I have to see Raven now." Beast Boy said, putting emphasis on the word 'now.'

"Good idea, she's been pretty broken down this last month. She's in her room." Robin simple stated, and Beast Boy ran as quickly as possible (which is pretty darn quick) as he could to Raven's room.

~*~We've been together through good times and bad You've always been there for me I'll always treasure the best friends I have, Eternally~*~

The blade was pointed directly at Raven's chest. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and a single tear fell from one.

"I'll never forget him, whether alive or dead." She gently touched herself with the knife, "Goodbye."

That second, the door knocked down, causing Raven to drop her knife and fall down. She quickly put the knife away and focused on the figure lying on the door. There lied Beast Boy, who scrambled on his legs and walked up to Raven, kneeled down, and checked if she was all right.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be gone for so long." Beast Boy said, on the verge of tears.

Raven was too startled to speak. There, in front of her, was the only boy she ever loved, and ever would love, and she was too happy for words. She gently smiled and hugged Beast Boy. He squeezed her, seeing the knife on the floor.

"Were you going to commit suicide because of me?" Raven looked at the knife on her floor and nodded. Beast Boy shook his head with a small smile on his lips. Raven began to smile too, and she surrounded the knife with her black telekinetic power. The knife bent in half, then snapped in two, and Raven levitated the two pieces to her trashcan. Beast Boy put his hand gently on Raven's pale cheek and she blushed. Smiling, Beast Boy slowly lowered his head to be level with Raven's (A/N: ROBINROX: He grew a lot taller in one month K9: YAY FOR BB-SAN!) and gently put his lips to hers. Raven returned the kiss and slowly reached her arms up, putting them around Beast Boy's neck. When they pulled away from each other, Raven had tears in her eyes. Things around her room began to float around, not damaging anything, just floating.

"Never leave me again, or I'll be forced to hurt you." Raven said simply. Beast Boy laughed and hugged Raven.

"I wouldn't leave again if my parents offered me the world."

~*~I'll be only a memory away

If you need me

You can call me any time of day

And I'll be there, it's OK

Only a memory away~*~