Title: Decision

Author: raison d'etat (raisondetat@ebonyx.org)

Rating: G! Totally G! Oh, not really.

Disclaimer: Matsuri Akino blah blah blah.


Prologue: Once upon a time, there was an online archive named Fanfiction.net that stopped allowing people to post NC-17 stories. It was a free service, and perfectly within its rights to do so, but sometimes this was inconvenient.


The Story Proper:

"Oh, Leon," D sighed, "you have brought me candy again. And flowers. Life is very happy here in my little petshop."

"I feel compelled to bluster now," Leon replied. "I'm going to act like I don't think you're the shiznit, even though it's pretty obvious I'm embarrassingly in love with you."

"You always were a darling sort of bonehead," D said affectionately. "Bon-bon?"

And they lived happily ever after.


This is the expurgated version of my NC-17 fic "Decision." You can find the uncensored version at http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_ch.php/50255/148104#fic_c. WARNING: When I say NC-17, I mean it. Kiddies stay away.