Chapter One


The brown-haired girl tugged and pulled against her tight bonds. The rope dug deep into her wrists, a thin line of blood dripping from them, but she did not care. She could not -- would not! -- give into these brutes! She screamed her frustration though nobody spared her a glance. They were all in the same situation as she though she seemed to be the only one who was trying to free herself. The other slaves, all of different origins though most had at least a little Hebrew in them, seemed rather resigned to their fates.

She averted her gaze to the white-haired man next to her. He carelessly had his arms rested behind his head and had his legs sprawled out before him; she noted that his rope was considerably looser than hers. She glared hatefully at her captors, remembering how they had had to tighten her bonds many times because she kept pulling loose from them.

"Hey, girl," he started, catching her attention once again. "Keep it down less we all get the cut." He smirked and drew his pale hand across his throat suggestively. She couldn't imagine of what origin he was. He had told her once before that he was in fact a full-blooded Egyptian, but she still doubted that. His hair was as white as the clouds and he had pale skin. She had not questioned him further though and that was the extent of their conversation.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I haven't yet resigned myself to slavery," she snapped. He raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

"Not all of us get to be slaves. Some of us get to die."

She stared at him uncomprehensively. She looked around at everyone else and wondered what they all knew and that she didn't. She glanced at their captors whom were currently engaged in a Shadow Game. Looking back to the boy who looked to be a few years older than her, nineteen maybe, she lowered her voice.

"You will die once we reach the Palace? What did you do?" She realized the rudeness of her question and apologized hastily. He shrugged his shoulders without a care, however.

"Robbed a few tombs, you know. Lost most of my fortune to a rather unscrupulous character though. I'd slit his throat if I ever saw him again."

The girl averted her bright, blue eyes in a torn feeling between sympathy and enragement at his profession. She was an honorable person; this man obviously wasn't.

"I'm... sorry to hear that," she replied hesitantly. He smirked again, relaxing even more and crossing his ankles. She relaxed her restraints, too, and turned toward him more. "It's Bakura, isn't it?" He nodded once without looking at her. "I'm Anzu, by the way."

He stared sideways at her, seemingly interested. "And you're here why?" He realized his mistake as he could practically see her blood boiling at the reminder of her captivity. She sneered angrily at her captors though they were still engaged in their duel.

"My Egyptian mother had the audicity to couple with a Hebrew father," she remarked angrily. Bakura mused that she wasn't truly angry at her mother, but rather upset about her current captivity. He shook his head.

"Well, you know they need their slaves to build their temples."

Anzu rolled her eyes and nodded. "Because they're too lazy to do it themselves!" The two guards looked up from their game and tapped their swords threateningly. They were under orders not to harm any of the prisoners unless absolutely necessary, however the prisoners didn't know that. The Pharaoh and his council found the slaves more constructive at their work if they were healthy.

Anzu glanced at her cousin who had apparently just awoken. He rubbed his face tiredly and Anzu noted the dark, vicious-looking bruise formed below his left eye due to his defiance. She, herself, had been unscathed by any guards, but rather her injuries had been self-inflicted from trying to free herself the past two weeks. She felt the rocking of the boat as it drifted down the Nile. She expected that they would be arriving at the Palace in a few days.

"Maybe you won't have to work on the temples, Anzu. Maybe you'll do something inside the Great Palace," her cousin said.

"Please, Honda. I'm sure they have plenty of slaves inside. I'll have boulders strapped to my back just like the rest, I know it," she replied icily. She glanced back at Bakura, but he seemed to be examining his nails uninterestedly. She groaned and began pulling at her restraints again.


Anzu jolted awake as she felt the slave-boat halt to a sudden stop. She knew that they must have arrived at the Palace. She waited impatiently as the guards escorted the prisoners off of the boat, one by one. As they finally came upon her, they hesitated. She smirked triumphantly, knowing that they remembered her fiery temper. As soon as they lifted her to her feet, she began her kicking. She smiled gleefully whenever one of her assaults landed on its target.

"Stop kicking or I'll slit your throat, wench!"

This forceful command didn't deter Anzu one bit, however, for she began to kick even harder. She caught a glimpse of two guards behind her. One was escorting Honda, who was struggling only a minimal amount, if any at all. Another guard was trying to escort Bakura, however the arrogant man insisted on walking himself. Even though his hands were bound behind his back, Anzu admired him for his proudness. She noted that he was very handsome and wondered for how long he had been a thief. Her musings were cut short when they reached the Grand Palace. Anzu continued screaming profanities, but she soon stopped as the assessing gazes from noble Egyptians and servants alike embarrassed her.

"Are these the new slaves?" a deep voice asked from behind Anzu. The fifty or so guards whipped around, each bowing awkwardly with a slave in hand. A young man, in his mid-twenties or so, stood before them in a regal manner. He had his long, black hair pulled into a low ponytail and Anzu admired his gold, cube-shaped earrings.

"Yes, Lord Otogi. Shall we take them to the slave quarters to be scaled for tasks?" the guard holding Honda asked. Lord Otogi nodded curtly before turning away, a papyrus board in hand. Anzu watched him make marks on his board with his quill before she was pulled away toward the slave quarters.

They walked for ten minutes before finally reaching the stone gates leading to the slave quarters. Upon entering, Anzu felt ill at the horrid smell coming from within. There were people standing all around her. There were even more on cots. Anzu spotted yet more doors leading to other rooms in the back. These were just the slave quarters for servants working within the Palace. The slaves who worked outside lived in small villages specifically for slaves. For the smell inside of the quarters, it was a wonder that the people were fairly clean. She suspected that they must be forced to bathe every few days so that they don't cause odor within the rest of the Palace.

"Oh, bleh," Bakura said, pinching his nose suggestively. With the silence having been broken, the servants inside returned to what they had been doing. The fifty or so new slaves, including Anzu, were shoved inside. The head guard stepped inside while the other guards left.

"You scum will remain here for the night. Tomorrow you will be scaled for your tasks. Some of you will be moved to the villages outside and some of you will stay here." Feeling that he had said enough, the guard left, leaving the slaves in semi-darkness. Anzu gulped back the bile rising in her throat and looked around. There were few candles lit in the large, stone room, but she would deal with it.

"Beats prison," Bakura said simply as he walked forward and plopped himself down on one of the cots. Anzu only wished that she had his courage and could be at ease in her situation as he seemed to be. She was scared to death inside, but she vowed to herself that whenever those horrible Egyptians were around, she would show nothing but bravery and contempt. If she got to work in the Palace, they'd better watch their backs. If she was within dagger-throwing range, she wouldn't miss her target.


Anzu cried out in pain as she felt a swift kick to her side. She sat up quickly and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. A large guard towered over her and she saw more slaves being kicked awake around her. She glared at him hatefully, but he either didn't notice or didn't care. She sniffled her nose at the horrid odor surrounding her and searched out her cousin and caught a glimpse of Bakura relaxing in a corner. She mused that he was quite calm for someone who had been captured as a slave. In fact, he seemed quite indifferent to the whole situation. Once again, she admired his demeanor.

She looked up as she felt herself being pushed and shoved into a poor job of a line. Anzu flowed out of the slaves' quarters with the rest of the new arrivals. She looked around her dully as they were ushered out into a waiting area of sorts by a few guards. She traced her foot along the ground idly while the guards roughly explained what their duties would be, both for the outside and inside jobs.

"Yep. This should be interesting."

Anzu jerked her head to the side as Bakura's voice broke into her thoughts. She raised a delicate eyebrow at him skeptically. "Interesting? Nice choice of words."

He smirked and tossed his long, ivory hair behind him. Anzu's eyes gleamed in even more admiration, now for his beauty. She averted her eyes before he caught her gawking like a teenager. Wait, she stopped herself, I am a teenager still! She glared at the guards as if to reprimand them for capturing young people. She refused to allow herself to acknowledge the young children in the group.

"Well, I figure, what the hey -- it's got to be better than getting my tongue cut out and being mummified alive. You'll agree, I'm sure?"

Anzu frowned at him and wondered how he could joke about such a matter. As for her, she was dying with the anticipation of when she would have a chance to kill one of her captors. Anyone would do, she wasn't picky.

"Now, when I point at you, get your rotten asses over here because you'll be the ones that work in the fields and on the temples," a guard's voice drew both Bakura and Anzu's attention to him. Anzu held her breath, hoping against hope that she wouldn't be picked to be an outside slave. She watched the guards point at slaves and everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as the guard came closer and closer to her. Her stomach dropped as she saw the guard point at Honda. She couldn't allow herself to be upset though for the guard was fast approaching.

He stopped in front of her and Bakura and seemed to consider them for a few moments. Anzu felt her heart pounding in her chest and she shifted her feet at least ten times, she knew. She felt Bakura pat her hand next to her and her eyes widened in surprise. She didn't dare spare him a glance in front of the guard, but she was more than thankful for his comfort. After what seemed like an eternity, the guard finally walked past them. Anzu choked with relief and her eyes watered over. They were to stay in the Great Palace.

"Oh, thank Ra!" she cried out happily.

Next to her Bakura looked pretty smug. "It's my good looks, I'll bet."

Anzu was so relieved at her good fortune, she couldn't help but laugh at his jest.


The Pharaoh crossed him arms over his chest boredly as he let his eyes wander over his court. They were all chatting with each other without a care in the world. He frowned at their ignorance.

"Oi, Yuugi, you look bummed." The guard next to the Pharaoh glared at the one man who could address the Pharaoh so informally. Yuugi looked over at the blond man.

"Look at them, Jou. They're clueless to all except their fortunes and jewels," Yuugi said in a monotone voice. He rested his head on his hand, making him look yet even more bored.

Jounouchi nodded. "Well, that is what they know. What's wrong with you though?" Yuugi just sighed and shook his head to dismiss the subject. Jounouchi sat down in front of Yuugi's throne and idly played with the glorious fruits on the platter before them. A young girl approached the throne and dropped to her knees. Yuugi nodded to acknowledge her and she stood.

"Hey, sis!" Jounouchi called out and beckoned her to him. She ran up the steps and embraced her brother.

"You must hear all about my trip!" Shizuka exclaimed. Yuugi jumped at the opportunity.

"Oh, by Ra, yes! Anything to clear up this dreaded boredom I'm feeling!" he implored her. Shizuka beamed at the attention.

"Well, my Pharaoh, I will tell all about it if only to cure your boredom since my brother doesn't seem interested!" she ended on an irritated note with a glare at Jounouchi who looked up at her.

"Huh? Oh yeah, tell us about it, sis!" he said before directing his attention away from her again. She hmph'd and turned around to see what he was so interested in. She rolled her eyes.

"Close your mouth, dear brother, or she may think you have a disease like a rabid dog."

Jounouchi closed his mouth promptly and blushed gracefully.

"Hello, Jounouchi!" a cheerful voice sounded after she rose from her place on the ground after bowing.

He gulped. "H-Hello, Mai." Yuugi rolled his eyes.

"Must you bring your whole fanclub all of the time, Jou?" he asked in a tone which didn't imply any true irritation. His best friend just laughed and shrugged.


NEXT CHAPTER: Anzu gets situated in her new 'occupation.' Bakura schemes. A few more characters come into play. Yuugi gets a little more interested in his life with the help of someone.


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