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It's very difficult for me to keep these characters as they are … [a veryvery well pulled off one would be Jemjol-san's Awaiting Good Fortune … but she up and left to go to Japan … ;-; Comeeee baaaaacckkkk!!!] So pleaseplease feel free to comment and tell me where I messed up. After all, I haven't seen Sailor Moon since … o.o;;;

Mamoru and Relena are present and definitely possible [well, in Mamoru's case, certain] love interests … the senshi and pilots will hopefully be kept as much in character as well.

The setting is a blending of both worlds – the senshi past exists, the ESUN and colonies exist, the pilots' past exists. xD I suppose since the modern-day cities are still there … we're more likely in the 21st century than 3rd century A.C. --; But it makes no difference.

One discrepancy – Hiiro's character. There is the widespread belief that he is an unfeeling, inhumane machine. Lol. I admit I'm keeping to that characterization more so than the one in Gundam Wing … where he seems insane … lol. But trust me, insanity will come into play. xD [Dr. J said Hiiro was actually a very kind-hearted boy in Gundam Wing … O.O;;; ::cringecringe:: xD].

Enjoy~! And remember: experiment!!! As in not-guaranteed-to-work … whichever side you're supporting. xD

Dearest: Prologue


The phone shrilled for the third time as Hiiro glared daggers at Duo's raised eyebrows. He snatched it up before it had time to finish the fourth and, scowling, said, "Microsoft support services. How may I help you? [1]"

Duo gave a violent start and choked on the bagel he had snagged from one of the unconscious guards lying outside.

There was a pause on the other side of the line before a masculine voice hastily stuttered out, "I-I-I must have the wrong number."

Duo quirked a grin at Hiiro's vastly unamused face after returning the phone to its cradle and let out a peal of giggles. "That was smooth, buddy. Real smooth."

"Business first." Hiiro sat down in front of a display and started tapping out combinations of letters and numbers, fingers moving in a blur.

Access denied flashed up several times on the screen before, on his twelfth try, Hiiro cracked the code and stuck the floppy disk into the computer, downloading the necessary material.

Duo gaped at him as he did this. He wasn't surprised at Hiiro's adroit abilities in overcoming the code system but rather that his buddy had actually picked up the phone.

Something like this had never happened in his history of infiltrating. That is to say, nobody had ever called while he was hacking into OZ's mainframe.

"I can't believe you did that, buddy."

Hiiro didn't turn around. "What did you expect me to do? Alert the rest of OZ that all is not well in their Kanto Plain [2] base?"

Duo shrugged and grinned carelessly. "See it as you will but that was classic."

The floppy zipped back out and Hiiro grabbed it, stuffing it into his pocket. He turned around menacingly.

Duo gulped and zipped toward the nearest exit.




"Miss Tsukino…"

Her eyebrows knitted together in a slight frown as she blinked at Mamoru. "Mamo-chan…?"

"Excuse me, Miss Tsukino, but you may not refer to me as Mamo-chan."


Her eyes opened in small slits of bright cerulean as she looked up slowly, catching sight of a long, pleated skirt, simple blouse, and two dark eyes burning holes into her forehead.

Usagi screamed.

"Miss Tsukino! What have I told you about sleeping in my class? This is it!" Miss Haruna jerked Usagi out of her seat and pushed her toward the door, jabbing a crimson-nailed finger at it. "Out! Out, out, out, out!!!"


"Out!!!" With that, the classroom door slammed in front of her wide, disbelieving eyes.

"Really, Miss Haruna, you didn't need to be so mean!" she cried at the door before stomping down the hall toward the school's front entrance huffily.

"A whole day to myself. What is there to do…?" Usagi mused quietly to herself as she strolled along the streets. "There's no way I can afford anything in the arcade … I could always study for tomorrow's test and show Miss Haruna who's boss but…" She felt herself pale. "Who'd want to study on a day like this?"

"Right! No way am I going to study!" Grinning at her decision, Usagi began to skip along the near-empty sidewalk. Most people were away in school or at work so she could easily avoid the lampposts she occasionally bumped into. She savored her freedom with relish. The bright almost unreal sunlight of the day frolicked in the pigtails attached to two "meatballs" flopping up and down as she skipped. At the moment, Usagi could very well be mistaken for an ecstatic rabbit.

She paused. "Oh, I know! Mamo-chan said he'd be at the fire station to help them reconfigure their computers today … I'll go there!" Mentally congratulating herself for the solution, Usagi resumed her skipping.


"Mamo-chan!" Usagi said in a sing-song voice as se skipped into the fire station, tactfully avoiding a teetering man carrying a gargantuan stack of papers and congratulating herself on her newfound sense of poise. So busy was she congratulating that she didn't see Ken [3] until she was sitting on the floor, tasting pain, and staring up at him dizzily.

Some new found poise.


He briefly looked surprised before grinning and pulling her to her feet and calling over his shoulder, "Hey, Mamoru! Your fiancée is here!"

Usagi's jaw dropped. "Uaa!! Nono!! He hasn't proposed yet – well, I want him to – but he says I'm too young and my parents wouldn't approve – not that I care – stupidparentsstupidparents – but he won't agree – stupidparents – and and-"

Ken put a restraining hand on her shoulder. "You're red as a beet, Usagi."

Her eyes widened. "Nooo!! Well, not that I shouldn't be happy but I can't raise my hopes and – stupidparents – I'll be thirty-six when Mamo-cha-"

Ken put his other hand on her shoulder and steadied her, eyeing her strangely. "You're red and you're giggling like a love-struck schoolgirl. Usagi. Get a hold of yourself."

She opened her mouth to protest but reddened further and decided against it.

"Mamoru! Get over here already!" he hollered again. Being around Usagi when she was in this mood made him highly uneasy – her obvious love for Mamoru was so sappy and sweet that it made him want to deny himself sugar for at least eight years.

"Didn't you hear me?" At Ken's puzzled look, Chad rolled his eyes. "I said Mamoru went out with the rest of them to take care of that fire."

"They're still not back?!" Ken abruptly let go of Usagi and looked ready to strangle Chad. "It's been three hours! You idiot! We have to take everybody and go after them!"

"I thought they would call," he protested.

Ken sighed exasperatedly and shot him a suffering look. "Using what? The telephone in the burning house? C'mon, let's go! And bring your cell phone."

"R-right" They rushed to the door, Ken briefly pausing to glance back at a bewildered Usagi.

"Stay here – Ami is in the room with all the computers – she knows basically what to do until we get back."

"A-Ami's here? B-but wh-" He was already gone, sprinting after Chad, before she could finish her sentence.

It took five seconds for Usagi to gather her wits and come to her senses. "Wait! I want to help too!" Mamo-chan is there she added silently.

Shaking her head, she tried to gulp in deep breaths and calm her hyperventilating nerves. "Ami's here – r-right! I'll go get her and we can go together."


"Usa? What are you doing here?" The brunette looked up from the computer and met frantic blue eyes placidly.

"We have to go help them! They all went to put out a fire and-"

The phone rang. Ami hesitated and shot Usagi a questioning look before picking it up.

"Call for reinforcements immediately! The fire is blue! It appears that there's a man in the house and he says-"

The blank, lifeless dial tone echoed in her ears. Shakily, Ami returned the phone to its original position.

"Ami? Are you okay?"

She looked up at Usagi and cocked her head puzzledly. "He said that there was blue – duck!"

"Blue duck?" Usagi hardly had time to look puzzled before Ami pushed her to the ground and the building began to shake violently. The lights flickered. On, off, onoffonoff—

And on again.

All was eerily quiet.

Ami stood slowly, pulling Usagi up with her.

"Nothing … happened."

The brunette nodded slowly, fumbling for her pocket computer that had fallen into disuse since last year. "My computer isn't registering anything either."

Usagi sighed heavily. "Just as long as it's over. Let's go find other people."

She nodded, stuffed the computer back into her pocket, and rushed after the blonde.


The streets were deathly quiet but everything appeared to be in order – the cars were still parked where they were, bicycles still left leaning against buildings.

"We should head to the arcade."

Usagi nodded silently, agreeing.

The short blonde peered into nearby homes. The laundry was still hanging outside, drying, as if nothing had happened. The TV was still flickering anime but no one was watching.

The automatic door slid open and she was greeted with the familiar rush of air conditioning. "Motoki! Do you know wha-" She stopped abruptly.

"Usagi? What's wrong?" Ami glanced in after her and fell silent.

Nobody was there.

"L-let's go to the school. There's bound to be people there."

Again, Usagi nodded but this time the note of certainty in the air was shaky and fading.

They passed the Akayashi [4] sisters' makeup shop and Usagi gazed in. Petz [5] had passed away about a year ago in an automobile accident – Usagi had been there. She couldn't and hadn't done anything as Petz's skin paled, her eyes dulled, and her voice cracked – it passed all so quickly. Sighing, she frowned at the store's dark emptiness. It's too late in the afternoon to be time for a lunch break and too early for closing.

A vague, unidentifiable but definitely discomfiting feeling nagged her as Ami and she passed through the doors of Juuban and stepped inside.

The halls seemed to echo with their quiet footsteps.

"Mina? Mako? Melvin? Naru?"

Only more echoes answered her.

"Where do you think they went, Ami?"

No answer.

"A-Ami?" There was the slightest sound of a footstep. Usagi whirled around and pressed her back against the wall.


Just as she was berating herself for indulging an overactive imagination, the sound of a short scream broke the dense silence – a scream that did not complete itself before something stopped it forcibly.


Ami, Ami, where are you? She felt like crying but tried to gulp the bitter lump down. She must be brave, even if her heart was thumping like thunder at her throat and temples, even if she wanted nothing more than to run away, hide, and enfold herself in invisibility's sanctity.

"Ami!" She skidded to a stop, almost missing the opening of the hall.

Fearful indigo eyes turned to her. "Usagi, run!"

The icy, unmistakable feeling of a gun pressed to the back of her neck made all the questions in her throat desiccate and wither.

"Don't move." She fell silent and still, gazing blankly at the four men in front of Ami and the blue-eyed, dark-haired ringleader aiming a gun at Ami's forehead.

"Identify yourselves," the man behind her ordered, voice soft and faintly contemplative.

Ami licked her lips nervously, eyeing the exit not ten feet away and eyeing Usagi, calculating the distance and estimating how long the guns would be trained on her if she created a diversion for Usagi.

"I'm Mizuno Ami … and she is Tsukino Usagi. We're students here."

Usagi bit her lip and gazed pleadingly at the four men she could see. "D-do you know where everybody went?"

Their leader turned Arctic blue eyes to her and carefully replied, "We were hoping you could tell us that."


"Preventers," Ami muttered as Usagi nodded mutely, tears again coming to her eyes unbidden. They sat, immobile, handcuffed and belted in to the backseat of one of the two cars outside of the school. The leader slid into the driver's seat and the braided agent slid into the passenger one, buckling his seatbelt but not before turning around and winking flirtatiously at the two of them.

Ami looked away quickly. Usagi didn't even notice it through the tears she was trying hard to curb.

The icy-eyed man grabbed the cell phone and dialed a number while pulling the car out and shifting gears.

"Yuy reporting. The Hong Kong base contacted Agents 1-5 while we were in Tokyo, reporting that a category of shockwave affected all radars and GPS systems drastically at 2:38 and 49 seconds p.m. At 2:39 and 4 seconds, radars and all other equipment returned to normal. We arrived in Juuban Junior High School and found two teenage girls, identified as Tsukino Usagi and Mizuno Ami, who claim that they had nothing to do with it. However, they were the only people we encountered. The town was completely sterile of other humans but nothing was out of order – it was as if people simply took up and left." He hesitated but continued. "It is reported that similar incidents have occurred worldwide, not exclusively the Kanto Plain. We have been notified of this occurring in the neighboring Kansai District, Beijing and Tianjin nexus, South Korea, urbanized Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Damascus, Baghdad, Bombay, Cairo, Tripoli, Timbuktu, Cape Town, London, Milan, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw, Athens, Sierra Leone, Manila, Buenos Aires…"

Usagi stared at the back of his head as the man rattled off city and country names. She felt dread pooling at the bottom of her stomach and gulped.

"…Caracas, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Santo Domingo, Monterrey, Houston, Orlando, Philadelphia, New York City, Seattle, Anchorage, St. Louis, New Orleans, Moscow, and St. Petersburg… [6]"

She heard the faintest of sighs escape him. "…among others," he finished.

"The colonies, however, are unharmed," he added slowly. "End report, Yuy out."

The man in the passenger seat shook his head slowly. "The colonies are completely untouched? You think the ESUN will use this as an excuse to start a war?"

"It's not an excuse; it's more than adequate reason. What I wonder is how the ESUN will manage to get enough draftees since a majority of Earth's urban population has disappeared."

Heavy silence resumed.

Glancing at Ami, she met equally fearful eyes and nodded resolutely when Ami mouthed a quick, "Be brave."


Uaa … it's long-ish. xD And I'm impatient so I posted. I'm setting myself up for a fall in this new year. xD [hopenothopenot] But well … we'll see. xD Thanks for reading~! Yours, Angel.


1. Microsoft support services … general idea taken from "one-liner" challenges: - very funny stuff. xD

2. Kanto Plain – Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki nexus

3. Ken – Makoto's "rainy day man" xD Chad is the helper at Rei's temple – I didn't know either of their Japanese names … or Melvin's for that matter … xD [need to look it up…] I believe Melvin's is … Umino? O.o;;; And Chad's is something along the lines of Yuuchirou … ?! I've never even heard Ken being referred to in his Japanese name … --;

4. Akayashi sisters – the four girls under Rubeus during the Black Moon Arc

5. Akayashi Petz – the oldest of the four sisters, Saffiru's [Sapphire's] lover

6. Haha … basically on every continent, most major cities … but not all … ;D

7. General idea of towns completely empty of people is from Trigun … ::sighs blissfully:: xDxD In Trigun, people are manipulated by Legato to leave and … go somewhere. I don't know where. Lol.