New Years Resolutions

"You almost ready, sweetie?" Called the female voice from the other side of the bathroom door.

Inuyasha Tama, glared at the door, "In a minute." He called angrily. Pulling his long white hair into a low tail he studied himself in the mirror. What a difference a year made. Last year he had been excited about going out with his then girlfriend, ringing in the New Year with her in his arms. He wished he could remember what had happened that night. The only thing that he would never forget was her eyes as she saw him laying naked with the girl on the other side of the door.

Pulling the picture from his wallet he gently traced the smiling face with his thumb. 'I fucked up big time, didn't I beautiful?' He questioned silently, 'I hope this New Years is better for you. If that asshole your dating hurts you.... but who am I to say anything.' Bringing the picture he kissed it softly. 'I miss you beautiful.'

"Inuyasha! We're going to be late." This time she began pounding on the door.

"Shit, Kikyou. Don't get your panties in a knot. I'm coming out now." Slipping the picture back into his wallet he opened the door. "What the hell are you wearing?"

"Aren't we going to Sesshomaru's New Years Ball, baby?" she pouted. Seeing his black jeans and button down she continued, "I thought you were ready to go?"

"No we are not. And I am. I'm going to Miroku and Sango's for New Years. I told you that Saturday. Gotta problem with that?" He challenged, "Cause if you do you can go to my brother's ball by yourself." He glared at her. 'What in seven hells made me confuse this bitch, with you beautiful?' He questioned silently.

Preferring the glitz, Kikyou wanted to argue but something in his eyes made her stop. She hated his friends, and they hated her. Had since New Years 2003. Oh well that was their problem, she had what she wanted. Once she got the ring, those two would vanish. Why she hadn't gotten it yet didn't bother her. Only when Sesshomaru's little fiancé Rin showed off her rock, did it bother Kikyou that for Christmas she'd gotten a diamond pendant, not a ring. "Of course baby just let me go change."

Across town Miroku put the tool box up on the table. He stopped for a moment to watch his wife of two months hustle about the kitchen, getting ready for the party. Two matching bottles of Dom sat on the counter. "Guess I should put one of these in the wine cabinet downstairs huh?" He asked watching her jump.

"You scared me!" Sango scolded with a smile. "Well if your plan is going to work then yea. You sure he's still interested in her? I mean I know she is not happy with Kouga. I found that picture of the two of them walking up the isle after the ceremony in her bathroom yesterday."

"I'm sure hun. He has the one of her alone in his wallet." At her questioning glance he continued, "It fell out while he was buying Sesshomaru's Christmas gift. Luckily Kikyou didn't see it. He panicked enough with me seeing it. We went and got a few drinks after dropping Kikyou off. He still feels like shit about what happened. That's when he told me he was moving to Los Angeles after the first. Take over the offices there."

"He's dumping Kikyou before he leaves right?" Sango questioned putting the final touch on a tray of appetizers.

"Yep. He said that her New Year should begin the same way Kagome's did last year. Poetic justice he called it. I still think she and Kouga did something." Holding his hands up he continued, "I know... I know no proof. Just too many coincidences."

Sango nodded and handed him one of the bottles, "I agree, that's why I'm letting those two into my house. Now go put this in the cabinet." Her head jerked up at the sound of the doorbell. "GO! I'll put this one in the cabinet in the den on the way to get the door."

Grabbing the other bottle she ran towards the den. Opening the wine cabinet she placed the bottle near the bottom where it would be hidden from searching eyes. Taking off her apron and tossing it into the hall closet she opened the door. "Kouga! Kagome! Welcome. Come on in. It's freezing out isn't it. Here let me take your coats." She said ushering them into the den with typical hostess chit chat. She was running low on steam when the doorbell rang again. "Excuse me."

Kouga watched her go. He didn't want to be here, but Kagome had insisted. So here he was. He cringed when he heard Sango's voice greet the newest guest. "Inuyasha. Kikyou. Welcome. Come on in. Miroku is just putting some tools away. You two know Kouga and Kagome." She finished as she reentered the den.





"Now no fighting. Whole new year starting in a few hours can't have our friends fighting." Miroku's voice came smoothing the frayed nerves.

Final part will be posted on New Years Eve.