New Years Resolutions
Chapter 5
Admissions and Proposals

Inuyasha stood behind Kagome, his arms wrapped around her waist in the kitchen with Sango. Before them the show didn't stop. They watched in stupefied fascination as the couple in the other room went through position after position. Miroku rejoined them after a bit slipping a small box to Inuyasha which he promptly slid into his pocket, ignoring Kagome's questioning look.

Whispered comments flitted through the kitchen. "I didn't think that was humanly possible."

"Damn he's got stamina."

"That can't feel good."

"Well she seems to enjoy it."

Finally the couple collapsed onto the couch spent. "Think that's my cue. Miroku get me a closeup of her face ok?" He waited for Miroku to grab the camera off the bar stool and was about to walk through the door when Sango's hissed wait sounded. Both men turned to her and she motioned Inuyasha to come look at the tv again. Shrugging he moved to her side. Sango turned the volume up a notch and they listened to the conversation.

"Damn woman, you wore me out." Kouga said laying back pulling the sweat drenched Kikyou with him. "What Inuyasha ain't taking care of you?"

Kikyou frowned "You know damn good and well he has NEVER touched me. The damn drug you put in his drink hit him to fast. He passed out on the stairs. Thank god that little bitch didn't see it or the gig would have been up. By the way consider that your thank you for helping me get him into bed."

Kagome's and Inuyasha's met and held. He nodded and whispered, "Now that really was my cue." Moving through the door he stopped at the sight he knew he would see. Kikyou and Kouga naked as the day they were born, leaning heavily against the couch. "Now, WHY does this seem familiar?" Two sets of eyes widened as they noticed the newcomer. He watched Kikyou's mouth open and close as she searched for words. "Oh that's right, now I remember. New Years Eve one year ago. Except I was the one beside the slut." Cocking his head to one side he watched as Kouga slid his pants on and threw his shirt at Kikyou. "Ya know this IS poetic justice. See Kikyou, I had planned to tell you I was moving to Los Angeles .... umm tomorrow and you were staying here. I've waited a year for this night to ruin your year like Kagome's was ruined." He heard the door open and turned Kagome stepped out tears glittering in her storm cloud eyes.

Kagome had watched, after hearing Inuyasha's announcement she rushed out. "You were leaving? You weren't going to tell me?" His finger lightly touched her lips.

"Shhh beautiful. One more minute please?" She nodded.

Suddenly sober Kikyou finally found her voice. "You can't do this to me. What have I ever done to you? I love you." She took a step backward at the glare coming from Inuyasha.

"I CAN do this to you. What have you ever done? Try drugging me. Making the last twelve months of my life a living hell. Causing me to think I had hurt the most beautiful woman on the planet. And you dare call that love?" His voice was twisted with his anger. "First, last and only warning. Never come near us again. If you do I will have you arrested on whatever charges I can."

"How... how did you find out?" Kikyou whispered.

Miroku and Sango stepped through the door, he still held the video camera. "Got it on tape. Oh Inuyasha, I'm sure my dad could think of some charges. If noting else some of those positions are against the law in this state."

"Now I want them..." Sango started, but was interrupted by Inuyasha.

"Hold it Sango I do want her to watch this." Turning to Kagome, Inuyasha dropped to one knee. "Kagome, one year ago I had planned to do this. Something happened, that was neither of our faults and I have lived without you for 365 days too long. I never want to go through another day without seeing your beautiful face at my side." Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the small box. "The diamond in this ring was the same one my great-grandfather gave to my great-grandmother, they gave it to their son and so on till it came to me. The setting is new. I designed it for the love of my life, the one woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Kagome, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He flipped open the box to reveal a pair of rings. The large central marquise cut diamond sparkled in the light, the smaller stones set deep in the band adding their own flashes. The platinum setting lending its own elegance to the ring. Below it lay the matching wedding band it's own diamonds winking at her. At Kagome's silence Inuyasha held his breath. Finally he saw the tears begin to fall from her eyes and her enthusiastic nod. Removing the engagement ring carefully, he took her left hand in his. After kissing her hand, then her ring finger he slid the ring onto it, and kissed the diamond.

Kagome collapsed to her knees, wrapping her arms around him. She barely heard Sango and Miroku guiding Kikyou and Kouga out of the house or Kikyou's screams at the scene she had just witnessed.

"Ahem." Miroku cleared his throat. The newly engaged couple turned to look at him. Smiling he said. In honor of the occasion, I think this song appropriate." Pushing the play on the CD player. Three sets of puzzled eyes turned to look at him as the fast Latin rhythm started. After the first verse they all broke into laughter, nodding how appropriate it was. Taking up the rhythm the two couples began dancing and the music played on.

Go away
Won't you just go away
Go away
Don't you come back one day
Take your stuff
Take all of your precious things
Leave right now
Who knows what tomorrow brings

Stay away
Won't you please stay away
Live your life
But live it real far away
Save yourself
There's no way to get it all
Look around
The writing is on the wall

And when you go
I won't miss you at all
And when you go
I'll be having a ball
You will see
Thoughts of you
Won't ever cross my mind
It's the truth
Don't mean to be unkind

'Cause people have the right
to party And you won't let them
have their fun
See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya
Auf wiedersehen, Au revoir, Shalom

Go away
Would you please go away
Go away
You're outa here come what may
Hit the road
Don't bother to say goodbye
Don't care how
Don't even matter why

YES people have the right to party
And we're not waiting till you're gone
Ciao, Bye Bye, Hasta la vista
Fare thee well, Adios, So long

Well everything is resolved. The song is by Gloria Estafan and was on a Blockbuster CD I picked up years ago, it just fit so well. As for Kagome's rings. I've created a page where they can be viewed: Check my bio page for link.