Exiles 2: Hope Amongst Despair
By Jeff McKissock

(Disclaimer: this is Fanfiction written for fun, I do not own any of the characters, He-Man Belongs to Mattel, Filmation, and MYP amd She-Ra belongs to Mattel and Filmation)

Chapter I: Comfort and Joy

Five years had passed since, Hordak, the Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde, destroyed the planets Eternia and Etheria and forced Prince Adam, Teela, and Princess Adora to become Exiles and start a new life on Earth. Skeletor is floating somewhere in depths of outer space in suspended Animation and Hordak was last seen on board his dreaded flagship Horde Alpha, leaving Earth. Peace has come to Adam's family and friends, but an event is going to occur that will shatter everything they hold dear.

It was a usual day for Adam and Teela, the Holidays had finally come to end and they were busy taking down the decorations. While Adam was busy removing the ornaments from the tree he noticed his son, Duncan, writing something down on piece of appear. "Hey kiddo, what are writing down there?" Adam asked him "it's my Christmas list for next year, that way I'm sure to get everything I want" he said confidently. "May I see this list" Adam asked worriedly. His son handed him the list and as Adam bean to read it his face went pale as he thought of how much this would all cost. "By the Elders, there's not enough money in the universe to pay for all this." He said as he rolled his eyes back. Teela walked into roomed and saw her husband sitting on the couch with his eyes rolled back "What's a matter Panthor got you tongue?" she asked him. "Worse than that, Duncan is already thinking about next Christmas" he said as he handed Teela the list "that's quite list" she said with a slight giggle and handed it back to Adam. "Well, I have something that will make you feel better, I bought two tickets to see the nonstop Lord of the Rings movie marathon, just the two of us" she said as she showed Adam the tickets "What about Duncan?" Adam asked as he handed back the tickets to Teela "Don't worry, Adora said she'd take care of him so we can enjoy the night" She said with a grin on her face "Well, as long as she doesn't mind, then ok" he said "Good, it starts at seven" she said as they kissed and left the room.