Chapter X: A "Glimmer" of Hope

The next morning, a strange spacecraft landed on the lawn of Teela's house out came two figures one male and the other female. They stopped at the door; gently laid down a package they were carrying and rang the doorbell. Duncan rushed to the door and asked politely "who is it?" "Friends" the male voice replied "just a minute" Duncan said as ran to get Teela and Adora. "Mommy, Aunt Adora, there are these two people out there and they say they're friends but you told me not answer the door to strangers" he said as calm as possible. "We'll take care of this" Teela said as she and Adora made their way to the door. "Who is it?" Adora asked, "we're friends Honest" the female answered. Adora, after hearing the sweetness of the woman's voice said figured out it couldn't one of Hordak or Skeletor's dirty tricks, opened the door slowly, when she saw who it was she couldn't help but laugh and giggle and shut the door abruptly. Teela opened the door, trying to figure out what made Adora laugh like that. What she saw amazed her, there stood a beautiful young woman dressed light violet with pink hair and handsome young man with blonde hair and a goatee and followed by strange half teddy bear half owl creature, Teela blushed a little at the sight of seeing old friends and finally said "Glimmer.Bow, what are you two doing here" "Oh we were just in the neighborhood and thought we'd give you a visit" Bow said jokingly. Teela looked amazed at seeing two of their friends alive, "how did you escape the Destruction of Etheria?" Teela asked "well, it's a long story but to make things short just before Hordak destroyed Etheria me and Glimmer hopped into a spaceship and opened a portal and away we went." Teel then recognized that she had forgotten to invite them in "would you like to come in" she asked her two guests. "is this how you welcome friend on Earth?" bow asked sarcastically, Teela blushed at the remark and said "no, I'm sorry I was just so excited to see you two" Bow and Glimmer smiled at each other with kind of "yeah right" look on their face. Teela showed her guests the to living room, "would you like something to drink" I'll have some water" Glimmer said "nothing for me thanks" Bow answered. Teela looked at Bow's friend Kowl and said "how about you Kowl would you like something to drink?" "Who me?'" Kowl answered, "why no thank you" "okay I'll back with your water, Glimmer. Teela said as she went out into the kitchen. While Teela was in the Kitchen Duncan came into living room to play, he startled by the two people sitting in the living room. Bow approached him and said "why hello there, my name is bow and these are my friends Glimmer and Kowl, what's your name" he asked with Glimmer and Kowl waving at him. Little Duncan didn't know them so he ran into kitchen in search of his mommy. A few moments later Teela entered the living room again, this balancing a glass of water, steadying Adora and helping her into the room and trying to assure Duncan that the man and woman sitting in the room ARE actually friends. "Here, let me help you" Glimmer said as she got up to help Teela by bringing Adora the rest of the way in the room. " "thank you" Teela said now handling the rest of task with ease. She sat down and introduced her two friends to her son, Duncan was still scared "Duncan, it's all right, Bow and Glimmer are old friends of your aunt Adora." The sound of his aunt's name soothed any fears away, he walked over and said in a very polite and Formal tone" it's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Bow and Ms. Glimmer" "You can just call us Bow and Glimmer" Glimmer said to the young kid who a little bit bashful. Teela laughed as she watched him blush, "So what happened after you escaped Etheria?" Teela asked. Bow looked up at the ceiling and said "Well, after we escaped Etheria, we went wandered across the stars. We stopped in beautiful Galaxy, there we learned that was a war going on there, a group of Rebels had taken control of that Galaxy from a wicked Emperor, but hat kind of power, we kind of got left doing the paperwork, so we high tailed it. Pretty soon as we approaching Eternian space we saw Hordak's so we followed it here and tights when he homed in on a portal and found you guys living here" When Bow and finished his story Kowl tugged on his cape and Said "Pardon master Bow, but shouldn't you give them their housewarming gift?" Bow's eyes widened, he got up went over to Glimmer and said "Glimmer, would you help with a chore I have to do outside" he elbowed Glimmer who then got the point two, get up and walked outside. Duncan ran to the door to see the gift. "We're really in no mood for gifts, our place is exactly warm after what happened." When Bow and Glimmer returned they carried in a large cylindrical device "Well if you place isn't your put a an extra log on the fire, because this kid is really going to need it" he said as removed the cloth that was covering the device, everyone in the room gasped in awe and wonder, everyone except Bow and Glimmer, who already knew what the it was. Adora, who was been all this time, either laughing or crying finally calmed down; she looked in awe at the sight before her. "I can't it.could it be?" Bow laughed, he was glad Adora was feeling better and said, "Yes, Adora, it really and truly is Prince Adam." "How on Eternia did you find it?" Teela asked him shock. "Well you know the old saying one man's trash is another's treasure, me and Glimmer had just came to this part of space when we saw this cylinder float into space. We managed to bring it into our ship. We determined it to be a Horde Cryopod, one and figured Hordak must be cleaning his ranks. We looked at and to our surprise it was Prince Adam. We though as long as we were in town we prick up your wayward prince." "What about his memory, Hordak erased it before he was frozen?" Teela asked. Bow and Glimmer looked at Adora and said "That's we're you come in Adora, your connection you have with him is a power that not even Hordak's Shadow Weavers can overcome." Adora went over to look at her brother when she saw his eyes open, "Is it safe to open the pod?" she asked. "Yes he is, me and Glimmer have been injecting a heating fluid into him so that he would wake up and to reduce the risk of shock." Bow answered. Adora went over to the Cryopod and opened the latch, "Adam.Adam, Can you hear me its Adora your sister" she called to him. The prince sat up the best he could, looked around and said, "Where am I?" "You're in your house, I am your sister Adora, and you're with your wife, your son, and your friends Bow and Glimmer. "Adora?.yes, I remember, Oh Adora, I am so happy to see you" he said as he finally remembered who he was. "ADAM!" Teela yelled as she went to embrace her husband. "OH TEELA! YOU DON"T KNOW HOW HAPPY IAM TO SEE YOU!" Adam said as the kissed each other. Everyone present shed a tear at the sight of the happy reunion. As everyone was enjoying the moment, there was a knock, "who is it?" Teela answered, "It's us, Man-At-Arms, and Father O'Reilly, may we come in?" a voice answered, "just a minute" Teela said as she went to open the open the door. "Welcome Father, Father O'Reilly" Teela said as she showed the two Gentlemen to the living room. "Father O'Reilly and like you to meet Bow and Glimmer, they're old friends, Bow, Glimmer, this Father O'Reilly" she said as she introduced the priest to the two rebels. "It's a pleasure to meet you both, Father Heinrich O'Reilly at your service" He said as shook Bow's hand and bowed before Glimmer. The man of the cloth looked at Prince Adam, who was now sitting on the couch and wrapped up in blanket and asked "How are you doing, Adam" "A little chilly but I guess that's expected." He joked. Teela got up and said "How about a toast?" "That's a splendid idea" Bow replied and soon the two of them went to fetch the wine. Moments later they came back, they handed out the glasses of wine, father O'Reilly stood up and said, "Before we toast, I propose a blessing" everyone agreed and Father O'Reilly began:

O Lord of all creation, you have given good moments and bad moments. You show us that in the blackest of nights, you send your stars to light
our way back home. May your blessing always preserve us and guide us in
your goodness. May, you always bless Prince Adam and his family and
friends. Amen

Everyone replied "Amen" in return. "What shall we toast to?" Adam said as looked around at all his family and friends. Adora stood up and said "How about this, "to friends both new and old; to happiness and health; and last but not least, Hordak." "HORDAK!" everyone said surprised "Why not, if it wasn't for him Bow and Glimmer wouldn't have come here and be with us today to share this happy moment." She said. They all agreed and toasted and enjoyed each other's company for the rest of the day.

Miles away in Space, Another Cryopod was traversing the cosmos, I t was the Cryopod containing Skeletor's body. He was just beginning to wake up, just how Bow and Glimmer used the heating fluids and the Power of Grayskull combined with Adora's love for her brother enabled prince Adam to recover and remember who he was, so Skeletor's evil magic and his hatred for He-Man, She-Ra, and Hordak enabled him to do the same. "Where in Eternia am I" The Lord of Destruction exclaimed. He looked out and saw the vastness of space "Now I remember, that old Bat, Hordak put me in suspended animation for a thousand years, but I showed him, no one can defeat me!" he exclaimed. "As soon as I find out where Horde Alpha is at and where HE-Man and She-Ra are hiding, I will exact my revenge on them all!" he vowed as his pod continued to float in the cosmos. From that day forward Skeletor would begin plotting his return.

The End