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(Yoko Kanno's "The Music Box" plays)

         And so he came and went with the rain. I always figured deep-down that he would. The rain was his home; his shelter. It was as natural for them to coincide as it was for peanut butter and jelly.

         So was his quick return into my life truly worth it? Would I risk it all to do it again? You'd better believe it.

Our son, Kasedy Alexander Spiegel, is now three years old and the most beautiful creature in this Godforsaken universe that I have ever laid eyes on.

         He has his father's unruly moss-green hair and handsome features, but my piercing green eyes and smart ass attitude. Well...actually, I suppose that that last trait could correspond a bit, huh?

         Kasedy is, by far, my most prized possession and dearest friend. Although he is a constant reminder of his father, I find that I actually feel closer to him, somehow; as if he can hear me.

         Sometimes I wake up in the night and cry out his name, only to encircle my arms about an empty wad of sheets.

        God, I loved him, and still do. Nothing can ever change that.

         I'm just thankful that I had been given the chance to live by his side and to see this ugly world through his eyes; his beautiful, perfect eyes that have moved me so deeply.

         Every time he'd gaze into my own eyes, he would somehow make me feel completely flawless....perfect, even.

         If I had just one wish, I would most certainly turn back time and re-play our short-lived romance over and over again just so that I could feel his love for me coursing throughout my veins every time that we'd touch; every time that we'd make love.

         He has forever stolen my heart, and I now know that that I'll never be able to get it back. I honestly don't care, anymore, because I know that I will never, ever meet a man as amazing and wonderful as my beloved Spike Spiegel.

         Rest in peace, my love.

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