Sweet Dreams
Squid tried to muffle the noise of his sobs in his pillow. He couldn't let
the other boys hear him, if they did he'd never hear the end of it.
"Squidly, you ok?"
Squid froze. He held his breath, hoping that whoever it was would go back
to sleep and leave him alone. He didn't recognise the voice, heavy with
To his horror, Squid felt someone sit down on his bunk and put a hand on
his shoulder. He flinched slightly, then, facing the inevitable, he looked
up. Zigzags face, shadowy in the darkness of the night and tent, was
looking down at him, concerned. Squid couldn't think of anything to say so
he didn't say anything.
"Are you ok?"
Squid suddenly became very aware of Zigzags hand on his shoulder, and
couldn't supress the shiver of excitement that ran through his body.
"Are you cold?" Zigzag asked. Without waiting for an answer he went to his
own bunk and brought back his own blanket. He lay down next to Squid,
covering them both with it.
"Is that better?"
Words still not reaching his mouth, Squid just nodded.
Zigzag brushed his hand across Squids cheek and it came back damp. "You're
crying," he whispered.
Squid closed his eyes and took a shuddering breath, "Sometimes...
everything just... sucks."
Zigzag nodded. He understood.
Squid tried to turn his head to hide the freas tears that splashed down his
"Don't Squid," said Zigzag softly, "I'm not going to laugh at you."
Squid dared to look him in the eye. "I... I just..." he stuttered.
Zigzag put a finger to his lips, "It's ok, you don't have to explain."
Squid gave up trying to hold back his tears. He felt strong arms wrap
around him and pull him close. He burried his face in Zigzags shoulder,
returning the embrace.
Eventually the tears stopped flowing but Zigzag didn't let him go.
"I don't wanna go home," Squid confided sleepily.
"You can come live with me," offered Zigzag.
"You wouldn't want me." Squids voice was soft. He felt so safe in Zigzags
arms. So warm and sleepy.
"Yes I would," Zigzag whispered, gently stroking Squids chocolate brown
hair. He took a deep breath. "How could anyone not want you? I... I love
you Squid."
The only reply he got was Squids steady sleep-filled breathing.
Zigzag smiled slightly, still stroking Squids hair. Traces of tears still
shimmered on the boys cheeks.
Squid sighed in his sleep, "I love you too Ziggy."
Zigzag grinned and bit his lip to refrain himself from kissing the sleeping
boy. He held Squid closer and closed his eyes. Overcome by a wonderful
feeling of contentment, he fell asleep, still holding Squid in his arms.

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~Mae Woods