Zigzag froze, his brain didn't have time to think and the lizard was coming
straight for him. The only conscious thought he had was 'Please God, don't
let me die, I promised Squid I'd never leave him.' And he wasn't taking the
Lords name in vain either, he was truly praying. It didn't seem like there
was much else he could do.
Then, it seemed like God had answered and Zigzag found himself pushed
aside. The lizard landed on the ground noiselessly. It hissed, then
scuttled out the tent door.
Zigzag let out a sigh of relief.
"That was close," he said, turning to face Squid.
Squid looked up at him, a mixture of pain, shock and fear on his face. Then
he looked down at his outstretched arm that had pushed Zigzag out of the
lizards way. Zigzag looked at it also. There were two small dots of blood
welling up on his wrist, where the poisonous Yellow Spotted Lizard had sunk
in its fangs. Zigzag took Squids hand, looking at the bloodspots in shock.
Then Squid collapsed to the ground, taking Zigzag with him.
"Oh God Squid..." Zigzag breathed, staring at Squids suddenly pale face,
"Why did you do that?"
Squids eyes, like the eyes of a lost child searching for help, looked up at
"Because I love you."
Zigzags eyes filled with tears, "You can't die," he whispered, "You
He smiled weakly. "My lifes been a dead end from the beginning."
"But it's not fair..." Zigzags broken tears splashed onto Squids face.
The light struggled to penetrate the tent walls, a dim hazy glow spilt onto
the two of them. Zigzag could taste salt water in his mouth, it crept in
whenever he tried to speak. Suddenly the noise of the camp blocked out and
all that existed was himself and Squid.
"Please don't die..." He couldn't seem to raise his voice above a whisper.
As if speaking to loudly would cause Squid to crumble to dust in his arms.
"'M sorry."
"But I can't live without you," Zigzag begged.
"Yeah you can." Squids voice was becoming quieter, his breathing louder and
unsteady. "...when you get outta here... you're gonna go back to school...
and get a job, and... you're gonna find someone else... and you're gonna
forget all 'bout me."
"I can't... I could never forget about you."
Squid smiled slightly but it turned into a grimace as a wave of pain hit
him. "Ziggy... can I ask you to do something?"
"Anything," Zigzag promised.
Squid took a deep shuddering breath, he could see the tent growing fuzzy
around him, the only clear thing was Zigzag.
"Can you kiss me? ...just once? ...please?"
Zigzag didn't answer. He bent his head slowly until his lips met Squids.
They were soft, but cold. The life was being drained from them. Squid began
to cry quietly, "I'm scared Ziggy... don't let me go... whatever you do,
please don't let me go..."
"I wont.. don't worry, I wont leave you."
Zigzag held him tighter, rocking him back and forth soothingly, humming a
lullaby he could remembered his mother singing to him when he was young.
Squid closed his eyes, clinging to Zigzag. He stopped crying. He felt
himself slip from reality, all he could hear was Zigzags voice, and all he
could feel was his embrace, and his hand playing with the silky strands of
Squids hair.
Then Zigzag felt Squids grip loosen. He drew a deep breath, "Good night
Squid," he whispered.
The end.
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