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Chapter 5: Zelda

"Well that was my little adventure." Said Link hoping that Malon bought it.

"Are you saying that you travelled with a merchant and bought the sword and the shield for 350 rupees from him because he thought you reminded him about is son" Malon said and you could hear she didn't really believe it "Fairy boy, its your own business but I don't really think you got equipments who is worth around 20 000 rupees for 350 just because you look like the mans son"

Link was grateful that she didn't talk more about it so he switch the subject and asks: "So how is the ranch profits going and how is Talon, Ingo and Epona doing."

"Well they are all doing well and I know you want to borrow Epona once more fairy boy" Malon said "You can borrow her if you give me a big wet kiss one the cheek."

Link looked horrified at her demands but gradually he started to bow over and kissed the devil with the red hair or so Link thought she was right now.

Link could hear a whistle in his hat and knew that this was from another treacherous female so he hit his cap and hopes he had hit the little fairy. hard.

When he got the permission Link ran as fast as he could to his horse who should be with the others horses in the middle of the ranch.

There he saw the beautiful brown horse with white mane. Its name was Epona and was one of the few being in this world that had helped him personally to defeat Ganondorf. Link took out the ocarina of time and started to play Eponas song.

When the little brown horse heard it she followed the tones and found Link her beloved friend. "So how have you been doing Epona" Link said and touched her mane.

After the little reunion, the party of 3 set off to the biggest town of Hyrule, the place where the princess of destiny lived. They arrived to the town about 4 hours and Link had set a new personal record for fastest travelling between kokiriforest and Market Town.

"And you said we will be in market town after two day" Link said and pocked out his tong to irritate his little friend. Navi grumbled something and went under the boy's cape to rest. As they went in to the town a couple of soldier rushed to Link. One of the soldiers who looked to be the captain said with a harsh tone " Get off your horse you are under arrest." "Oh boy, this "adventure" is already starting to annoy me" Link said and hopped of Epona.

Zelda was brushing her hair as someone came in and said "Let me do that for you, princess". Zelda looked in the direction where the voice came from and saw her maid and the sage of spirit, Impa. "Why was that village near to the border of Hezekiah attacked" wondered Zelda and looked up to get an answer from Impa

"Well I don't know really my princess but your father is going to arrest all the travellers from now on and I think that's not wisely done."

While they were speaking a guard came in and bowed, clearly waiting for the princess to grant him permission to speak. The princess noticed him and nodded as towards his direction.

"My princess we have arrested a young boy clad in green" The guard said, "He says he wants to speak to you my highness."

The princess hearts jumps while the guard said those words; Link was in Market Town even better a place where she knew she could meet him easily. Impa said to the guard that he could leave and she suggested that the princess should go to him tonight.

When Link was in the prison he noticed that it was crowded with more merchants, travellers and wanderers then criminals or thieves. He had to fight to earn some respect from the tougher scumbags in his jail. Now that everybody leaved him alone he could talk to Navi (but she was under his cap.) Some of the people thought he was crazy speaking to himself and other was well .. just afraid of him. While his conversation with Navi Link looked up and saw that the entire prisoner was quit, someone important had come to the jail. As he thought there was princess Zelda, beautiful as she always was, followed by her loyally companion Impa.

"Link you have to help Hyrule once more" Zelda said with her soft and comforting voice