Angelic Layer

Severus Snape was marking his third year's essays when he heard it.

It was an ear splitting scream. Pain. So much pain. Severus rose and ran as quickly as possible toward the source of the scream.

Severus understood the pain. He knew it, because he had felt such a horrible pain himself.

The scream vibrated with pain and desperate cries for help. It was a long uninterrupted sound that drowned any sense of logic or thinking.

Severus entered an old abandoned classroom. There was a person lying on the floor. It was a girl. Her eyes were wide open and pleaded for help. Her body shivered under the pain.

Severus kneeled beside the form. The girl flung immediately her arms around his body.

"Please.. Cut my skin open. Release it. It hurts. it hurts so much. please. PLEASE! "

Severus tried to understand what the girl was trying to say. He could only look at her questionably. The girl snuggled closer to him, and her arms tightened around him.

"My back. there is something under it. please, let it out. I'll do anything if you would release it."

Without thinking, Severus ripped her robes open, and saw two lumps on her shouderblades. He summoned a dagger, slowly opening her skin.

First his hand trembled; he was afraid that he might hurt her. She tighten her grip a little bit more and bit his shoulder, preventing an other scream to come. Severus didn't feel the pain of her bit, although his skin has ripped because of her small, sharp teeth.

But after he cut the skin open just below the lumps, the girl seemed to calm down. Severus didn't move, just holding the girl in his arms, not caring that he was covered with blood.

He felt her heartbeat. The girl hadn't released him from her strong grip. She held him like he was the only thing that kept her alive. Severus felt her warm breath against his neck.

Finally, Severus stood up, and carried the girl to the hospital Wing.

Maybe I'll drop over to Madame Pomfresh to see how the girl is feeling tomorrow.