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Ok, on with Chapter 38

Hermione didn't know what to do anymore. She sighed and shook her pretty head. Life was complicated.

She walked up carefully her way up to her room. It was scary to think how much her life had changed. As she reflected over this, she approached her room. She sighed ands cast a quick spell, thus whisking away the dirt on the floor. She shook her head, disgusted as she saw the number of dead insects that disappeared.

It was really a coincidence that she watched the ceiling that day. Really; no one visited her. Or at least no one that wouldn't be immune by now against her flower.

She was really proud about her lovely plant. It was very strong, very powerful, very dark… and very, very illegal. She had got some Violet's roots illegally in Knockturn Alley so her mother could plant them around their house.

The flower was more like a vine, with heavy, purple flowers. Like the Devil Snare, it coiled up against people and strangled them whilst injecting paralyzing poisons in its victim. After some time, all vital organs stopped working, beginning with the muscles, then moving to the lungs.

The Violet had a very special 'memory'; if someone injected one's own blood in it, the plant didn't attack. Hermione had injected blood from all those she knew and trusted in it. Severus of course, included.

If the plant stung, you had approximately three hours time to save the person, yet often people could have horrible side effects. Hermione's plant was very potent; it killed in less than three hours.

It was a very potent plant. Very dangerous, but very effective. Hermione couldn't have chosen a better plant.

So, this explained why she didn't check the roof where the plant was growing peacefully often. Yet that day, for some reason, she did.

She couldn't believe what she saw. Severus, yes, Severus, as in Severus Snape – who of all people should have known to watch out- was being held hostage by her plant.

How could it-? Severus. Her Severus! Was that plant mad? Why did it-? But she had injected his blood to the plant already after the first time – it should have worked. Oh goodness! What if it started attacking other people? What if.? Ok- where was Harry? Ron?

Hermione shook her head and clicked her tongue several times, making the plant drop Severus rather urgently on the floor. Hermione took her man dragged him with the bare force of her arms and wings into her room.

But as soon as she touched his robe, she felt something was wrong. Severus wasn't usually this relaxed.

She deposited the man on the floor, and quickly bashed each and every single experiment she had. The rats were put under silencing charms, vials and potions hid away, creams were put in fake cosmetic pots, cauldrons bashed in her bathroom and the bathroom surely locked with personal charms.

Then she rushed out in the area in front of her room where the plant had been coiling. She whistled it gently down, holding a rat in her hand as a tiny bait. The flower bent eagerly down, passing its tentacles all over Hermione, sliding through the holes of her wings.

She took out a pair of strong scissors and gently caressed the biggest flowers of them all. It was a bit bigger than her face. It smelled very good, like violets of course, but as jasmine as well. Wonderful plant indeed.

She felt a special connection to that plant; something akin the trust she had gained with Maryann and Emmilya. She hoped just her plant would use her wings. She really did. God knew how useful it would be to have her plant as an extra weapon on her.

The girl caressed the plant, letting it linger around the structure of her bones. The plant sucked up the rat from her hand, and opened its claws so Hermione could explore its 'bait'. Hermione took the blood from the plant and slowly started to smell it.

It was blood alright, yet its texture was odd; it was rubbery. It became tiny crumbles under her fingers. Crumbles.

Hermione suddenly had a horrible thought. She clicked her tongue quickly, this time accompanied by her heels. The plant withdrawn its tentacles from her.

As Hermione closed the door, she saw a soundly pop and guessed the form of a very dead rat falling on the floor. Smart plant indeed, very smart, yet dangerous; Goddess she was grateful for it.

She walked in to her room and considered quickly her options: not know the truth, have a corpse, but be safe; let the human life, eventually fight it, yet be in danger because of potential lethal illegal things in her room.

She chose the latter. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. She injected the counter poison. She checked the clock. It was twenty to midnight.

As Hermione started to check the still unconscious body for arms, she found vials; many of them. Actually there were three of them, each containing a silvery black liquid with red glints in it. Hermione uncorked one, brought it close to her nose and inhaled the scent of it.

It smelled delicious; like green tea, bergamot, Tiger balsam, fresh bread and a bit like a mouldy, dusty, refreshing cave. It smelled like… Severus. Polyjuice. Someone under polyjuice. In her room.

She knew already without his face changing who it was: Lucius Malfoy.

She heard the clock clang midnight. Severus's hair turned longer, cleaner and blonder. He was changing back. He was still comatose, a good thing for Hermione. Yet she didn't want Lucius to know of her plant; he would use it too well against her. Therefore… she needed him to transform back to Severus.

Lucius might be stupid, but stupid enough to know how to count. The man would know one vial would be missing if she made him drink it now.

She hadn't any polyjuice potion, thus leaving one option for her: make time.

She really wished sometimes she wouldn't have given away her time-turner. But alas, this had to be done, and Hermione ran off from her room, knowing exactly what to do. She had to be quick; now she could finally see if her changes made a difference.

Hermione ran until she was near the 'staircase tower'. It was the main place where all the stairs changed places when they wanted. But she didn't have time for running down stairs. Instead, Hermione climbed on the banister and jumped down.

She showed down in an elegant movement, falling in slow-motion. She couldn't put let out a triumphant laugh! It worked!

She landed on her feet and quickly padded away towards the Great Hall. She had to be quick; no time to loose.

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