Midnight Rescue

(The only characters I can lay claim to are, of course, the ones that I made up myself. Thank you so much to all of the people who left such nice reviews. MUCH APPRECIATED!!! *smiles* There will definitely be much more added, I have so many ideas for these characters. and Cilfre is just a nameI made up. I was typing various names into the computer and then Cilfrejust jumped out. He's destined. Lol. Enjoy! Oh, and I hope that thisformat's better from what it was before.)


The fog was slowly rising from the horizon. Blue eyes glinted through the waves that turned restlessly as if they knew something was to happen. A tall man stood near the end of the dock and tapped his foot impatiently.

"You're late, Robert." He turned watching at a shorter man walking toward him.

"Did you know," he asked, ignoring the displeased comment, "Sparrow's going to set port in Tortuga soon?" For a while only the sound of steel against steel disrupted the silence.

"Aye. I'd heard that. I believe it's time for us to go huntin'."

"Its overtime!" Robert said vehemently, "Should'ave been done years ago! Instead of maroonin' the bastard we oughta shot him t'rough." A ship stirred in the current, the name flashing every now and then in the moonlight. The letters were carved into the wood ornately spelling out 'Bloods Revenge'

"And unfortunately for you, Rob. This is one voyage you'll have to pass." Steel flashed sharply before connecting with flesh. A yelp of pain, a thud on the dock, then a splash was all quickly muffled. Robert was headed towards the bottom of the sea, there would be no trace of anything that had occurred.

Bloods Revenge left port then, its sails white against clouds that now covered the moon. It was time to track down a Sparrow.