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This chapter is rated R for violence.

After many struggles, a group of blue rogues lead by, "Vyse The Daring" finally reached the door that would lead into the bridge of the Hydra, a gigantic ship/air fortress. They would then proceed to fight and defeat the captain of the ship and the Grand Admiral of Valua, Galcian.

Even in Vyse's mind, the plan sounded doubtful.

He mentally swore to himself while the crew stood anxiously, doing last minute healings and making sure that all of their weapons were in complete order. They were silent, and no words were spoken amongst the air pirates. Vyse knew he was as ready as he ever would be and decided that it was time.

Looking at the door leading into the bridge, the blue rogue noted that they would probably need to have Drachma break down the door with his artificial arm, when as if it could somehow read his mind somehow, it began to open on it's own. Vyse tensed up, gripping his cutlasses so hard that his knuckles had turned white. None of them could see inside of the bridge; Vyse assumed that in the battle previous to their boarding of the ship, they were able to take out the power, or at least knock out some lights. From inside the darkened bridge a steady Thump, thump sound could be heard. This destroyed all of the young rogue's hopes on Galcian being killed in their ship combat.

Out stepped from the dark halls of The Hydra walked Lord Galcian, Grand Admiral of the Valuan Empire.

He walked leisurely, showing no signs of pain except for a slight gash on his cheek, nearly covered by the sadistic smirk he wore on his face. In his right hand he wielded his trademark gigantic sword, almost impossibly large. Again Vyse mentally swore; it seems like they would have to fight after all.

"I'm surprised you've made it this far, air pirates" Galcian said, his voice laced with cruel, mocking pleasure. "Of course, it's pointless; in the end the strong will live and the weak will die…" he pointed his large sword at Fina, poking her slightly in the chest, drawing a tiny bit of blood. "And die you will…" Fina winced and cried out softly in pain.

Outraged, Aika gripped her boomerang harder and charged at Galcian, ready to hack him to bits. The grand admiral's smirk just grew wider, and he actually seemed to relax more, making himself more open for an attack. When Aika was a few feet away from Galcian, she leaped up into the air and pulled her arm back, in position to strike. From what Vyse saw, it looked as if she was going to bash his face in, and he wasn't in a position to block the strike; maybe they had over-estimated his abilities from the start


And then Aika was frozen, a look of shock and disbelief on her face. Concealed from everyone except for Vyse, who was able to see it from the angle he stood at, and on his face was also a look of disbelief, and something else. He stared in numb horror as he saw the sword poking through her gut, blood on the tips. She uttered a strangled cry, hands weakly grasping at the sword impaling her.

"Hmph." The smirk was still there as he pulled his sword out of Aika's stomach and stabbed her again, this time in the heart or lung. The look of vanished off her face, instead her eyes glazed over, and she slumped to the floor, dead before she hit the ground.

"Well, so much for that." Galcian said in a slightly bored tone. He bent down slightly, ripped off a piece of Aika's clothing, and began to wipe the blood off of his sword.

Seeing her on the floor, the blood flowing from the wounds, the look in her eyes as she fell, and something sparked within Vyse. "No… not Aika…it can't…not…AIKA!!!"  His mind screamed furiously. For a minute, rage overtook him, and he charged at Aika's murderer, a feral scream escaping his mouth. Galcian anticipated a counter attack, and he raised his sword to counter. The two met with a clang, as the Admiral caught both of Vyse's cutlasses in one motion. They held that position for a split second, before Vyse jumped back, stumbling as he misjudged his landing. Seeing this opening, Galcian charged forward, horizontally slashing at Vyse with the gigantic sword. Instinct saved Vyse, as his reflexes kicked in, allowing him to duck under the attack and do a barrel roll towards the grand admiral, landing at his feet.

"What?" Galcian thought in slight confusion as Vyse managed to evade his attack. "How could he have moved so fast…?"  Just when it registered that the young rogue had gotten himself underneath him, he found the two cutlasses swinging at him again. Dropping the heavy weight of the sword, Galcian raised his arms to block and caught one of the cutlasses, but the other one got through, making a slight cut on the uncovered section of his shoulder. Needing to readjust his weight, the Grand Admiral raised his foot and viciously kicked Vyse in the stomach.

"Guh…" The young air pirate uttered feebly as he crashed into the wall, knocking him unconscious. The rest of the air pirates, who up to this point were watching the battle anxiously, broke out of their trance and entered the battle.

Fina, who had been silently gathering spirit energy the whole time, walked forward and shouted, "Lunar Blessing!" filling the Silvite girl and her allies with the life replenishing energy. Noting that the others were engaged in combat, she ran over to Vyse's unconscious form and muttered "Moons, give me Strength!". When the silver light filled up his body, he began to stir. He rose, mumbling words of thanks as he grabbed his cutlasses to prepare for battle again.

Galcian surveyed his opponents, studying their movements carefully. "Hmm…The Silvite girl is certainly no threat, but I should be careful with the others. They don't look like they can put up much of a fight, but then again, they, like Vyse, could show some hidden potential."  His eyes rested on the old fisherman with an artificial arm his smirk widening as he bent his knees slightly forward, as if preparing to run. "Heh…time to narrow down this group a little bit." And without warning the admiral charged forward towards Drachma, raising his sword above his head as he prepared to strike. The old fisherman raised his metallic arm and prevented the strike from tearing him in two, but the savageness of the strike threw him off balance and he stumbled and tripped. The middle-aged man saw this opening. "Now, foolish fisherman, you will join your red haired comrade over on the floor" and he leisurely raised his sword to strike. Drachma closed his eyes; he could do nothing to prevent it, noting that somehow his arm had been damaged somehow and waited for the blow that would tear him in half.

It didn't come. Somehow, Galcian's attack had been stopped. Drachma opened his eyes to see Enrique engaged with the Grand Admiral. The fisherman man was not familiar with the prince's techniques, but it seemed to be a sort of sword combo, similar to one Vyse called Cutlass Fury. The flaxen-haired man seemed to be finishing up his attack; he gathered ki* into his rapier and shouted, "Face my blade!" thrusting the sword with all his might into Galcian's heart. While he watched, Drachma felt the healing powers of a Sacres spell course through his body, somehow even managing to slightly mend his damaged arm.

The Grand Admiral managed to sidestep the attack, the rapier lightly grazing his neck. Enrique pulled his sword back into and charged, his sword pointing forward. "The first lesson in combat…" Galcian stated in a calm monotone as an enraged Enrique charged forward. "…Is to never let your emotions consume you." The middle aged Admiral said as Enrique reached him, thrusting to kill. Galcian easily side stepped the attack, throwing Enrique off balance while the Admiral slashed with his sword, landing a semi-deep cut just above Enrique's gut. Enrique stumbled back, clutching his wound, his face contorted into a look of pain.

Blood flowed through the wound, staining his hand a deep crimson, but he did not stop. "I…I cannot lose." Removing his hand from the wound, the prince gripped his rapier tighter and charged again, snarling. The middle-aged swordsman easily dodged again, but this time Enrique had been expecting his evasion, and instead thrust to the side. Galcian parried the strike and they held that position for a moment, Galcian trying shove Enrique's blade out of the way while the prince was pushing up on the much heavier sword that Galcian wielded.

Suddenly without warning, the Admiral jumped to the side, throwing Enrique off balance. "The second rule…" Galcian said calmly as he swiftly stepped behind the prince. "…Is to never show your opponents your back." And without warning he slashed forward. Enrique managed to recover quickly enough to avoid a fatal slash to the neck, but his left arm was caught in the sword's slash, making a cut on the bicep.


Two bullets hit the ground, just barely missing the Grand Admiral's feet. He looked up to see a man in a red overcoat with two pistols drawn pointing at him. Galcian felt the feelings of annoyance in his mind. "What fool…he has the nerve to interrupt our fight?" Deciding that he didn't want to have a lasting fight with this man, he walked over and lifted up his sword. Before Gilder could react, the air began to change, and suddenly he was swept up in a vortex. Above the raging winds he could hear an ominous voice saying "Kneel…kneel before me." Suddenly it felt like to Gilder he had been hit with a sledgehammer. He felt some bones breaking, and it happened again. "Ahh!!" It kept hitting him and hitting him, intensifying his screams of pain. "There's no way I'm gonna survive this, my body's going to be shattered in a couple more blows." Gilder's last thought on Arcadia before he lost consciousness was "Clara…I'm…I'm…sorry…"

The technique was finished; Gilder lying dead from multiple internal wounds. Galcian stepped away from the corpse; reaching into his pocket and cracking open a Sacres crystal. "Two dead…only four more left." He smirked again, feeling the power of the Sacres crystal, refreshing him and repairing the slight wounds he had accumulated so far.

"No…not another one, this must be stopped, NOW!"  Enrique, bleeding from multiple wounds again charged Galcian. The grand admiral's smirk widened, "So…he wants to finish this now, does he?" Rage consumed Enrique, as he charged forward, nothing on his mind except to inflict as much damage as possible on the one who had killed Aika and Gilder. The admiral easily dodged, but this time he wasted no time, nimbly moving forward and slashing Enrique again, this time piercing his kidney.

Enrique stood there for a moment, his eyes widening in shock, before he hit the ground. "I'm…I'm sorry…Moegi." Enrique gasped out, the pain making it difficult to speak. "I tried to fight…to live…for…you." At that moment, Galcian chose to shove his sword through the flaxen haired prince, swiftly ending his life. "Heh…" The middle-aged swordsman picked up his blade from Enrique's corpse and began wiping the blood off of it.


Galcian turned around to see that Vyse and Drachma stood weapons out, Fina behind them, eyes closed in concentration. He saw the flame in Vyse's eyes, and his smirk reappeared. "So…now you're ready to die?" He began to walk leisurely towards them, the bloodstained blade loose in his relaxed right hand.

Vyse's glared back. "You bastard!" he repeated, "You're not going to get away with this." He bent his knees and without warning shouted "Now Fina!"

Fina's eyes snapped open and she shouted "Incremus!" When she saw that the spell was complete and they were all encircled in powering red light, she closed her eyes again for a couple seconds, then opened them again and cried "Electrulen", directing the yellow moonstone energy into the Grand Admiral. Phase one of the attack was complete.

Galcian took the full force of the Electrulen spell; it did not matter, for the spell was no match for his trained body. He held his sword in a defense position, as Vyse and Drachma charged forward. "Hmm…let's see what they're planning…"

Vyse reached him first. "You can do this." He thought to himself as he rushed up to the older swordsman and shouted "Cutlass Fury!" Two of the strikes hit successfully on Galcian, the others bouncing harmlessly off of his blade. Its purpose was not to harm him, however.

"It'll take more than that to defeat me, foolish air pirate!" The Grand Admiral raised his sword to strike the impudent rogue down, when he heard movement behind him. "They couldn't have…they're not that intelligent…are they?" Galcian heard a shout of  "Tackle." and whirled around, only to be caught in the fisherman's fierce assault. Waves of pain coursed through his body, and when he put a hand on his head, it came back bloody. "Damn fisherman." The middle-aged swordsman tightened his hand around the handle of the gigantic sword and charged towards Drachma, now mad. He swung his sword in a horizontal arc, the weapon hitting with a dull "clang" as it came in contact with Drachma's metallic arm.

Seeing that Galcian was preoccupied with Galcian, Vyse knew that it was time. "Ok…gotta focus all my energy."  The air pirate closed his eyes, his brows furrowing in concentration. "Almost…" His expression tightened and his concentration intensified. "NOW!" Suddenly his eyes opened and thrust his cutlass out, lightning ki gathering at the tips.

"Well, he certainly is tough for an old man." Galcian thought as one of his sword strikes struck his arm again. Suddenly, Galcian felt a disturbance somewhere behind him. He whirled around only to find Vyse with lightning at the tips of his cutlass. "What? How did he…" The Grand Admiral's thought was interrupted as Vyse struck the ground with his sword, releasing the energy that had been gathered towards the middle-aged swordsman.

The force of the blow threw Galcian off his feet, and he was nearly flung off of the Hydra and into the Deep Sky. Dazedly he got back to his feet, only to be greeted by Vyse. With both cutlasses, the air pirate began to rapidly slash the older swordsman, hitting so fast that it would be impossible to block them all. At the end of his barrage, Vyse reared both his cutlasses back and shouted "PIRATE'S WRATH!!" doing a double exploding slash that hit Galcian with a vengeance. The impact of the technique knocked Galcian off of his feet, slamming his back into a wall. A shockwave from the attack sent the blood from earlier slashes flying, splattering against the wall of the bridge.

Vyse leaned against the wall, panting as he fumbled on his pockets for a Sacres crystal. "Dammit." He cursed when he saw that he had none left. "Fina, would you mind using a healing spell on me? I seem to have run out of crystals." The brunet rogue offered her a tired smile.

"Um…ok, sure." Fina replied as she murmured a Sacres spell, then taking out Magic Dew to replenish her energy. The Silvite girl had been in a state of semi-shock since Aika's death. She felt great pangs of sadness for each of them, but she couldn't grieve for them now. She had to do her best for her deceased comrades. And for Vyse…

Galcian felt intense pain, but not enough to remove him from the fight. In fact, he still had his trump card left, though he'd never dreamed he'd have to use it against someone like Vyse. Forcing himself to his feet, the older swordsman clenched his gut in pain, panting and leaning on the wall for support.

Vyse stepped forward, his cutlasses loose in his hands. "So, Admiral…" his voice dripping in sarcasm. "How does it feel to be defeated by Blue Rogues, whom you've proclaimed the scum of Arcadia?" The brunet rogue walked forward lifting the cutlasses with murderous intent in his mind.

The Grand Admiral got to his feet, his pain filled face contorting into a slight smirk. "So…you… think… this… is… over?" His voice came out in painful gasps; he cracked open a Sacrulen crystal, feeling the healing power course through his body, healing and closing up all except for his most serious wounds. He stood up completely, gripping tighter on the sword. "Now it is time I think we finish this." Without warning he jumped up and cried "Moons, give me strength!"

Vyse watched with horror as the spikes from the eternum spell gathered over Drachma's head. There was a pause, and then without warning the largest spike came down, impaling itself through Drachma. The fisherman's eyes widened in shock, before they glazed over, and he fell to the ground, dead.

"NO!" Vyse shouted in horror and disbelief. They were losing this battle; the swordsman had easily killed four of the six fighting.

"Hmm…let's weaken you up a little bit before things get interesting…" Galcian raised his sword in the air, and the scene began to change around them.

The remaining blue rogues appeared to be standing on a block of solid ice. When they looked up, they saw that the sky instead was another roof of solid ice. Vyse heard a faint voice from far away cry "Neglora." A rumbling sound began to echo in the eerie chamber. Vyse looked up at the roof, terror in his eyes. "Oh shit…" The roof slammed down on the two. The ice exploded, shards of ice flying everywhere. "Huh…? This should hurt a lot more. If he was trying to kill us with this attack than why…?" His thought was interrupted with the realization that the powering effects of Incremus and the healing effects of Lunar Blessing had been purged from his body.

Galcian stood over the boy with a black moonstone crystal in his hands, waiting patiently for him to get up. When the air pirate did, the older swordsman walked up to him showing him the crystal. "Do you know what this is, impudent rogue?" He held it our so Vyse could see it better. Vyse knitted his brows in confusion. "Isn't that a…black moonstone? But how, they only exist in the Dark Rift?" The blue rogue backed away slightly, somehow repelled by the energy radiating from the crystal.

"Well…" Galcian stepped forward. "How about a little demonstration of power?" With that, the Grand Admiral's face contorted into concentration, and he held out the crystal, pointing it at Vyse. "Bainai no ikkai**!"

Vyse couldn't understand the language he was speaking, but knew nonetheless that what he was doing would be dangerous. Suddenly the rogue found that he could not move at all, completely paralyzed. A black sphere enclosed Vyse, but he could still see and hear everything. He heard Galcian's voice above everything else. "I'm sure you are wondering why you are unable to move. It's because with the dead language of the black civilization, I have opened the gates of time, and your mind has been thrown out of the rift of time, but your body has not. That is why you are unable to move. Very easy to kill you now…" And to his horror, he saw the Grand Admiral walking towards him, the gigantic sword hanging loosely from his hand. Galcian reached the boy, raising his sword above his head to end his life.

Vyse wanted to close his eyes, but he couldn't still trapped in the bind. "Fina…Arcadia…I'm so…sorry…"


"NOOO!!!!" Vyse looked in shock and disbelief as Fina stood in front of him, impaled by the gigantic blade. The Admiral pulled his sword out of Fina's gut, the blade now almost completely red with blood. Fina crumpled to the ground, her eyes showing deep pain. She turned to face Vyse, a slight smile on her face. "Vyse…I'm…sorry…I tried…my…best." And with that the Silvite girl's eyes glazed over; her life was over.

"No…not…Fina…not…FINA NOT FINA NOOO!!!!!" Blinding rage overtook him; his rage gaining him enough energy to break the time bound on him.

Galcian was faintly surprised that the rogue had managed to break the spell, but it had taken its toll Vyse. The brunet rogue was so tired after the spell combined with the emotional shock of Fina's death.

"Well Vyse!" Galcian's trademark smirk on his face again. "I've decided that instead of killing you, I've decided that I'll let you live, haunted by the memories and visions of your lost comrades. There are lifeboats at the rear of this ship, I will give you five of my minutes to escape." And with that Galcian walked into the bridge and pressed a button on the console. When he did so, the Bridge began to rise, separating itself from the rest of the ship as an effective escape pod. Galcian walked out the edge of the barrier separating the escape pod from the rest of the ship, looking down on the rogue.

When Vyse saw the older swordsman escaping, pure hatred flowed through him like a poison, and he grabbed his cutlasses for one final attack. He charged forward snarling as he jumped onto the escape pod, raising both cutlasses to avenge his fallen comrades. Galcian caught the two easily, seeing this as an attack of desperation. He grabbed the air pirate's collar, raised him up, and said softly "Good-bye, Vyse the Failure." With that he threw him over the escape pod and onto the rest of the ship. He continued to watch the brunet rogue until he was too far away to see.

Five minutes later, the Hydra exploded in a flash of brilliant light…


Yea…left you in a bit of a cliffhanger, didn't I? Sorry, couldn't help it. The use of Japanese in this story will fit in don't worry. You just have to keep reading to find out ;)

* ki = energy that comes from body and mind                

** Bainai no ikkai = the binds of time

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