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Wing Alpha Zero: Just to let you know Galcian did take over Arcadia, but it's not why you'd expect. There's a back-story to it, and also I'm probably going to be the first person in the SOA fanfic database here on FF.Net to create a back-story for Galcian. Oh yes, I'm also probably going to be the first one to humanize him, to show that he's not just a sadistic, power hungry bastard. There will be a reason why he's like how he is, just like there's a reason why Ramirez is how he is. So don't worry about it not being original. I think I'll surprise a few people with this…


~Ichishinkingen no Chishio~

(A new era of blood)

Ever since the fall of Vyse and co., Arcadia began to crumble. With nobody strong enough to oppose him, Lord Galcian, formerly the Grand Admiral of the Valuan Armada completed his takeover of Arcadia. . Not even all the ships in the world could oppose the might of the silver Gigas, Zelos. Thus the dark age of "Galcian's Union " began.

Various terrorist organizations emerged, mostly consisting of vengeful Valuan survivors, Nasrean soldiers, and air pirates. Most of these factions were short-lived, most of them being careless, recklessly attacking GU cruisers in the plain daylight. The emergence of the organizations stopped for a while when the GU began publicly mass-executing members of these factions. In the end, Galcian would always win.

An exception to these organizations was the rising of the "Saviors of Arcadia.", a group made up Blue Rogues who wanted to avenge the defeat of Vyse and co. They struck without warning, attacking GU ships and outposts in the dead of night, following in the style of the blue rogues. Another reason they were able to survive for so long was their mobility. The Saviors Of Arcadia never kept a base, knowing from prior experience that it was smarter to keep on the move. Galcian did not consider them a threat, however, until the assassination of the 3rd Admiral of the Armada, Elliot. Thus began what would later be called "The Great War of Arcadia. "  With Galcian's Armada going up against the Saviors of Arcadia, they were pretty evenly matched, the former having better technology and weapons, while the Saviors Of Arcadia were faster and more mobile, using guerilla tactics to strike wherever there was the threat of GU.

Finally when it had appeared that the S.O.A had gained the upper hand, a single mass assault wiped out three fourths of the organization, the rest being either imprisoned or scattered off into Arcadia.

It had happened when the S.O.A, encouraged by the number of victories they had achieved, decided to storm GU continent, which was spread out between three large hollowed out glaciers near the Ruins of Ice. A group of S.O.A assassins silently infiltrated and hijacked a number of GU cruisers and used them to ferry soldiers into the main capital, bent on destroying the GU permanently.

A huge bloodbath ensued within the streets of the capital city, the S.O.A soldiers killing all in their path. Not too long into the battle, they had breached the inner sanctum of the city, engaged with the elite guards of the palace itself. The more skilled Elite Guards manage to slightly stem the flow of S.O.A, but not even the most skilled of swordsmen could compare to sheer numbers.

Or so they thought…

When the last Elite guard fell, the rebels were sure that they had claimed victory. And then he arrived.

The young, dangerous white haired man with jade eyes hardened by battle. The Grand Admiral of the GU, Ramirez .The rebels did not think that one swordsman could possibly stop such a large number of soldiers.

They were wrong…

A massive slaughter took place in the courtyard of the palace, S.O.A soldiers rushing up only to be cut down by the Silvite swordsman. When the numbers of the living began to dwindle, about half of the remaining force attempted to escape, only to be cut down in the streets by GU reinforcements. The survivors of the S.O.A were taken as prisoner, only a small fraction able to make an escape. A few days after the attack, Galcian had the leader of the rebels publicly decapitated, the head standing on a pedestal as a reminder to all who dare oppose Galcian's Union. Galcian once again held reign over Arcadia.

But he made one mistake…

Since that fateful day one year ago, Vyse had disappeared off the face of Arcadia, becoming a legend amongst air pirates and all who opposed the GU. Because of this mysterious disappearance, Galcian had decided not to attempt to hunt him down, not wanting to cause a disturbance.

But nobody forgets a trauma like Vyse's, and this is where it begins, with the bittersweet taste of vengeance in the air….


Since the beginning of Galcian's reign, Maramba was well known to be a dangerous place at night, a hotbed for anti Galcian behavior and violence, making Demian wish for millionth time that he hadn't been assigned here.

Recently a rumor had reached the GU that Nasrean merchant ships had been seen smuggling yellow moonstones to Maramba to possibly fuel another resistance attempt. Which was why instead of being in the safe confines of his ship, he was patrolling the dark town of Maramba in his bright GU uniform, checking to see if there was any evidence of a smuggling.

"Not a damn crystal" he thought. "Hell, this place doesn't even have electricity. It's a complete deadsville at night. Save for the homeless bums out here…"His hand drifted down to the handle of his pistol, anxious as he walked by a large group of them. Most of them just stared, but some of them when they saw a GU officer, they glared or made obscene gestures at them.

"At least my shift is over." Demian thought, feeling cool relief as he approached the port. Suddenly, he began to hear footsteps behind him. Demian whirled around to see a person about 5ft 7, a cloak and hood covering up most of his features. The GU officer hastily pulled out his pistol, shouting "Halt! Who goes there!?", training the pistol towards the mysterious person's head. The person stopped moving, noticing the gun. "A homeless guy…?"  Demian backed away slowly. "Who are you, and why are you following me?" The mystery person didn't answer, just stood there, slightly leaning up against the wall in a casual position. Demian began to feel anger kindling and he shouted again "Answer me now!" He saw the person fumble in his/her cloak for a minute, before Demian saw the glint of a blade. The person charged towards Demian. "Oh shit!" The GU officer thought as he fired a shot, but his shot was panicky and went wild and hit the wall. He fumbled for another shot, but it was too late. The stranger fully unsheathed the blade and thrust it deeply into Demian's stomach.

"Guh…"The GU officer's eyes went wide with shock as his hands weakly clutched at the blade impaled in his stomach, his traumatized brain faintly registering that it was a cutlass. The hooded stranger pulled the sword out of Demian, and he felled to the ground, his eye's glazing over. His last living thought was "I…didn't…get…paid…enough." His eye's closed, dead.

The mysterious killer looked down at the corpse for a minute, and then looked away, shaking the blood off of his blade. He walked over to the docks, boarding one of the ships there. He took one last look at the guy he killed, "Hmph…Galcian scum…" The hooded stranger said in a low voice, before setting off into the dark night….


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