A Twin's Love

Co-written with Deathdagger

Kagome and Sota are twins. Kagome used to go out with Inuyasha until she sees him with Kikyo, the slut of the School. When Inuyasha's twin brother and adopted sister move back with their father after their mother's death, Kagome starts to fall for him and Sota starts to fall for their sister, Sango. Also contains the prevented monk Miroku, who in this fic is a wind demon like his girlfriend Kagura. Also has lots of Inu and Kikyo bashing. Kag and Souta are Kitsune/water demons and Sango is a fire/earth demon in this fic.


Kagome and her twin brother, Souta were on their way to school. They turned the corner and saw Kag's boyfriend, Inuyasha. She was going to walk up and kiss him for waiting on them, but then she saw the school slut, Kikyo. They were kissing like there was no tomorrow. (Author gags) Both her and Souta walked up to them. Inuyasha looked at Kagome and saw the pain in her eyes with seeing him with Kikyo. He was about to say something but Kagome walked off. Souta looked at her sister's soon to be ex-boyfriend and punched him. Sending him flying into a near by tree. "That's for hurting sister!" he yelled at the now unconscious Hanyou.

Souta ran after his sister down the sidewalk. He as he was getting closer to her, he started to smell salt. 'Oh no she's crying' he thought to himself. He walked up to her and put his arm around her shoulder, trying to comfort her. "It's okay Kag, Inuyasha was a baka anyway. You can do so much better than him."

Kagome sniffled and looked at her twin. "You don't understand Souta, I loved him. He said that he loved me just last night on our date. And then today he's kissing that bitch. I can't believe him, how could he do this to me?" she started to cry again.

Souta spent the rest of the time walking to school, comforting her.

When they entered the school Souta's best friend, wind demon named Miroku, walked u to them with his girlfriend, Kagura. The two wind demons noticed that Kagome's face was red and puffing and they could clearly smell the salt from her tears. Miroku looked at Souta and asked, "What happened Souta?"

Souta looked at him and replied, "That bastard of Hanyou was cheating on Kagome. We were walking down the street when we saw Inu. Kag was about to walk up to him till she noticed that he was kissing the look-a-like slut. Kagome just walked off but I punched him. No one hurts my twin like that and gets away with it."

Miroku looked shocked at this. "But she loved him so much. How could he do that to her?"

They heard some one walk up behind them. Souta and Miroku turned around and saw; who they thought was Inuyasha with a girl. The girl was very beautiful. She had a brown hair with tints of red and green in it. Her eyes were a soft green color. She wore a red tank top with a dragon on the front. Her pants were black and also a dragon on it. Both dragons were a bright green. The person who they think is Inuyasha had on a simple white shirt on and a pair of jeans on. His hair was pure white but the thing that was on his shoulder, his tail, was pitch black. (Sorry I didn't go into details about Sesshomaru's appearance)

"Excuse us but we're new here and we have no idea where the office is. Could you help us?" the Inu look-a-like asked.

Miroku, thinking it was Inuyasha punched him. The boy fell down on the ground. "That's for hurting Kagome, you bastard!" he yelled at him.

The girl that was with him got closer to Miroku and slapped him. When she removed her hand there was a charred handprint on his cheek. "Never hit my nii-chan again. If you do, you'll get something other than a burnt handprint." She got in his face and continued, "Understand wind demon?" Miroku gulped and nodded his head. "Good." She patted the handprint and turned back to her brother. She helped him up,

They boy looked at Miroku and Souta and said, "I have done nothing to this Kagome. I feel sorry for who ever has." He and his sister were about to walk away when they heard Inuyasha walk up to the group.

"Kagome let me explain. It wasn't what you think I swear." He was about to put his hand to her cheek but she slapped him. "Why'd you do that Kagome?"

She got angry with him. "You what to know why I slapped you?" Inuyasha nodded his head. "Fine, me and my brother were walking down the street there we see you, with that BITCH Kikyo. Now do you understand?"

Inuyasha just stared at her for a minute. He was about to say something when he caught a familiar scent. He turned around and saw his brother. He growled, "Sesshomaru what are you doing here?"

Sesshomaru looked at his brother and said, "Father received word of mother's death. He decided to move back here and dragged us with him."

Inuyasha looked confused at the 'we' part. "What do you mean 'we'?"

Sesshomaru sneered at him. "I mean Sango and I, idiot. After Father and I moved we met Sango. She was an orphan, so Father adopted her. She is now our sister. Sango tell the baka a little about yourself."

Sango waked up to Inuyasha and said, "I am a fire/earth elemental demon. Meaning that I control both elements. I have a fire neko demon as a pet. Her name is Kilala. My family was killed by a Hanyou years ago."

Nobody said anything about what Sess and Sango said. Kagome was about to say something but the bell for first period rang. Everyone started to go to class. Sesshomaru and Sango just looked around, still trying to find the office. Kagome walked closer to them and said, "I can take you to the office and then I can show you around."

Sango smiled at her and said, "Thank you, Kagome?"

"That's me," she looked at Sesshomaru, "I'm sorry about Souta and Miroku. They're a little protective of me. Souta because I'm his twin and Miroku because he's Souta's friend. Follow me."

She started to walk down the hall. Sesshomaru and Sango followed behind her. They walked passed a lot of classrooms and then stopped. Kagome turned to them, "Here's the office I'll wait for you."

Sango walked in, Sess was about to follow when he noticed that this Kagome was very beautiful. Her hair was a deep auburn color and on top were two fox like ears that were black. She had soft blue eyes. Her tail matched her hair but the tip was black, like her ears.

Sango turned around and looked at her brother. She smiled when she saw him looking at Kagome. 'It's about time he found someone.' She thought to herself. "Come on Sess, we need to get our schedules."

Sesshomaru looked at his sister. "Of course I'm coming Sango." He turned away from Kagome and walked into the office.


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