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The First Meeting


"Sis! Sis, look what I found. Elle?" A small toddler cried out, looking around wildly. The brown haired child stood up unsteadily and ran to the cement walkway which leads up to a small house. The toddler burst through the door with his short arm thrusted in front of him and his hand balled up in a fist, protecting something. He looked wildly around again.

"Elle? Elle?" The toddler raced up the oak stairs. At one point he almost dropped the object in his tiny fists. Again and again he repeated calling his big sister's name until he reached her closed bedroom door. He pounded the door with his right hand and ran inside. It was empty. He ran to the closed bathroom door and pounded on it as well.

"Sis? Elle? ELLONE!" The toddler shrieked. At once the door opened and in front of him was a girl, just a little taller than him, her long brown hair soaking wet.

"Squall? Squallie, what's wrong?" She concerned. She bent down and hugged her little brother.

"I thought you were kidnapped by the evil faeries." Squall cried, hugging Ellone tightly. Ellone held his left hand, which was tiny compared to hers.

"I will always be there with you. Just call me and the good faeries will tell me." Ellone whispered. Her brother nodded and opened his right fist.

"Elle! Look what I found!" Ellone's green eyes opened wide.

"Where did you get that Squallie?" She asked, gently cupping the bottom of his extended hand. Squall smiled and jumped up and down. It was only the size of a marble and was a beautiful color of blue. As it caught the light of the afternoon sun, the white swirls inside seemed to mist out and twirl around.

"I found it by the water! Isn't pretty?" The toddler exclaimed. His sister nodded and walked him to his room. She told him to wait on the bed and went out the door. In a moment she came back with a red box in her hands.

"Here Squall, put the marble in the box. It's very precious. Don't lose it." She put it in the middle of the velvet cushioned box and closed it up. She put it in the bottom of his drawer and closed it.

"I won't lose it Ellie." Squall answered, watching his sister.

"You promise?" She asked, turning to face him, her hand held up it was clenched except for her picky sticking up. He nodded and held up his hand to hers. It was clenched much like hers.

"Pinkie-swear!" They both exclaimed and wrapped their pinkie around the others. Ellone stood up and ruffled his already messy brown hair.

"You wanna go out?" Ellone asked, almost out the bedroom door.

"NO! I wanna watch a MOVIE!!" She laughed and poked her head in. "I'll ready the popcorn 'kay?" Squall nodded and jumped from the bed. Ellone looked back at her little brother and ran down the stairs. The toddler looked at the drawer and ran toward it. He took the red box and opened it. He stared at the marble in amazement. He took it out and put it in his pocket.


Downstairs, Ellone looks at the stairs. Quickly, while the popcorn was still popping, she grabbed the phone and dialled.

"Hello? Uncle Kiros? Hi. I need your help. Can you come over tomorrow? In the morning. No Uncle Laguna and Raine don't need help. Squall does. There's.something wrong. He found this marble and.I think it's a GF. Ok. Thank you soooo much. Bye." Hearing her brother stomping down the stairs. Swiftly she hung up the phone and ran toward the movie stack.

***End Flashback***

"Look over there! Hey! For the love of-RINOA!" Suddenly the brunette jumped and looked over to her very- hyperactive friend. She glared at the shorter brunette who was now, scoping out all the 'hot guys'.

"What the hell Selphie? Did you have to shout?" Rinoa demanded, placing her hand on her hips, with mock authority. Selphie raised an eyebrow.

"Whoa! Chill Rin. Besides stop acting like Quisty." The two girls started to giggle uncontrollably

"Please repeat that for me again?" The two brunettes stopped at the authority in the voice. Rinoa looked over Selphie's shoulder and smiled weakly at the blonde behind her. Selphie slowly turned around, also a weak smile on her usually cheerful face. They both stood up. The tall blonde had beautiful long hair which she pinned up most of the time.

"Is that really what you think of me?" The blonde asked. The two shorter girls smiled brighter and shook their heads.

"Awwwww! Come on Quisty. You know that you're the nicest instructor in Balamb. Quistis rolled her eyes and sighed. "Forgive us?" Selphie pleaded her features now in a pout. She had her arm around Quistis' shoulders. Selphie's smile was almost too bright.

"Fine you two are forgiven. Since you two are relatively new at this school." Quistis said, and then she took off her high heels and sat down on the grass. Her friends followed.

"I didn't even have to threaten her with joining the Festival committee." Selphie whispered to her friend beside her. The Festival Committee was held by a student before however he changed schools because no one wanted to join. Ever since Selphie lead the Committee, more SeeDs and Cadets started joining. Mostly because it was of her annoying antics. Rinoa smiled.

Immediately Quistis and Selphie began to talk about the three new students coming to the Garden. Rinoa zoned out and looked around the courtyard. Just a week ago Rinoa enrolled in this school. It was actually called a garden. Balamb Garden. It was almost funny that the names of the top students were SeeDs. At least those who passed or will pass the SeeD exams. Rinoa smiled lightly at that. When she was living with her father, General Caraway, she had a choice between Galbadia Garden and this one. She could easily enrol in to G-Garden since her father was General there; however she took the hard way.

"Oh Hyne!" Rinoa quickly snapped back to reality and turned to face her short friend. Quistis was also looking toward the direction to which Selphie was. The blonde was less surprised. Also she noticed was almost everybody was too. She turned her eyes toward the entrance and she gasped as well. Only quietly. There stood three figures. One on the right was a tall brunette who had his hair tied back at the nape and who was wearing a cowboy hat and was attired in western wear. Over his right shoulder, he held a long shotgun. He was very handsome and had a confident look about him.

"The cowboy's name is Irvine Kinneas." Selphie whispered in her ear but she barely registered it. Her eyes switched to the left. A tall blond stood there, whispering something in the man to his left's ear. The blond had short hair and was cut very neatly. A short wisp from his jelled back hair fell on his forehead. He wore a long white coat and had a vest with a blue cross over it. He had a scar in between his eyes which went over his left eyebrow.

"The blonde's name is Seifer Almasy." Rinoa looked at Selphie. Selphie shrugged and pointed to Quistis. "What's the guy in the middle's name?" Rinoa asked. Selphie leaned over to Quistis.

"Squall Leonhart" Selphie answered, leaning in to Rinoa's ear again. Rinoa's eyes were glued to 'Squall's' cold blue eyes. They had the most intense color she had ever seen. His hair was long and and was spiked slightly in the front. It fell limply down over his eyes. But they stood out nonetheless He wore a brown jacket with had fur around the neck. What was strange about him was that he wore two intersecting belts which didn't hold up his pants. He had a white t-shirt under his jacket and around his neck was a metal figure which hung from a chain. It glittered in the light. As she looked at 'Seifer and Squall' she noticed that they had matching scars. Squall seemed so mysterious. His blue eyes fell on her own brown eyes. They seemed to pierce her thoughts. Quickly she looked away.

Selphie finally tore her gaze from the strangers and glanced at Rinoa. She just managed to catch her looking away. She smiled.

"So which one's the cutest?" Selphie asked slyly to both of her friends. Quistis blushed furiously while Rinoa seemed to avoid all eye contact. She threw her hands up in the air and brought them back down mockingly frustrated.

"Fine. I won't tell if you two don't" Selphie stated, stubbornly, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Quistis rolled her eyes and shook her head in good humour. Quistis opened her mouth however thought better of it.

"So what're three fine ladies like yourselves doing on a fine afternoon like this?" Instantly the three women jumped and turned to glare at three figures standing over them. The cowboy tipped his hat in a greeting and flashed a bright smile.

"Name's Irvine Kinneas. To the right's Seifer Almasy and the stoner's Squall Leonhart." Irvine Kinneas informed them, ignoring their glares. Out of no where a hand boxed Irvine Kinneas in the arm. He clutched his arm and rubbed it. He looked to Squall. The girls' gazes turned toward the shorter brunette. Rinoa raised an eyebrow. It barely looked like a hard punch.

"Damn Squall! That hurt!"

"Then don't call me a stoner." Squall stated coolly, brushing his hair away from his eyes.

"But you are a stoner." A fist headed Irvine's way again except it was aiming for Irvine's head. Seifer quickly caught it and stepped in. Incredibly fast.

"Don't forget there are others watching." Seifer warned. Squall retracted his arm and pulled his gloves down.

"Forget Squall here, he's always a grump. So how would one of you ladies like to come to the beach with me?" Irvine tipped his hat again and gave Selphie a wink. She giggled in return.

"I'm sorry, but I must be going. I have a class. And you three, I suggest you head to the Headmaster's office. He's expecting you." Quistis said breezily, standing up.

"And how would you know he's expecting us?" Seifer asked stepping in front of her.

"Seifer, just let her go." Squall sighed, putting his head in his hands. Seifer smirked and stood there. Rinoa stood beside Quistis while Selphie was flirting with Irvine.

"I'm not afraid of two girls." Seifer laughed. What a jerk! Rinoa thought, her anger building by the second. Rinoa lifted her hand to slap Seifer but Squall grabbed her wrist firmly. Her anger disappeared once she felt his touch. She pulled away from his grip.

"That won't solve anything." Squall resolved and started to walk away. Seifer turned to Squall.

"Can you register for me?"

"Yeah me too!" Irvine called out, able to tear himself away from Selphie. Squall lifted his hand in answer. Rinoa rushed to the blue doors beside a bush.

"Whatever." Quistis slapped Seifer in the back of the head and followed Rinoa. Seifer turned around. Rubbing the back of his head in pain, he walked toward the Headmaster's Office. He glanced at the closing doors and smirked. He would get his pay back later.

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