Chibi Soul Reaver Moments Chapter 2

Well I finally managed to get my hands on a PS2 and beat SR2. As such I have QUITE a bit more plot material to work with. So you can expect some actual constant updates on this fic, at little while. I'll talk about that later. Anywho on with the fic.

Kain: *Starts to turn on the Chronoplast* When I first stole into this chamber centuries ago I did not fathom the power of knowledge. *Chronoplast chandelier starts to turn and spin* To see the future Raziel to....Raziel?

Raziel: *Is staring at the chronoplast chandelier*

Kain: No RAZIEL!

Raziel: *Falls over with swirly eyes and a spinning head*

Kain: *Sigh* I knew I should have put up a sign to not look directly into the Chronoplast

Raziel: *Comes out of the time stream*

Moebius: Welcome time spanned soul, welcome to Your Destiny.

Raziel: 0.0 Your Destiny? But I'm looking for Hawaii. *Takes out a huge road map*

Moebius: Where do you keep that thing.

Raziel: You don't wanna know. Let's see...ah here's my problem I was suppose to take the right at Your Fate and then take exit 214 when I got to Timbuktu. Well see You later Moe * Jumps back into the time stream*

Moebius: . I'm omniscient and I still don't know what the hell just happened here.

Raziel: *Bops Moebius on the head*

Moebius: To strike me is to to strike a gods own attendant Raziel. I do not think even you would do that.

Raziel: *Bops Moebius on the head*

Moebius: I'm warning you!

Raziel: Come then, let me see the power of this god who you serve. *Bops Moebius on the head*

Moebius: That was foolish Raziel

Raziel: *Turns into a goon*

(-_- Don't ask, it's in reference to an old nursery Rhyme about a rabbit who get's turned into a "goon" for bopping field mice on the head. I have no clue why I wrote this but the whole Raziel flicking Moebius on the head scene was just to good to pass up)

Raziel: Hey Moebius I have a question for you

Moebius: Yes what is it?

Raziel: Do you like calamari?

Moebius: Yes actually, it's my favorite food. Besides that I own a seafood restaurant to bring in some extra money besides the whole guardian of Nosgoth job and squid is our main dish.

Raziel: Moe my friend, I've SO got a deal for you.

Raziel: I work for now one, not Kain, not you, and not your lackey Moebius.

Elder God: Moebius is my good servant, I have many.

Raziel: Good servant? You do realize that he's leading an army of scuba diving seafood chefs thru this cave as we speak.

Elder god: WHAT! But only you can open the gate to this cave.

Raziel: ^^ Now think about what you just said.

Elder God: ....-_-

Raziel: Exactly, I'll ask Moebius how the divine calamari turns out.

Yes there's only five for this entry, I'm going to TRY to turn this into a bi-weekly thing with five or six moments per entry. I'm sorry but writing less over more time allows me to fine tune the jokes and update more continuously . The whole writing four or five pages of moments per entry just wasn't working out anymore with the schedule I have now, since I typed up most of them while on vacation. This goes for all my other "Chibi Moments" fics as well.

As a bonus here's a random Aaron moment that actually happened.

Huge Fire Demon: *Erupts out of the ground in a burst of flames* YOU SHALL NOT PASS

Me: -_- Dear god Tolkien is SO turning over in his grave right about now.