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Chapter Six: Love has the Power to Make Miracles

Sa samisha ni kawaita tamashii yo

Sa tatta ima yuki wo sakase

My soul, dried by the loneliness of life

Only now I thrive for courage

Maru de kurai dachi ni saku

Akai bara no you ni sa

Just like a red rose

Blooming at night

"I understand now, Botan," the fox thought, rising to his feet. "I can't win while anger and hatred are in my heart." A small smile spread across his lips. "Love…is much more powerful."

"No one's invincible," Yusuke's words replayed in Kurama's mind. "But when you're fighting to protect someone who you care about, you can become stronger than you ever thought possible."

Kurama looked back to where Botan lay. "Botan…" Kurama said. He glanced at his mother. Her body was still hovering above the ground. "Mother…I'll fight to protect you….both…"

Daremo ga jibun to tatekau soldier

Kurushimi fumikoe ashita wo sagasu

Soldier of love

Everyone is a soldier, whose battling with themselves

Overcoming pain, searching for tomorrow

Soldier of love

Aa nemurazu ni nayanda uoake ni

Aa umareta yo atarashii jibun

From out of a sleepless, worried dawn

A new me is born

Sagashi snickered softly, "Taking one glance at this world, are you? Because you know, you'll never see it again." The hunter got into a fighting stance.

"You say love is a weakness and is pointless, but…" The fox paused. "…you're wrong. It's more powerful than anything else." Kurama stepped forward toward Sagashi.

"Don't make me laugh," The bounty hunter replied. "Love makes you weak. If you care for someone, they'll slow you down. Making you always have to protect them. Not allowing you to use your full power. You'll never reach your true strength with someone hanging around needing your protection."

"No," Kurama argued," You are wrong." He placed his hand on his chest. "Knowing someone loves you makes you strong. There will always be someone to cheer you on even in the toughest times. Always someone to lead out their hand when you need them the most."

"I know your weakness." Sagashi took a step back. Kurama straightened his arm out and pointed his index finger at the demon. "Your Achilles' Heel is MY strength!"


Kurama took a few steps. Sagashi took another step back. He seemed to be somewhat frightened of the boy's sudden confidence. Sweat dripped down his forehead.

"You don't understand love. You can't read an emotion you don't even know the meaning of. You cannot beat me!"

The fox took yet another step closer to the hunter." Being able to love something makes you stronger than you were before."

"Love is unpredictable. You can't 'read' it. A mother jumps into a river to save her drowning child even through she can't swim. A lover pushes their love out of the way of a car coming crashing towards them even through they know it's certain death." Kurama said.

Korowai kara noboru asahi

Ore no mune ni hirogaru

The morning sun rises from darkness

Spreading in my heart

Anata wo mamotte tatan soldier

Ai koso kiseki wo umidasu chikara

Soldier of love

I'm fighting to protect you

Love has the power to give birth to miracles

Soldier of love

"You cannot beat me!" The fox cried. "Love has the power to make miracles!"

Kurama drew a bright red rose from his long scarlet hair. The rose was beautiful. It's petals glittered in the yellow moonlight. "Do you know what a red rose symbolizes?" The fox asked. "A red rose is a symbol of love."

Kurama manifested his Spiritual energy into the rose, transforming it into a jagged thorn like whip. "I will beat you with the power of love."

"No…" Sagashi whispered under his breathe."

Kurama charged towards the hunter. He threw the long whip he held over his shoulder and brought it down on his enemy. "You won't be able to anticipate this attack!" The sharp thorns cut though Sagashi's flesh as easy as a knife cuts through warm butter. The demon was instantly cut it half. A dark cry of pain echoed through the forest. Birds flew out from the trees where they had been roasting, squawking loudly.

The hunter's sliced and diced dead body fell to the ground in a puddle of deep red blood. The liquid soon surrounded and consumed the body, drenching it.

Kurama closed his eyes, then reopened them. He sighed. I did it…The red head boy turned his gaze down upon the unconscious ferry girl. "Thank you…Botan…"

Daremo ga jibun to tatekau soldier

Kurushimi norikoe ashita

Everyone is a soldier, whose battling with themselves

Overcoming tomorrow's pain

Anata wo mamotte tatan soldier

Ai koso kiseki wo umidasu chikara

I'm a soldier

I'm fighting to protect you

Love has the power to give birth to miracles

I'm a soldier


Dim rays of sunlight leaked through the blinds of an enclosed room, shinning down upon a sleeping women. She laid unmoving on a soft bed. Her head rested on a fluffy pillow, while the rest of her was covered by a blue blanket.

The woman blinked her eyes, fluttering them open. She starred up at the ceiling, a soft glow illuminated off the white paint. "Welcome back, mother," a kind voice softly whispered. The voice came from beside the woman. Shiori turned to her right to face her son, Shuichi. His gentle smile greeted her. The boy sat in an arm chair placed beside her bed.

Shiori reached her hand out. Kurama grasped it firmly in his. "What happened….?" the woman asked, confusion in her voice. "I remember some strange man approached me. He said he knew you, Shuichi." The woman hesitated. "He-he told me he planed to kill you!" Her eyes filled with horror and she tighten her grip on the boy's hand, giving it a squeeze. "But…he called you by a different name….What was it…?"

The fox closed his eyes, lowering his head. He gave his mother's hand a slight squeeze in return. "It's all right now. It must have been a bad dream." He reopened his eyes, and raised his head, giving the woman a small smile. "I'm fine, you see? Everything is all right."

The middle aged woman nodded, "yes." She refocused her gaze to the ceiling, smiling contently. "But how'd I get here?" She glanced at the boy suspiciously.

The question caught the fox off guard for a moment. But his face shown no sign of distress. "When I came home I found you lying on the floor. You were unconscious so I brought you to your room. You must have collapsed from fatigue." he explained.

"Oh…thank you, Shuichi."

The boy smiled, "You should get some rest. I'll leave you for now." Shiori nodded. The fox released his grasp on her hand placing it on her chest. He got up out of his chair and moved it back to its rightful spot under a desk. The woman watched him walk out of the room. He quietly shut the door behind him. A small smile graced the woman's lips as she closed her eyes, to get some rest. Thank you…Kurama…


Kurama walked through the house to the front door. He opened the door and strolled out. The fox's sensitive nose smelled the moisture in the air. Kurama looked up at the sky. Dark clouds hung in the gloomy ocean above.

"Is she doing any better?" asked a familiar feminine voice. The fox turned to the voice. A blue haired girl starred back at him, leaning against the wall of the house.

"Yes," Kurama replied. "She's resting now."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Botan exclaimed. Kurama smiled gently at her. The deity walked over to the boy, taking a few steps pass him.

"Thank you," The fox whispered softly.

"Huh?" Botan asked turning her head slightly to look upon the boy, confusion was in her voice. Kurama shook his head. Then turned back around and glanced up at the dark sky.

Without you, I could have never won…

A small drop of a wet liquid fell on the blue haired girl's cheek. She gasped as more tiny wet droplets fell from the sky. "It's starting to rain…" the girl said holding her hands out as if to catch the rain, looking up at the sky above. Her expression became sad. "But," she began, "it's almost as if the sky is crying…How sad…"

"No," Kurama whispered in the girl's ear. The boy wrapped his arms around the fiery girl's slender waist, embracing her from behind. Her eyes widened as the shock of his movement hit her. "…they're tears of joy."

"Yes," Botan replied leaning back into his embrace, placing her head somewhat on his chest. She closed her eyes. Kurama placed his chin on her shoulder, bending slightly, holding her tightly. The boy closed his eyes as well, a small smile spread across his face.

Rainwater fell from the cloud filled sky harder, now soaking the two. They didn't seem to mind though. The rain seemed gentle as if a loving touch was soothing it.

Without you, Botan…I would be lost if your love wasn't protecting me…

The End

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