"Truth Be Told"

NC-17 - Because of Sexual Content.

Summary: What if after Something Blue, Willow performed the "Truth Spell" but backfired? The spell effected not only Spike, but on Buffy as well? Totally Spuffy. I made it so that the events were the way I would have wanted it...hehe, Spuffy for lyfe! Yay!!! ((Smut involved))

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Spike was sitting in a wooden chair in Giles living room, waiting for Buffy to finish tying him up with rope. They were the only two in the house, at the moment. Giles and Willow were out getting things from the Magic Shop for the spell while Xander and Anya were doing what they do best. Making sweet love to each other over and over and over and over, Spike out of the blue started up a conversation.

"Er- Slayer?"

Buffy sighed. He just doesn't shut up does he? "What Spike?" she said pulling on the ropes harder.

"When do I get my mug of blood pet? I'm starvin' and pretty soon you'll be talking to a dead corpse."

Buffy looked at him with daggers in her eyes. "Like your not already dead?"

"I was metaphorically speaking luv. Now c'mon I'm hungry!"

"Shut up already. God for someone's who dead you sure are annoying."

"Well if I'm not gonna' eat, could you at least turn on the telly? Passions will be on soon."

"Umm, let me think about it" Buffy put her face a few inches in front of Spikes. "Mmm. No." She smiled.

"What?! Does no one in this would enjoy the wonders of Soap Operas?! Bloody Hell!"

It was silent for a few minutes but a certain blonde just wanted to irritate the hell out of Buffy. Just for the fun of it. There was nothing else to do anyway.

"Buffy." The slayer just finished tying the last knot and from behind Spike, sighed and asked irritably 'What?'

"When we kissed. I'm bloody sure I didn't like it but I bet you loved kissin dear ol' Spike hmmm?"


"Oh C'mon Slayer...You can't deny you didn't like kissin' Papa. Who could resist me?" Spike wiggled his eyebrow.

"Oh my God." Buffy sighed. "I didn't like it anymore then you did. It was the stupid spell. And I know you want this." Buffy pointed to herself.

Spike stared and admired openly, his imagination taking him places…particularly to a place where her hands were creeping up his legs, working their way up, massaging his--- Spike, stopped himself before he got carried away. "Yea. I wouldn't mind havin' that..."

Buffy nodded triumphantly. "See? I told you, you couldn't resist--" Buffy didn't get to finish her speech, Spike had cut her off.

"For a snack." Spike added, laughing. Buffy was shocked. Rejected by the evil undead?

"Ohhhh! Your a dumbass!"

"Oh! Nasty comments. I'm terribly 'urt." Spike smiled. If he couldn't hurt her because of this stupid chip stuck up his brain, he could have a little fun couldn't he? Of course he could...

"Well luv, you were the one kissing this dumbass. And bloody enjoying every minute of it. Want some more hmm Slayer? God knows you need a good lay."

Buffy's face turned red. She stalked off into the nearest room and closed the door. Spike sitting alone in the room now wanted some company in the room. So he just thought of his favorite Slayer. She was everything to him. Of course he wouldn't let her or the Scoobies know. Never in hell! He didn't know when or how the hell it happened, he just knew that it did. Lately, the Slayer was all he could think about.

How her small lean body promised strength in places he only dreamed of. How her legs would pull him closer as he shoved all of himself inside her…

"Oww!" Spike's thoughts were interrupted by a rather frustratingly tightness in his pants. "Buffy! You better come out here and untie me…" There was no answer. "Please?" Seconds later, he knew she wasn't going to be coming anytime soon. Frustrated, he thought about Xander. His erection immediately went down. "I feel more relaxed now."

In the Next Room

Buffy was lying down in the guest room's bed talking to herself. "Ok Buffy. You didn't enjoy kissing that stupid overdone blonde dead guy. You don't enjoy looking into his beautiful blue eyes. You don't enjoy being held in those strong arms, and you sure as hell don't like his stupid Bad Boy look that makes him look soooo hott." Buffy felt a strange warm feeling inside of her. Oh my God She thought. I'm getting wet down there and the cause is Spike??! Buffy pulled down her pants and thong and stuck two fingers inside of her. She moaned and arched her back, "Spiiiiiike!"

Back in the Parlor (Living Room)

Spike smelled arousal. He knew it probably wasn't from him. Is it Buffy?! Spike became quiet and he listened for any noise in the house. 'Ohhhhhh...Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!' There! He heard it. From Buffy's soft cherry lips! Smiling stupidly to himself his ego shot up a few couple points. Yup. Knew she couldn't resist me.

"Buffy!" He yelled. He became quiet. 'Ohhhhh, what! I can't do anything in private now?' He heard her saying to herself.

"Buffy!" He yelled again. This time she answered. "I'm coming!"

Hmm. Wonder if she's coming? or if she's cumming? Spike grinned. The guest room door opened and Buffy's hair was slight messy. Buffy had the sex-kitten look going on and Spike was enjoying it.

"What Spike?" Buffy asked him in a cold voice. It had better be good. I was having me- time.

"Buffy. I need to use the bathroom." Buffy thought about it and before she could say anything the front door clicked and someone was coming in.

Spike turned to the door and Giles and Willow came in. Bollucks! Spike thought. Just when he was going to release himself.

Buffy chirped up. Happy to see her friends. Any distraction was better then her sex feelings for Spike. The thought was wiggin her out. How could she possibly have lustful feelings for Spike? "Hey Wills! Giles! Did you get the stuff we need for the Truth Spell?"

Giles with book in hand answered "Uh- yes Buffy we have all the items and I assume Spike was no trouble then hmm?"

"Oh Giles don't worry. He was ok. Except for the being himself part which was a big pain in my ass, but hey, nothing new."

"Slayer, I heard that. And at least I'm not as big a pain in the ass then you are."

Willow walked over to the floor and picked up the Persian rug Giles had and folded it nicely and placed it on the couch.

"Wills?" Buffy asked "Whatcha doin?"

"I'm a- setting up for the spell." She said placing white candles in a triangle.

"Okey dokeys." Buffy was standing next to Spike, while Giles was standing in his kitchen drinking some light scotch. About 10 minutes later she told everyone to be quiet and that she was ready. Soon, she began to chant.

"Powers that Be.
Wind, water, earth, and fire.
No more lies, Hear no lies, Speaketh no lies.
Truth Be Told.
Jayaki Rey Furuci Tha.
Jayaki Rey Furuci Tha.
Jayaki Rey Furuci Tha."

And Willow threw a handful of dust in front of her and began to chant again.

"Powers that Be.
Wind, water, earth, and fire.
No more lies, Hear no lies, Speaketh no lies.
Truth Be Told.
Jayaki Rey Furuci Tha.
Jayaki Rey Furuci Tha.
Jayaki Rey Furuci Tha.
So Mote It Be."

Suddenly a bluish light came in from no where and struck both Buffy and Spike knocking them both to the ground. "Bloody Hell witch! What did you do to me?"

Willow ignored the comment and ran over to Buffy, as did Giles. "Buffy are you ok?" Buffy wanted to say fine but she couldn't and said "No" instead.

From behind them, still tied up to a chair, Spike called "Erm, I know I'm spose to be bad and all, but is no one going to help me?"

Giles went over to Spike and helped Spike up. He then turned to Willow. "Did the Spell work?"

Stuttering she answered "I-I don't know. Why don't you ask Spike a question?"

"Uh- right." Giles looked to Spike.



"Do you want to bite Buffy?"

Spike opened his mouth to say 'What do you think? Of course!' But he couldn't. His mouth kept opening, but he couldn't speak. Then quietly he answered. "No."

"No? What were you going to say?"

"I was going to say What do you think? Of course I would bite that stupid bint's throat."

Buffy stood up. "Willow. I don't think he would lie about that. I think it worked." Buffy smiled uneasily.

Willow nodded. "But why'd the light hit you?"

"I don't know. Maybe because I was standing next to Spike or something."

Spike was listening to their conversation, when he asked the Slayer "So, do you think you can't tell lies either?" He bloody well hoped so.

"Umm, I don't know. Ask me a question." Buffy changed her mind. "No. Willow, ask me a question." Spike groaned. Stupid Buffy doesn't trust me? Grrrr...

Willow thought about it and then told Buffy to try and lie about this next question. Buffy said ok and Willow asked her question and smiled. Buffy became nervous. The only time Willow would smile like that was if she were up to no good, or if she were guilty about something.

"Do you think Spike's hot?"

Spike looked up from the ground and silently in his mind was saying You rock Witch! He was waiting for her answer.

Buffy just stared at the red-head. She tried to say No, but just like Spike, her mouth was moving but no sound was coming out. Trying to fight the truth she blurted "He's not-that-great-maybe-just-a-little-okay-maybe-a lot-oh-alright-he's-really-good-looking."

Everyone was shocked by her answer. Even Willow, thought she would say no, and was just having some fun. Spike smiled at the lot. "Well, well, Slayer. That probably explains why you went into the bedroom earlier."

Buffy's face turned bright red, and gave Spike her most dangerous look that said 'Oh-My-God-I-Am-So-Gonna-Kill-You!!!!'

Trying to lie her way out, found out she couldn't. Stupid spell. The one time I really, really need to lie, and I can't. Life sucks.

Willow and Giles tried to keep away their funny looks, but had a hard time doing so.

Buffy whined "What, It's not like you guys haven't done anything like that before." Then she faced her mortal enemy. Her hot, mortal enemy. She smiled. He frowned. "Buffy?"

"Well, you had your fun, let me have mine. Why did you want to use the bathroom earlier? Was it because of that lump inside of your pants trying to breathe for air and you just had to let yourself go? I wonder what the other vamps will say when they hear you've got the hots for the Slayer?"

"Why you little Bit-"

Buffy waved her finger. "Oh no you don't" cutting him off "Swearing is a sin." Buffy smiled.

She then turned around to face Giles and Willow. Um, do you think you two could go? I would like to ask Spike a few questions.

Giles with an uncertain look on his face asked Buffy "Do you think that's wise? I mean-"

"Don't worry Giles. I'll be fine. Go on, go have a cup of coffee or something with Willow."

Willow liked the sound of coffee. Anything was better then accepting the facts that her best friend has the hots for another vampire. "Giles. We're leaving. NOW!"

Giles shocked a bit by Willow's commanding voice answered "Alright, Alright. Buffy be careful." Giles grabbed his cost and escorted Willow out the door, and then closing it himself. Buffy and Spike were once again by themselves.

Buffy jumped into the couch, lying down and facing Spike. "Hello Spike."

Spike groaned. "What the bloody hell do you want now?"

"I just wanna ask ya' a few questions..."

"Better not be some stupid questions Slayer, because when I get untied I'm gonna-"

"Do what? You just admitted you wouldn't bite me. So I don't think you would kill me. What are you gonna do Spikey? Scold me to death? Oh-no! I'm shivering from fear." Buffy laughed.

"Yea and what about you. What do you wanna do to me?" Spike grinned at that, when Buffy's face became blank.

"You wanna see what a real monster I am? In bed?" Spike licked his lips. Darting out his tongue, making Buffy hot.

Buffy unable to lie answered "Oh yes."

"Yea pet. I heard you in the other room." Mimicking her he continued "Ohhhhhhh Spiiiiiiiiiike!" He grinned some more.

Buffy started to get up. Spike keeping his hungry eyes on her asked her "Pet, what are you doing?"

"Untying you."

"Heh. Why?"

"Oh you stupid. So that you can back up what you said. You think your good in bed. Prove it. I know I am."

Spike was shocked to hear what Buffy was proposing. Spike's cock became hard.

Buffy quickly untied him and Spike feeling the looseness of the ropes turned around to face her. Keeping her in his grip hr brought his head down to satisfy his hunger with a long and passionate kiss. His tongue entered Buffy's mouth and was caressing her tongue with his. Slowly he guided her to the guest bedroom, and pushed her on to the bed. Buffy lying down, Spike on top of her now, started to unbutton her top, Buffy pulled her head up and began to kiss Spike again. Spike now finished with the shirt started to un-strap her bra. Bloody hell, mate. You got lucky. Spike grinned. "To hell with this" he said out loud, and ripped the black lace off her. Buffy looked at him and gave him a mischievous smile.

"Not fair I'm half naked and your not. Lets see how much of a big boy you say you are."

With her slayer strength, she ripped off his tight black pants. "Bloody hell woman."

"You are bad. No undies?" Buffy giggled. Then her attention was brought to how big he was. She thought a good, hard 8 or 9 inches.

"C'mon luv. Show me what you got." With that Buffy brought her head down & opened her mouth and enveloped his cock. Her glossy red lips slid up and down his shaft. She darted her tongue in and out, teasing him just a little. Spike stared at the golden beauty.

Cor, she has skills with that pink lil' tongue of hers. She stopped what she was doing and stood up, caressing her breast.

"You want this body?" she asked, cupping her pink nipples.

"Yes," said a rather breathless Spike.

She pulled down her pants and was standing in front of Spike, completely naked. Spike eyed her up and down.

"Are you just gonna stand there and oogle my goodies, or are you gonna show a girl a good time?"

That was it. She unleashed his monster, and he pushed her on the bed, smile on face, and thrust his big cock deep into her wet cunt. She moaned with pleasure. Pumping in and out making her yell his name "Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike!" It was only a few moments later where they both arrived and they felt calm for a few seconds. They continued for another 3 hours when Xander walked through the front door with Anya by his side.

"Hmm. It's unlocked. I wonder if Giles and Willow are finish doing the spell yet."

Anya heard noises. She instantly knew what they were.

"Xander. I do believe someone is in here."

Xander walked towards the room. And opened the door. Big mistake.

Buffy and Spike looked at their interrupter, Buffy flashing an uneasy smile, said calmly "Hey Xand."

But Spike, not to forgiving yelled in anger. "We're a bit busy you stupid ponce! And didn't your mother ever teach you to knock?"

"Oh my God!" Xander fainted on the spot. Anya rushed to his side, but before that said in her normal voice, acting like it was no big thing told them "Continue what you are doing. But be a bit quiet please. I'm going to try and revive my boyfriend." She closed the door on them. And a few seconds later heard them getting back to 'work'.

I heard vampires can keep it up forever. Lucky for her. Anya thought. The slayer always gets everything. She looked at her boyfriend. This will do, I guess. She smiled and went into the kitchen to get some ice.

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