Buffy could not believe that she and--Spike and her--had… "Oh my God. Xander, what the hell was I thinking? Was I even thinking at all?" Buffy held her head in her hands, her fingers practically clawing through her hair. She was going to kill him. Simple. Stake, heart, poof! Buffy shook her head. She couldn't kill him. They needed him to know more about where or what or who those commando trooper people were.

"You're not going to tell Giles are you?" Buffy asked, wide eyed.

"Tell me what?" Giles and Willow came strolling into the living room just then, back apparently from their cup of coffee.

"Spike and Buffy just boinked. But she doesn't want you to know cause she thinks you'll freak." Everyone just looked at Anya. "What?" She asked innocently, shrugging her shoulders.

"Wait a minute. You and Spike…Buffy are you out of your mind?!" Giles was freaking.

"Thank you Anya. This is exactly what I was trying to prevent…" Buffy stood up, and paced. "Look. Alright. I have lustful feelings. But everyone has them right. I mean Anya and Xander, you have them all the time. And well, as a slayer, I do build up frustration and--I'm an adult now Giles, I can boink whoever I want to. And hey! Remember, you had lustful feelings for my mother, but you don't see me yelling at you."

"That was a spell Buffy---"

"And so was this. If it wasn't for that stupid truth spell, he wouldn't have known. And…it doesn't matter now. Lust is just lust. It's gone now. No more lusty Buffy." Buffy put up a hand, interrupting whatever it was that Giles was going to say. "I'm going to patrol now. And you can't stop me, be-because I'm an adult. Adults do whatever they want to. Okay bye." Grabbing her coat Buffy quickly left. Her cheeks hot with embarrassment.

"What the hell was she just rambling about?" A very naked Spike walked out of the bedroom just then. It seemed, everyone had forgotten about him for the time being.

"Spike! He's not tied up."

"Apparently, ropes aren't the only thing that's missing." Anya commented appreciatively.

Giles frustrated, yelled at Spike to put some clothes on. He was still dealing with Buffy's outburst. How could she have been so reckless? "Spike, I think you've overstayed your welcome." He yelled to Spike as he walked back into the bedroom.

Spike from the bedroom yelled back a response. "Are you kicking me out watcher? Just because I shagged your Slayer?" Spike bit his lip. God, was she wonderful though. Remembering the heated encounter he closed his eyes, Her hot lips trailed down his chest and stomach, her hands caressing his member. The strength in her hands…god, she was magnificent. Spike was suddenly falling onto the bed after his face with an apparently angry fist.

"Get out." Giles could hardly contain his anger.

"Bloody 'Ell Rupert. No need for violence." Putting up his hands in defense, he apologized. "Now, don't stake me or anything…but," Spike lifted up his torn leather pants, a worried expression etched on his face, "do you have a pair of pants I could borrow?"


The vampire hit the gravestone with a painful thud, Buffy not giving him anytime to recover grabbed him by the collar and staked him in the heart. Turning around she did a high kick to the vampire behind her, following with a round house to the back, he fell dumbly onto a splinter in the tree behind him, poofing into a could of dust seconds later. The last vampire lunged towards her, fangs in for the kill, his body knocked hers down to the ground and he was on top of her pinning her down.

"I've always wanted to taste a Slayer."

"Sorry, but I'm getting really tired of vampires coming on to me." Shoving him off violently, Buffy jumped to her feet, trading blows with the vampire before finally staking him.

Someone clapped behind her. "Well done luv. Although, I am sort of disappointed in myself that your still standing after our session."
Buffy so did not want to deal with him. "You know Spike, that whole clapping thing. It's getting old."

"Testy are we?" Spike teased, walking closer.

"Look, Spike. What happened back there, it was just a spell---"

"I care to differ pet. The spell made you speak the truth. You want me. Admit it."

"Alright, okay so I want you. But it doesn't mean anything. Now go away."

Spike was suddenly right in front of her. His body touching hers, he bent his head and breathed softly on her neck. Buffy felt her body weaken. She shoved him away, "Spike stop it! This is wrong. I hate you. You hate me. People who hate each other don't do this."

Spike looked down, "I don't hate you Buffy. I mean I do, but I don't…It's complicated, can we shag now?"

Buffy looked at him and immediately felt disgust. "No. It will never happen again. Whatever I felt for you, wherever the hell my mind went, it's here now. You're a vampire."

"So was Angel."

"He had a soul! You. You're immoral, depraved, wicked. Thinking back on what we did, I only feel disgust."

Spike felt himself boiling. He knew she felt something. He could smell it. Why was she denying it so much? "Buffy, I'm not asking for your heart. But there's a side of you that wants to take a ride on the wicked side. I can show you how good darkness feels." Spike smiled slyly, he thrusted his hips and held her in place while he grinded on her. Buffy immediately became wet and she let out a soft moan. Gathering her senses she looked around and pulled on Spike's arm. Walking quickly she led him to an old crypt nearby and pushed him inside. "Look, let's just get one thing clear. I. Hate. You."

"And I want you." Spike grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into a hot and searing kiss. Buffy tried to fight but to his surprise she quickly gave in. Her tongue and his dancing in a passionate tango. His hands fondled the top of her buttons and soon after he had her pants at her ankles. Dropping to his knees slowly, he placed Buffy on her back, the cold cement beneath her causing her to arch. His hands traced down from her stomach to her vagina and teased Buffy's wet sex. He glanced at her and smirked, her eyes were closed and her mouth shaped like an 'O'. He became harder immediately. Spike chose that moment to shove two fingers deep inside her, sliding in and out, in and out, her wet juices covering his fingers. Biting his lip, he shoved in one more finger and she moaned out his name. He played with her clit and bit down on her inner thigh, Buffy's nails raking his back. Her eyes still closed she didn't see him undoing his own pants, his swollen cock immediately coming out, relieved to be released from its prison. "Do you want more Slayer…?"

"Oh God yes…"

Spike licked his lips at the sight of the writhing Slayer. She was playing with her breasts, her nipples hard and peeking through the flimsy shirt she was wearing. Her hips were thrusting, upwards towards Spike…

"Beg for it. I want to hear you beg."

"Please, Spike…I want you, all of you."
"You want me to what?" Spike said, his hand moving quicker and quicker inside of her. Her breathing was becoming unsteady and Spike was enjoying every minute of it.

Buffy opened her eyes just then and grabbed him. Spike was amused by her assertiveness, and let her have her way with him. Buffy threw him to the ground, straddling him. "Tables are turned Spike." Grabbing his cock she started to stroke it, long hard strokes, she teasingly played with the tip, his pre-cum oozing out. Buffy bent her head to lick it, her eyes seductively watching him the whole time. Her tongue traced circles and Spike not being able to handle the teasing any longer grabbed her head and shoved her down his member, her mouth taking it whole. Buffy playfully cupped his balls in her hand and caressed. Spike let go of her and held on to her shoulders. Getting up Buffy smiled innocently before sitting down hard on top of him, shoving his member deep inside of her, she moaned loudly and Spike grabbed her by the shoulders. Damned if he was going to let her have all the fun. Putting Buffy on her back again he roughly thrust inside and out of her, holding her legs on his shoulders. Buffy moved to his rhythm. Slow at first and then, Fast, Faster, Faster.. Spike, feeling himself reaching his brink, he changed, and sank his fangs into Buffy's neck. Buffy's eyes flew open, and suddenly she was in some sort of unnatural bliss. All she could feel was Spike spilling into her, and her legs tightened in response. Buffy grabbed onto Spike's hips as she felt herself cumming, and screamed.

Buffy woke up with a start. Sweat beaded on her forehead. Was I dreaming this whole thing? I must have, I mean…Sex with Spike? Could never happen right? Just then Spike sat up, and smirked. "Good dream I'd wager…by the looks, sound and--smell of it." Spike laughed softly as he traced Buffy's arms, sending tingles down to a very already wet part of her body.

"Spike? Did we--"

"Yea. After the truth spell, you and I came in here for a little one on one session. And by God, Buffy, you are amazing…"

"So…the sex in the cemetery…it was a dream?" Buffy asked dazed.

Spike kissed his slayer lightly on the neck, "You had a sex dream of me?"

Buffy didn't know how to respond to that. She didn't know what was going on to make her want Spike so much. She didn't know if it was a spell, or reality and quite frankly she didn't care. All she knew, was that a very naked Spike was lying in bed with her and she was very wet and very horny. Devilish grin on her face, her green eyes sparkled mischievously in the dim lighting of the room. "Ready for round two?"