I apologise that I didn't write this before, it slipped my mind. I am not male. I have no brothers; in fact, I'm an only child. I think its safe to say my name isn't Larry or Andy Wachowski so I don't own anything. Which is a shame, cus I wouldn't mind being on set every day with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss!


The machine hid in the shadows of the pilot cabin, watching the scene play out in front of her. Her nephew, Rama, had asked her to watch over Neo and his lady. Rama-Kandra had had the good fortune of meeting the man in the train station whilst trying to save his daughter, Sati, and had said if he did eventually to come to Zero-One, to look after him and the one he cared for. Now the lady was lying on the floor in great pain, several metal rods sticking out of her, whilst her man stood over her, desperately trying to cling on to what little life still resided in her body. Lara had to help, but knew from what Rama had told her that Neo had a job to do, and disturbing them now would stop Neo from accomplishing that. She knew herself that her world was in great danger, even if Lara didn't believe that this Neo could stop it, she did have emotions*, and seeing the despair in front of her was almost unbearable.

She sent one of her micro-daughters to the dying woman to collect a sample of her blood. When Lara would be able to treat her, she would need some blood transfusions. Her brother, Charlie, had gone to the power plant to collect the much needed substance, leaving her free to make a move on the woman once Neo left, which surely would be only after her heart stopped. Lara only hoped that he didn't stay too long after it happened, as that would complicate matters of reviving her.

She waited patiently in the darkness, ready to act at the first opportunity.


She looked at his face, and all she could see was utter despair. She knew she wasn't going to last long, and she had to say what she needed to before she left. She only hoped she could live long enough to tell him.

"You gave me my wish. One more chance to say what I really wanted to say..."

She looked at his face again, seeing the hopelessness there again, and said what she knew would be her final words.

"Kiss me, once more. Kiss me."

She felt his lips on hers, pure emotion poring from them. then nothing. Blackness. An absence of everything. She wished Neo the best of luck, knowing how almost helpless he would feel without her. She placed a kissed on his cheek, but knew he would never feel it. She also knew one other thing. The feeling she felt was one she had had once before. She had expected to see whiteness, a bright light at the end of the tunnel. At the least, she expected everything to stop, for everything to cease.

But no, it didn't. The feeling she was experiencing was the same one she had experienced on the rooftop after she had been shot. It was a feeling of floating in nothingness, an absence from her body. It was the feeling of only being temporarily parted from physical self.


* This will be explained in later chapters. Just think about Rama-Kandra and his family. They showed emotions, and I have a perfectly reasonable explanation, which I shall, as I said, put in a later chapter.