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"Zion control, this is the Aleda upon approach."

"Okay, Aleda crew, I've been ordered to hand over control to the councilor, so if you maintain present velocity towards gate four, and proceed to bay nine, and ten if needed, the councilor will see you there. Gate four open and ready. Zion control out."

The smallest of the gates at Zion opened, revealing the Dock. It was deserted of all people, although debris and partially reconstructed ships still littered the ground. Morpheus was actually quite pleased with Councilor Hamann; he had done exactly as Morpheus had requested. The Dock had been cleared of all personnel, including the control officers, who would most likely be the first to notice that the Logos was brought home. Just like any city in the matrix, Zion had a tendency for rumors to spread through it like wild fire. Everyone would have known they were back in 10 seconds flat if there was anyone around, so Morpheus was grateful that Hamann had taken the request to that extreme.

The intercom light blinked again, signaling they had another call. It was answered.

"Aleda crew, this is Councilor Hamann, did you find the Logos?"

"We have brought the Logos with us, councilor, but may we talk about this when we've landed."

"Yes, sorry Morpheus."

"Oh, and there is something you need to know. We have brought seven, er, friends with us, and they are harmless. They are here to help us."

"I don't entirely understand what you are saying, but understood. I'm sure I will find out soon. Welcome back." Hamann said, smiling as his ship made its way through the gate, a second, slightly larger one, just behind it.

The Aleda was the first to land. Morpheus stepped out of the ship, and made his way to Hamann. Hamann was about to inquire about the journey, when his eyes slipped to the entrance of his ship, where another figure had just appeared. Even in the dim light, Hamann could see the metallic sheen that the figure had, and knew what had just come out of his ship.


Morpheus turned to see what had caught the councilor's attention.

"Remember what I just told you. I would not bring anything here if they were a danger to us."

The councilor nodded in silent agreement, as he seemed to have lost his voice. He prayed that he could have the same faith as the man in front of him as the figure approached them.

It- no, she held out a metal hand in a gesture of good will. Hamann hesitantly took her hand and shook it. Her shake was surprisingly gentle, not rough and commanding, as he would have expected.

"Hello, Councilor. It's good to meet you. I have heard many good things about you." She said, her voice slightly machine sounding.

She turned back to the ship she had come out of, and disappeared into the darkness onboard, only to return a little while later, this time not alone. But the second person wasn't a machine; it was a human. The machine held her arm out for support as the second figure held on, a third person appearing just behind them.

Hamann gasped in surprise, as he recognized the two figures.

"Oh, my- Neo? Trinity?"

*Morpheus, unable to hide the smile that had appeared on his face, continued his explanation.

"Councilor. Lara, the machine, is a doctor. From what I have heard, she and her brother revived them, and brought them back to health. I think we could continue inside."

Hamann was only half listening. He could see the figures very well now, and could see that it was Trinity Lara was supporting. She seemed to have very little energy, and looked to be in some pain, as they made their way forward. He looked at Neo. He seemed to be more able to walk, but still held onto Lara's shoulder. He seemed to be having a discussion with Trinity, asking why about something. Hamann could see there was something wrong with the skin around the man's eyes, but as they made their way closer, he saw that the area was raw, burned. He was shocked to look into the savior's eyes, and see that they were milky white, instead of their original deep, dark brown.

As the trio drew ever closer, moving at what seemed to be an agonizingly slow pace to Hamann, he could catch some of what was being said between the two lovers.

"Trin, I need to know."

"No you don't. It's not important. Managing to save this place is, you have already paid your debt to it." She said calmly, but with some force evident in her voice.

"Trinity. I know something is wrong. You stopped it from transmitting as soon as you saw outside. I can here it in your voice, in your actions. Please, let me know."

Trinity gave a little sigh, and moved her positioning so she could reach round the back of Neo's head.

"Sorry." she whispered, as her free hand moved up behind his head, and fumbled with something.

Hamann was unprepared when he received the greatest shock of all. Even greater than seeing a machine give a gesture of good will.

Before his very own eyes, Neo's eyes changed. The milky white iris's changed into their original brown colour in a matter of milliseconds.

Neo gasped as his eyes became focused, and he turned his head around, looking at the Dock for the first time. He finally focused on the councilor, and tried to pay his respect, but he seemed unable to. They both were in shock.

Unnoticed until then, a seventh person joined the group. He looked like a male version of the female machine. Morpheus introduced him as Charlie, and led the party inside towards the Councilors office, leaving the Dock clear once more.


"Councilor, may the Dock be still restricted of all people. Even the sight of the two ships, especially the logos…" Morpheus started when the party were safe in the office.

"Yes, I anticipated that sort of reaction. The Dock is restricted for a further 11 hours." The Councilor said, having only just seemed to overcome the effect of the shock.

They stood there in silence for a few minutes, until Neo and Trinity felt the need to sit down. This seemed to shake Hamann out of the trance he was in as he sad down also, and he started to ask the questions that had been boiling in his mind.

"How…? What…? How did…?"

Hamann took a deep breath, and started with the first thing that came into his mind. "What just happened with your eyes?"

Both Neo and Trinity hesitated, and seemed to be unsure of how to answer the question. The answer came, however, from Charlie, the male machine.

"Neo's eyes were damaged some time on his journey to our city. I will leave it for him to tell you the circumstances, but they were severely damaged, and I had to replace them. What you saw was the system being turned on. The iris is designed to change colour if it is not operational."

Hamann seemed to accept the explanation.

"How did you survive the journey, when no one else has?"

There was silence. Neo started in a low, barely audible voice, but everyone heard.

"We did not all exactly survive the journey." He looked at Trinity again.

"We had to go up through the clouds to avoid the defense system in the end. The conditions stopped the machines, but it also killed the engines in the Logos." Neo stopped, unable to relive what had happened next. He could see the great and friendly Councilor, looking at him earnestly. He could see his captain, worry and guilt plainly imprinted on his face; the captain of the ship he had used, and almost destroyed, giving an almost identical expression.

Trinity took the burden off him. "We began to fall. I only managed to start the engines again when it was too late. The ship crashed into a machine structure, and I was impaled. I died a few minutes later." she stopped, and gripped Neo's hand. Tears had appeared in his eyes.

"The sky was so beautiful," she started, looking directly at Morpheus.

"What happened, er, after…?" Hamann said carefully.

"I went to make a deal with the Deux Ex Machina. I destroy Smith, in exchange for peace."

"So that's why the sentinels stopped their attack, and waited," Morpheus said, reality falling back into place. "Because they had orders not to destroy us, if you won."

Revelation became apparent in the Captain's eyes now, as he realized what he just said.

"You destroyed Smith!?" he half stated, half questioned.

"In a way. It was almost an equal sided battle, but he started to get the better of me, and I was tiring. I then remembered what the Oracle had told me on my last visit, and understood." Neo left out the fact he realized who the original host of the Smith he fought was, knowing that no one would come to terms with it, except Trinity, who had already be told.

"Smith and I are opposites. We balance an equation of power. In order to destroy him, he must be balanced, and so must I. He took me over, and then I ended it. What I believe now is, that it took all of my power to do so, but where as he is a program, a virus at most, I am human. Destroying Smith completely took almost all the energy out of me, but it left enough for me to be revived. Just."

"It was a hard task to revive him, but we realized what was needed in the end, and as you can see, we were successful." The male machine stated, looking at his metallic partner.

The others didn't miss the way Neo and Trinity looked at each other when this was said, especially Morpheus, and it was easy to guess what was missing from Neo's heart.

"When you say it took almost all of your energy, of your power to destroy his, does that mean that it took your power as The One out of you?" the Councilor questioned.

Niobe and Morpheus couldn't keep the smiles away from faces as they remembered what had happened when they had first seen Neo and Trinity again. They also didn't miss the look that Trinity shot at Neo, as he then replied, "No. I still have my powers. I guess that they are a part of me, something that I had all the time, that just had to develop. They are still a part of me, but I believe that they will not be needed as often now as they have been."

Another question once again strayed across the eldest mind. "Neo, what happened during the journey? How were your eyes destroyed?"

Neo seemed a bit more confident now, but he still seemed to still be avoiding answering. He looked at Morpheus.

"Do you remember when Smith tried to take you over? He did the same to Bane, and succeeded." There was a collective gasp from the two captains and the councilor. Neo continued. "It was Smith who returned to Bane's body, Smith who sabotaged our defense plan, Smith who had stowed-away on the Logos. He attacked us." Neo stopped.

"And he blinded you?" Morpheus prompted. Niobe was looking keenly at Neo for his answer. He nodded. Niobe realized then that that would be the most that would ever be said about the story.


Trinity just started to ask what happened to Zion, when a shout could be heard. At first, it was too distant and muffled to be understood, but as the shout became louder, they could define what was being said. Trinity then gave a sudden, uncharacteristic short laugh, as she realized exactly who it was. Neo sighed, and looked down.

"Oh, no! Doesn't he ever give up?" he asked, a smile on his lips as well.

"Wouldn't put it past him." Morpheus said.

Niobe, Hamann and the two machines were left to stand there, confused and clueless, wondering about what made the reactions that they had just witnessed in their friends.

"Neo! Neo! Neo!" Kid burst into the office.

"You've got to tell me your secrete, cus not even I know where Neo is all of the time-" Trinity said to the panting teen, but he regained his breath and cut her off.

"Sentinels! Five of them, in the Dock! -" Morpheus and Niobe exchanged panic stricken glances, whilst Hamann stood up with such speed that seemed quite impossible for a man of his age. Kid didn't even stop to breathe as he continued.

"It's amazing! They're clearing it up! They're repairing the ships! It's amazing! Come and see! Neo! Neo, you're here!"

Everyone made a dash for the door, Neo and Trinity being helped by their doctors bringing up the rear, leaving Kid standing there alone in the center of the room for a few seconds, before he came to his senses and ran after them.

They stood there, staring. Kid was right. The five sentinels that had been smuggled into Zion, hidden one of the ships had come out, and were now clearing and repairing the debris and ships in the Dock. They had even restarted a few of the downed sentinels, and were all working quickly and efficiently. They moved around as one unit, some of them moving the heavy debris into a pile, and occasionally flying some of the scrap to the others, which seemed concentrating on repairing the ships. In ten minutes, they had done about the same amount of work as the entire clean up crew had done in one day.

"May we go to what ever hospital facilities you have here?" one of the machines asked, and the others could see there was an artificial expression of concern on her face. She was looking at Trinity, who had her hand over one of her wounds, trying to keep her face straight.

The whole party left the sentinels to their business, and made their way to the lower levels, where the main part of Zion was located. Neo was relieved to see that it was almost intact. At least he had saved most of Zion. They made their way to the first hospital level, but Niobe stopped them before entering the public area.

"Are you sure you want to go here? I think we can set up a private area, where you won't be disturbed. Please? It can be done."

Trinity looked at Niobe, and said with all honesty, "I don't mind where we go, but I think it better be soon. The people are going to find out sooner or later anyway."

"I agree. I don't mind people finding out. They could probably use some good news, seeing The One would give them hope."

"So, here it is, then." Morpheus said as he held the door open for Trinity and Lara, and then the rest of the party. No body noticed the party come in, as everyone seemed to be preoccupied with their own problems. There were several emergencies happening, and everyone's attention was on them. Including the two machines. They quickly told Morpheus that Trinity just needed her dressings checked or changed before moving towards the closest emergency.

"We are doctors, we can help. We have many advanced ways of handling medical situations, please let us help." They were pleading, but the human doctors and volunteers were refusing. Some were even cowering round the other edge of the bed, ignoring the dying man. They were begging for their lives, begging for the machines to spare them, to leave them alone.

Neo saw this, and anger filled him. He marched up to the group and said in a strangely threatening voice, "Are you refusing to be helped by the very machines, the very expert doctors, that brought your savior back from the dead?"

The whole group went quiet, and just stared at him. If they were ignoring the patient a few seconds ago, that was nothing compared to then. Neo just stood there, his eyes blazing, looking through each and every one of them accusingly, before giving a nod to his two doctors. They all just stood there, watching, whilst the machines did their work, patching the man up better than they could have done. When the metal doctors were finished, they moved to the next casualty, Neo moving with them so they could keep working, but not before sending a look backwards at the group he had just left, that purely shamed them straight to the core.


Councilor Hamann watched as the two doctors and Neo made their way through the crowd, helping and saving people, and he knew, just knew, that things would be alright.




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