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What're we gonna do now?

Chapter one


Buffy held the picture in her hand. She had been looking at it a lot, recently. She was once again thinking about that day. That day that had changed everything in her life.

She remembered how it came about. It was just after they had defeated the First Evil. They were standing near the crater formerly known as Sunnydale. She had been looking into the crater, her mind awhirl with all that had happened, and what might happen from here.


I was standing there, staring deep into the crater. I couldn't my mind wrapped around what we had done. We had defeated it. The First Evil. It was…amazing, joyful, and sad. Sad, because of those we lost in the fight. But it still was … just incredible. I still couldn't believe we had done it. And, what it meant now. Cause it was no longer just " The Chosen One" but , instead, "The Chosen Many". I don't know how it worked, that's Will's thing. I just know it worked. It made all the potentials "Slayers". Totally cool. They had fought so well. I was so proud, I ….

"Yeah, Buffy. What are we gonna do now?"  I heard Dawnie ask. I turned around , and saw this amazing group of women.  Dawn, Willow, Kennedy, and Faith. They had saved the world. My heart was just ready to burst. But of course, I couldn't get too deep into that mushy stuff. They'd rebel and make me walk.

" I dunno. Lets see. We just defeated the First. We saved the World. What say, lets go to Disneyland" I quipped

They laughed at my stupid joke, and kinda relaxed a little.

" How about a group hug, then?" I asked. Everyone agreed to that, and we came together, in one big hug. It was great.

I then went around, and hugged each one individually. I think that either scared them or worried them; they let me get away with it anyway.

Dawnie was easy. She hugged me right back. " You were amazing Dawn. You saved your sister's ass again" I said to her. She was all grins.

Willow too was used to huggyness. "You did great, Will. I knew you could do it." She went a little red, and smiled shyly.

Kennedy, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to bolt. I grabbed her by the shoulders, and pulled her in. " You be good to Will, hear?" I said to her, hugging her. She replied, jokingly " And if  I'm not?" " Then I'll have to come and break you neck, I guess" I told her, half-jokingly. She didn't hold the hug too long.

Faith stood off a little, looking at her boots. I said " Faith?" and she looked up, grin on her face. " We did it huh?" I went to her, and I think I surprised her when I gave her this huge hug. She stiffened a little, then relaxed. I whispered to her " Hey, you were great. I couldn't have done it without ya." Oddly , she blushed and hugged me tighter. It was great.

I stepped back a little, and just looked at the group. I was trying to burn it in my mind. I guess I knew even then that we would all split up, and I wanted this memory really bad.

" Man, this sounds stupid, but I really wish I had a camera right now" I said.

" How come, Buffy?" Dawnie asked, a little puzzled.

" Cause, I want a picture of the women who saved the world" I grinned. I think everyone got a little shy and stuff at that. I heard a little cough.

" Buffy" Willow was waving at me

"Yeah, Will?" I looked over at her. She rummaged in her bag, and pulled out a disposable camera. I had to laugh.

" Gee, Will, you never let me down, do ya?" I grinned, and she blushed again.

I got the camera from her, and waved them all into a group. Willow spoke up.

" Hey, Buffy, you need to be in here too"

I chuckled " Yeah, I guess I do. Hey Giles, got a minute?"

Giles walked over, and said " Yes, Buffy?"

" I want to take a group picture of us. Ya know? Women who saved the world" I grinned.

He smiled, and said " That's a splendid idea. Go on, all of you get in a group"

 I started over, and noted Faith had wandered off, and was standing alone. Oh, no you don't. I grabbed her, and she got this "What? What? " look on her face. I brought us into the center of the group. On impulse, I grabbed her hand, and raised it above our heads. The rest saw this, and started doing the pumping the air thing. And that's the picture. Five women. In victory, strong and proud. It's great. I got a copy for everyone, and I keep mine close to remind me.


So, where am I now? Buried under a sea of paperwork. My inbox always is overflowing, my outbox I haven't seen in months.

I'm tired. So tired.


I'm tired of the paperwork. It never ends. This report, that summary , the other proposal. I'm not a paperwork kinda gal, ya know? I'm a hit 'em where it hurts, and run like hell if they can kill me kinda gal. This is just too much like work.


I'm really tired of the weather. It's cold too much of the time here. Ok, I was really, really jazzed the first year having a white Christmas and all. But hey, now it's real old. I mean, how's a girl to get a tan if you have like sun maybe 3 weeks a year, if your lucky? And all the rain is making me crazy.

"Elizabeth? Ms. Summers?"

And I'm wholly sick and tired that they can't get my name right. Buffy. Is that so hard? Buffy? It must be a genetic thing here. I've tried repeatedly to get them to remember " Buffy". But it seems they can only use 'proper' names here. So, what is so unproper about Buffy?

"Yes, Rowan, what is it?" I ask my P. A. That's another thing. Personal Assistant. I think it's a cool title. But I can't tell HER that. She gets offended. She is a 'secretary' and anything else makes her upset. Sigh. I swear I'm living 40 years ago. But I guess all of  England is like that.

" Can you take a look at these proposals? They're from the Istanbul office, and really need a quick decision"

Sigh, it just never ends.

" Ok, Rowan. But you have to promise to do something for me" I reply

" Yes, Ms. Summers?"

" Please, Please, PLEASE call me Buffy…ok? You'll get a response out of me faster if you do" I beg her, for the 10 millionth time.

" Ok, Eliz… Buffy" She replies, like it's poison on her lips

Well… that might last the rest of the day. Or an hour. Or ten minutes. Sigh

How did I get myself into this mess, anyway? How did I go from carrying stakes and swords to carrying PDA's and a laptop? From battling demons and vamps to fighting with bureaucrats and department heads? I swear, if I'd known this was my fate, I never would have agreed to come here two years ago.


It was right after I got out of the hospital. Oh. I forgot… didn't get to that part of the story. Ok, rewind.

 We got on the Bus, and headed towards L.A. I called Angel to try to get us into a hospital fast. I guess we could have stopped along the route, but have you ever tried to explain sword wounds to a small town hospital(if it's not on a Hellmouth, that is). At least in L.A. probably be no questions asked.

Anyway, I get an old card of his I had. You know the one. White with the Angel on side, and the phone number on the other. I dial it into the working cell we have, and I get " Good Morning, Wolfram and Hart. How can I direct your call?" from some over perky receptionist. Geeze, I swore I dialed that right. " I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number. I was looking for Angel Investigations" I replied back. And then, it's twilight zone time. " Oh, yes. Angel Investigations is a part of Wolfram and Hart, now. The Managing staff has taken over running the L.A. Branch of Wolfram and Hart. Angel is the CEO of this branch, now. So, how may I direct your call?" She responds. Whoa… what is going on? " Well, can I talk to his CEOness then? Er…Angel, please." I tell her. I get the usual muzak( except, was that an ad for revivication?) When Angel comes on the line. " This is Angel, how can I help you?" " Angel?" I say "Buffy?" He says. Yeah, we have riveting conversations at times." What's going on? Wolfram and Hart? Sounds like a law firm, not a PI agency" " It actually is a multidimensional law firm, but we can talk about that sometime. What's up? Why are you calling?" He answers. Whoa…now I really gotta get the skinny on this. But later, I have my girls to look after. I explained about what happened, and all. He says he'll make all the arrangements, and that if I can give him an approximate route, he will have an escort meet me at city limits. HUH? What is GOING on here? So, I tell him what I think the route will be, and then hang up. I'm sitting there, a bit stunned, still trying to take this all in, when Faith sits down next to me

"So, B. Is fang gonna help us out?" She asks

" Faith, why do you always call him that? It must piss him off a little"

"Aw, B. Its fun to tease Mr. Broody, don't ya think?" She grins. I laugh. I have to agree it's fun to kinda take him off his brood at times.

" Yeah, he is gonna help us out. Hey, did you know he was like head of some big law firm? I think it's Wolfram and Hart?"

Faith's eyes go wide, and she nearly screams " WOLFRAM AND HART???" Everybody looks, and then kinda turns away.

Ok, now I gotta know what's going on

"Yeah, I was kinda blown away too when they answered. But according to Ms. Perkyvoice, Angel has taken over running the L.A Branch of Wolfram and Hart."

" B. Wolfram and Hart is like Big mojo bad evil law firm. They are multidimensional. They have been the big bad for Angel for a long time, at least that is what he told me. Are you sure it was Wolfram and Hart?"

" Faith, I'm blonde, not deaf" I laugh.

"B. This is serious stuff. Something big musta happened while we were fighting The First."

"Well, evidently he's in charge. So, he musta won? All I know is that he is arranging rooms for the girls at Queen of Mercy Hospital in L.A. and we will have an escort as soon as we hit L.A. City limits. That doesn't sound like his old stuff, for sure."

Faith just shakes her head. Great. Now we're both confused. I change the subject.

"So, Faith. How's Robin doing?" I ask her.

She has this worried look on her face, and I hear concern in her voice, " Oh… well, he is weak. And he's lost blood. But I think he'll probably be ok if we get him treatment soon"

"Faithy. You're getting all mothery" I grin at her, trying to joke her up a little. She gives me a punch, and a grin

" Hey, no way, B." She denies

" So, you and Robin is it, then?" I'm so not letting her off the hook

"Umm… maybe?" She looks a little bashful . Ahhh, seen that look before.

" Robin and Faithy, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" I tease her

" Hey, can it, B." She gives me a poke…near where my little present from The First is. I wince.

Now her look of concern shifts to me. " Hey, B? Are you ok? You don't look all that hot"

"I'm fine, Faith. Just a bit stuffy in here, is all"

" I dunno, B. Let me take a look" She starts to lift my blouse, but I slap her hand away.

" I'm fine. Honest. It's just really kinda stuffy in here." I open a window " There, better." I see her look. " Ok, ok faith, I'll have it looked at when we get to the hospital, ok? Geeze, mom" I tease her again.

Faith gets a little sad look on her face

"Hey, what Faith?"

" Aw, nothing. Just thinkin. Sorry about your mom, B. She was great. She always treated me well"

" Yeah. I miss her too. Sometimes, a lot."

"Been hard on you, hasn't it? What, raising Dawn, coming back from the dead, having to deal with all this?" She lays her hand over mine.

I squeeze her hand, and smile at her" Well, you have really helped me out, Faith. You just jumped in, and really made things easier for me. Don't know how I woulda gotten through it without you."

She smiles, and gets a little pink in her cheeks. Kinda cute, really. Never remember Faith blushing before. " Well, I have a lot to make up with you, ya know".

" I think we've come a long way towards that, don't you? Anyway, I got stuff to make up to you too." I'm beginning to feel a little sleepy. " Hey, Faith, could we talk more later? I'm kinda getting tired. Maybe take a little nap?"

" Sure, B. We'll talk later." She pats my hand, and gets up to check on Robin. I giggle. She's getting all maternal over him.

As I drift off to sleep, I'm thinking ' hey, maybe we can like finally be friends, and get past all our crap. That'll be nice'


I wake with a start. The bus has stopped in front of a large hospital complex. Queen of Mercy. Yeah, this is it. I get out of my seat, but feel a little shooting pain. I ignore it. Musta slept wrong, I figure.

Anyway, there is Angel at the entrance, looking all broody and hair-gelness. Ok, I'm kidding. He looks good. And studly. But hey, we've been down that road before. No going back. Unless they fix that clause thing. Not even sure then. I'm not 16 anymore, and I've sure changed, I know that.

Anyway, I hop off the bus, and check out how things are going. Will, Kenny( nice nickname for Kennedy, don't ya think?) and Faith are on top of it, but I still worry, ya know? I think sometimes I channel the ghost of Joyce Summers. heh. Once I'm sure everything is peachy, I sit on one of those benches in front of the hospital. I'm a little winded. Weird, but hey, it's been a big day, ya know? Faith sits down next to me.

" Hey, B. didn't you promise to get that wound of yours checked when we got here?" Boy, did I say I was channeling Joyce Summers. Well, I was wrong. I laugh

" In a little while, Faith. Just resting a bit. So, Robin all comfy cozy tucked in" I grin at her. She blushes.

" Yeah, he's good. Doctors think his wound is serious, but he is pretty strong, for a civilian. Must be the slayer blood in him, eh?  Anyway, they think he should make a full recovery"

" So, Faith. Do any thinking on what you like to do . You and Robin? That kinda stuff?

" I dunno. Guess we'll play it by ear, see how it goes" She said, her tone kinda neutral

" What about you, B? Glad to finally be free. Not the "Chosen One" anymore?"

I laugh " Yeah, nice to know I can take a vacation now if I want"

" But you know what, Faith? I don't want  any other girl to go through what we did"

" I gotcha. This chosen one gotta save the world no choice crap really gets old"

" I want to, if I can, be sure that any potential…slayer…god, it's confusing…has a choice. No more this is your destiny, no choice, pay up your life insurance cause you dying early crap. Not without at least the choice to do it or not"

" So, what you thinkin, B?" Faith asks

" I dunno. I know that Giles is thinking of bringing back the Watcher's Council. Maybe I'll hook up with him, get some slayer input going. I think it's been way too long since they have had a Slayer make the rules. If ever, which I doubt."

Faith gives me rueful grin " So, you're not getting out of the Biz, then, eh?"

"Well, maybe I can just do this, then split and have a real life, ya know?" I said, hopefully

We know THAT didn't happen

" I know one thing , though, Faith. I want to keep in touch, ya know? I mean, I did things, you did things, we both did things to keep us apart, but I would like to change that. Be friends, maybe?" I look at her and I see her eyes are bright, kinda teary.

"Ya, B, I'd  really like that" her voice is kinda wavery.

"Aw, Faithy, you're not gonna get weepy on me , now are ya?" I say, but I feel tears in my eyes too. Damn, I'm getting teary now. Poop. Ah well, anyway we hug, and we both get all stupid and cry a little, and hug again.

" Well, I guess we should see about getting someplace for the other girls to stay" I say, starting to get up.

" Yeah" Faith says, getting up quickly, and starting away.

 Suddenly, I feel a totally massive pain shoot through me, and then again…and I'm feeling really crappy.

"Umm…Faith?" I call out, kinda weak like. " I'm not feelin' so good"

I musta fainted then, cause I don't remember much after that.



I hear B calling out, kinda sickly like. I turn around, and she is collapsed on the ground!

SHIT! I go over to her, and turn her over, damn, she has blood all over her blouse! What the hell is the stupid girl thinking?

I scoop her up in my arms, and run her into the emergency room. I'm calling out  " HEY! HEY! DOCTOR! NEED A DOCTOR HERE!" and I'm surrounded by Willow, Angel and Kennedy.

"What happened?" Willow asks, looking upset.

" I dunno. We were talking, we got up to leave, and she collapsed. Man, she's got a lotta blood goin. Where's the fucking doctor? " I'm not real great doing this kinda thing, ya know?

Anyway, some orderlies or whatever brings over a stretcher, and they take her to ER. Then, they take her to surgery.

Well, surgery last like 4 hours, and all of us are going a little nuts. Red is all scared looking, and Kenny is trying to comfort her. I'm pacing back and forth, cause I'm really scared. And Angel…well, he is totally broody and pacing. I swear we must worn grooves in that floor before the doctor came out. And Dawnie? Once she heard, she wanted to be in the operating room. Man, for a non slayer that girl is strong. We had to hold her back, and she is sitting all alone, looking deathly scared. Not her first time at this, I remember being told. I go over and give her a hug, and she seems grateful. I sit next to her, and hold her hand 'til the doctor comes out .

" Are you family to Ms. Summers?" The doctor asks.

" I'm her sister" Dawn says.

"Well… your sister is very lucky. Frankly, I'm amazed she is alive. That wound did some serious damage, but she already looked like she started healing. Never seen anything like it. Looks like she'll be ok, but it'll take awhile."

"Doctor, do whatever you need to do. All expenses are covered" Angel says. Well, I can see fang still carries the torch for B.

Why do I feel the tiniest bit jealous? Ahhh

Anyway, it's just good to hear she's gonna be ok. But boy, that blonde can really scare the hell out of ya. Damn, she is good at that.



So, I wake up, and its so bright I shut my eyes again. Then open them one at a time. Oops. Tubes, running out of me like a freeway map. Heart monitor, all the pretty lights and noises. Yup. Hospital . Damn can't I get a break here? I hate these places…esp. when I have to be the one in the bed.

And then there are all these worried faces around me. Giles looks all Gilesy…you know, concerned, but really wanting to clean his glasses. Heh. And Angel looks even more broody than usual. And his hair gel is mussed. Kinda cute, actually. And Will…looks relieved, and wants to sock me at the same time. And Faith is just looking worried.

" So, hey. What? Did I slip or somethin'?" I croak out. Damn...breathing tube, too

" Buffy, what were you thinking? You had us all scared to death" Will scolds me. I laugh, but it sounds more like a frog in heat.

" Hey, Will. No big. A few stitches, be fine in no time"

"Grrr. Buffy Summers!" Oh, oh " If you weren't so tubey and all, I…I…I'd sock you" Will blows up in her cute Will way.

"Buffy" Giles interjects " It really was very serious. You should have let us know you were hurt this badly. If  Faith hadn't brought you back so quickly…"

" Well, Gee, Giles, I didn't really know ya know?" I say, sounding like that frog again.

"Aw, C'mon G-man. You know B. here. Stubborn as a post. Ease up a little. She's fine now" Faith cuts in. But she still has that worried look.

"C'mon Guys, I been worse than this. Now, how about you give a girl a break and let her get her beauty sleep. I could probably use a few treatments" I kid them a little. Gee. Not like I'm gonna die or nothing. Then I see Dawnie's face, and she is all scared and white. Oh, crap. Poor girl.

" Dawnie, come here" I say to her. She just stands there. "What, you want me to come there?" She has a little frown, but she comes over.

" Here, baby, let me give you a hug" But, that really isn't practical, so I squeeze her arm." I'm Ok, Dawnie. I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be around to nag you about everything"

" B-B-Buffy, you gotta stop doing this. I'm so afraid I'm gonna lose you" She starts to cry.

"Dawnie. Come on." I squeeze her arm again. Damn… no huggyness sucks." Look I promise. Next year, I'll let Faith save the world, and we'll kick back and watch videos, ok?" I tease her

She gets a little smile. " Promise?" I nod " Ok, I forgive you… this time" She squeezes my hand.

Giles says " Maybe we should let her rest now"

They turn to leave, and all go out. I call out " Faith" More like , croak out, but she hears me anyway.

"Yeah, B?" I gesture for her to come back

"Thanks, Faith. Second time today you saved me" I smile

"ahhh" But she blushes. She leans over, and gives me a little kiss on the forehead. That's nice.

"Get some rest, B. See ya tomorrow" She turns and leaves.

As I drift off to sleep, I'm so glad this day is over. Been long, hard, and now I can rest a little

Hey, never noticed Faith has such soft lips before.

What's that about?




Well, so? Ok, good, bad? Too long, too short? Anyway, more to come if you like it, or it dies a fiery death if ya don't

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