Fur Chronicles

The Dog, the Cat, and the Hedgehog

Vetvix step out of her wormhole and Gorbull follow her. "That's the last time I use wormlinks.vile," grumbled the vile vet as though she lost her lunch on the trip 100 times.

"Gur Gurr."

"Yes, your are right, Gurbully," smirked Vetvix as she was getting ready to tell her spliced mutt her most evil plan that would destroy Pet Force and make her ruler of the galaxy (again). "I chosen this world because of similar fur face team to Pet Force, but I have a feeling that the two 'animal' teams won't see eye to eye." And with that, she took her power crystal and tossed it down to the ground and the crystal enlarged, and it continue to grow, and grown until it was 8 stories high. Vetvix smiled evilly. And she pull out four eggs, "And in these eggs shall help build the elite-fighting-monsters, including the merged quarrying pet teams together, of course." Then she let loose an evil laughter.

Somewhere in a underground base in an American Desert...

In a base in a huge canyon in a desert, was a tropical forest with waterfalls. In the middle of this glorious landscape, where golden fire hydrants as big as office buildings, each connected by clear blue tubes. But 5 blue tubes were leading into sides of the canyon. Soon a dog shape sled comes out of the west-north tube. In this sled, was a golden retriever mix who's name is Hunter, the first dog of the United States and the leader of the Road Rovers. The Road Rovers are pets of nation leaders and diplomats. They are very similar to Pet Forces, but as their name states, the team is made of dogs. Professor Shepherd founded this base after being double cross by thieves that stole his pet rottweiler, Scout, for his machine that can turn certain animals into human hybrids. But instead of his dog, the thieves gave him a recording of this dog and a bomb. Luckily, he was warned from a Rover team from the future of that time line and mange to escape from his lab before the blast gotten him.

A year later, the thieves made their machine; this one is known as a transdogmutanter than the original transdogmafier, which can turn dogs into rabid colossal menaces. A cocker spaniel can turn into a 6-foot monster. So than Shepherd step out of the shadows, now known as Master to his created canine team, and summoned random stray dogs from random nations to be part his first, and main, Road Rover Unit and in return of their deeds, Master gave them homes in of world leaders and we'll meet them soon, but let us return to Hunter.

Hunter's super fast sled came to a comfy stop.

"Time to do what I love." He said to himself. He leapt out of his sled and walk to another room he gaze at a tall cylinder with tubing coming out of it. Hunter trotted into the bizarre machine. As soon as Hunter entered the machine, the doors slid close and began to hum at a low rate and mist started to leak out of crack in the door. When the humming stop, the door open to a cloud of mist. Then hunter steep out of the machine on two legs. His head and tail were the same, but the rest of his body become human-like covered in fur. Another bizarre feature to this machine is that it can give Road Rover uniforms to its user, in any size. Hunter was wearing the Road Rover field uniform. A blue jump suit with sliver armor plating and a thick red belt with a yellow R on it. "Yes1 I love that machine!" commented Hunter as he step to another door in his new body. He looked around the high tech hallway, which almost look like a space station in a sci-fi movie. Hunter entered a room with 4 other cano-speins and one normal dog. These dogs were the main Road Rover team.

Hunter: The American alpha dog of the group. He has ton of 'super power' in his head but his best would be his super speed that could rival Shadow and Sonic the Hedgehogs. He loves to play with his tennis ball and his also the first dog of the United Sates. He is the only one who can understand Muzzle and Shag.

Colleen: The girl collie from England. She is an expert in martial arts and nursing. She is also a master at sarcasm. She is the pet of the queen of England.

Muzzle: Once Master's loyal dog, Scout, but after being tested for the thieves' transdogmutanter left him crazy. His in a straight jacket on a restraint cart with a muzzle, hence his new identity. He is a good friend to Hunter. Even though his is not a cano-sapiens, his is still a valued member of the Road Rovers.

Exile: the blue Siberian husky. He is super strong and has night, ice, and heat vision. Even though is one of the toughest member of the pack, his really a kid at heart. His slang phrases is a bit dirty but his mechanic skills are golden

Blitz: The German Doberman, his sharp claws and teeth can reap through anything. His hothead at sometimes, and a coward rest of the times. He is the Rovers' joke monkey, Colleen forgets his name and Exile calls him "Weird Boy".

Shag: The Sweden Sheepdog. His more dog than a normal cano-spein. He super strong and can hide anything in his fur, from food to his teammates. He is a master chief; his secret ingredient is toilet water. He is a big coward and is aiming is way off.

Blitz was watching TV over a counter while drinking a peppermint milkshake while Exile, Colleen, and Shag were watching the same thing while Muzzle was goring his food, with his muzzle off of course, on the counter next to Blitz.

Hunter greeted his teammates, "Hi guys, how it's wagging?"

Exile turn his head, "Every thingy dokie okie in Mother Russia."

Hunter trotted to Muzzle, "What's ya having, Muzzle?"

"Ra Ra Ra." Grunt the derange dog

"Really? I should try a bowl sometime."

Blitz stop drinking his shake to talk to Hunter, "What is it?"

"Kibble and gravy cover sheep guts."

"Ra ra ra." Add Muzzle

"With Toilet Water."

Everyone turned to Shag, "Rhat?" ask he ask.

Than someone cough behind all of the Rovers to get there attention. It was Master; his glowing eyes look down on the Rovers. "Morning Rovers, we have new important mission." Said Master in a stern tone

"What is this time, Gov? Resent Dognappings?" ask Colleen

"More like animalnappings, Colleen. Animals around the Yellow Stone Park are disappearing and spliced animals are taking their place." Said Master as the TV showed slides of deer and snake and than a horse/snake.

"Talking about UGLY!" said Colleen.

Master continued with the details, "It gets worst, these hybrids are organized, so that this means that the beast are tamed. Plus they even have weapons of an unknown origin. Rovers, your mission is to found out Who, Where, How, and why the animals at the Park are being turn into monsters."

"Whoa! Yellow Stone!" said Hunter as he turned to his teammates. "Well Rovers, well be fighting a new enemy. Who wants to take bets to see how long it takes to beat them easily?"

"4 milk bones for 30 minutes or less." Said Colleen as Shag pulled out a pen and notepad out of his fur.

"Oh! Big spender." Said Hunter.

"Rive Rones Ror Rhee Hours." Said Shag

"Five bones for Three Hours? They a bit long don't you think, Shag. Okay Let's hit the Road, Rovers." Said Hunter. Soon the canine teammates jump on to their feet and race out of the room except for Shag who stayed behind to get Muzzle ready. Than Exile peered his head pack into the room. Master looked at him and said, "I'll tape your soap opera, Exile. I'm waiting for Nora to get out of her 78th coma and confess to Roberto of Nasal's affair too!"

"Thakie!" he said and left, leaving Master alone.

"Good Luck, Rovers."

Nearby Air Space...

The claim blue sky had a bright yellow rip in it, and out of it came out the Lightspeed Lasagna, Pet Force's Ship. Inside, the 6 super power animals were having a big debate on there next phase of plan to step Vetvix.

"Extra Super Spicy Pepperoni with seven kind of spicy cheese!" Shouted Garzooka.

"Are really turning to trying to get my heart on fire, I say we frozen pizza." Hinged Abnermal

"Ack! I want a deep dish with good tomato sauce and hold the cheese."

"That sounds..." started Abnermal.

Garzooka interrupted, "My ship, my pizza oven, my pizza!"

"What do you mean 'Your Ship?'" exclaimed Abenrmal.

"I'm the leader of this team of pets in tacky tights and I say we having pizza my way!" Then the three cats broke out in a name-calling contest.

"In super rare occasions, two people in the same room agree to the same kind of pizza." beeped Compooky, the only who doesn't need to eat or get involve. The contest grew and grew more intense until Shadow had enough, "THAT'S IT!" he shriek, "PIZZA IS A FOOD! NOTHING TO FIGHT ABOUT! We'll just have different toppings on different slices!"

"Okay, I'll freeze my slices" Squeak Abnermal.

Shadow began to calm down, "Sorry guys, I'm really sensitive to other emotions, just one of the abilities of a Ultimate Life Form. 'I gain powers from everyone and thing around me.' Or that's what Professor Gerald told me."

"Ay, it's alright, I had rough times myself, like that one time a love arrow hit a butch girl poodle, and the first one she saw was me." Shuddered Garzooka.

"Or that time when you encounter that 'Alien Wishing Well.'" Commented Starlena.

"Hey! It really happened." Snapped Garzooka.

"SURE it did... in a dream!" physic Abnermal.

Garzooka began to mumble a remark to Abnermal but the gray ice kitten just repeated the same thing in the orange cat's voice. Everyone was shocked

"I didn't know you had that kind of super power, Abnermal." Commented Shadow.

"Super Power? I had this talent forever."

Everyone just glared at Abnermal.

"Why didn't you tell us before?" ask Starlena.

"Nobody ask."

Everyone just sigh at the lame joke.

A huge grin appeared on Garzooka's face, "Do Shadow!"

Abnermal cleared his throat and did spoke in Shadow's voice, with a hint of his own, "I'll show you my ultimate power, Sonic the Faker. CHAOS CONTROL!"

Abnemral and Garzooka burst out with laughter. Soon the computer began to bleep.

"Danger! Danger! Gigantic Evil Energy Signal is detected, possible from Vetvix's new base." Reported Compooky from the computer's monitor

"Gee, Ya think?" ask Starlena sarcastically.

"Course I think, don't you?" replied Compooky.

"Ohh! Burn." Cheered Abnemral.

"Does this mean we have to skip launch?" ask Garzooka

"Yes!" exclaimed everyone.

"Ahh Space Crumbs." Garzoka snapped his fingers in angry.

As the Lightspeed Lasagna was reaching the source of Vetvix's evil energy. Meanwhile the Sonic Rover, a plane shape like a dog belonging to the rovers were on the same course.

"I love being Road Rover!" exclaimed Exile as he piloted the S.R.

Blitz was seat next to Colleen, "So what's happening around your courtyard, Collie Cutie.

Colleen look at the German Doberman, "Do I..." but than got cut off by Blitz

"Yea Yea, 'Do I Know You?' I can take a hint."

Exile notice the onboard computer was going haywire. "Computer's wires are turning into hay. Big signal must be dirtying our systems."

"Huh, must be the radiation that making all though animal fuse." Hunter said while thinking out loud.

The Sonic Rover and the Lightspeed Lasagna where both approaching the same area. Soon the two ships land only a few miles away from each other.

Pet Force was on the trail.

"Abnermal, did you remember to print and bring the map?" ask Garzooka.

While the Road Rovers were having the same luck on their mission to find Vetvix's mutant animals.

"How could you forget to bring the map from the ship, Mop Dog?" said Blitz

After a few moments of wondering around aimlessly, the two teams soon cross paths.

"Must (huff) never (huff) walk (huff) again!" Huff a tired Garzooka

"Well if you gone out more, you'll in better shape." Said Starlena

"Ha! The Joke on you. This is not even my own body!"

"Less talkie more walkie." Said Abnermal.

"Ahh, isn't this great, guys," Said Shadow as he proudly jogged, "The nice heat from the sun, the cool strong mountain wind, the fresh air. Boy, it's been awhile. When I was on ARK, this were I wanted to go when I came down to earth."

"You are strange, Shadow." Said Garzooka.

Compooky wasn't complaining because he was back at the ship, he watching for Vetvix events. Odious bump into a few trees and rocks, and Abnermal was playing piggyback with the big dog.

Soon the Road Rovers, minus Muzzle for he was back at the ship, came into Pet Force's view the two teams could easily see each other, the two teams were in view but out of earshot.

"Looks like Vetvix, brain boosted dogs again." Said Garzooka.

"Should I get the Reverse Brain-Boosting Gun, Garzooka?" ask Shadow

"No way, we can handle these pups." Said Abnermal.

Than Odious than realized something. He tried to tell to his friends. Garzooka was the first one to notice, "I think he final notices his super hero change." Odious just shook his head. And pointed to his wrist. Garzooka got it right this time, "Looks like he forget his Emergency transport bracelet... and so did us!"

"I told you we should put them on before when we left Emperor Jon's Universe." Said Starlena.

"Like I said before, we can handle these pups." Said Abnermal.

The Road Rovers were having the same feeling towards Pet Force.

"What do you think, Hunter, are they good guys?" Ask Colleen.

Blitz cut Hunter off, "No way! One, they're made mostly of cats, and anyone who dresses up like that has to be bad guys or comic book super heroes. And the last time I check, we don't speak through bubbles."

Hunter pondered for a while, "Hmm... Good Point Blitz. Let's hit the Road, Rovers!"

"Garzooka, they're attacking!" shouted Abnermal

"No kidding, eagle eye. Let the Fur Fly, Pet Force!" cried Garzooka Hunter and Shadow were in a blur battle. Odious was tongue tying Shag. Abnermal and Exile were having a snow summoning fight. Garzooka and Blitz were fencing with their razor sharp claws. Starlena and Colleen were acting out a scene from "Super Kung Fu Filled Movie." All were own aware of the giant black orb behind the trees and that small hatches began to open and missiles from within were starting to lock on targets: Pet Force and Road Rovers.