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Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill

Hilary Duff - Metamorphasis

Guy Sebastian - Just As I Am.

Chapter Three : No More Happy Thoughts

"Wendy you look...breathtaking"

Her mother's soft tone made her turn from the image of herself in the mirror. She was wearing her dress for the upcoming ball..and while Wendy Darling might have looked like she was a woman in that dress, her heart was screaming for her to take it off.

"Oh Mother..." Wendy spoke in a nonchalent sort of way "It's just a dress"

Wendy's mother motioned for her daughter to join her on the bed and reluctantly Wendy did as she was asked, the corset she had been wearing for the past few months restrained her and she sat gingerly on the edge of the bed, close to her mother.

"Wendy these last few months, you've been...well you havent seemed happy" her mother started carefully "Wendy, I thought you liked Mr that what this is about?"

Wendy sighed, of course she liked David James, he was perfectly polite and had never been anything but wonderful to her - they talked about politics and his work, and current events. David was handsome, stable - and everything a girl could want in a potential husband. Her father hadnt been lying when he said that they had a lot in common, she was the envy of all of her girlfriends and even her brothers got along with him.

So why wasnt she happy?

"Wendy?" he mother asked softly.

Wendy turned from her thoughts to face her mother, taking her hands.

"Everything is fine mother, Mr James is just as father said, a gentleman - you know he's really quite the catch...sometimes I wonder what it is he sees in me"

Mrs Darling looked at her daughter, studying the sadness in her eyes intently "Wendy surely you have noticed that you are no longer a child, you are a beautiful woman sweetheart and your smart and you have interesting things to say, you will make me a proud grandmother..."

"I hardly recognise you for the child you once were..."


Peter listened outside Wendy's window. Ever since the night in Kensington Gardens, her window had been shut, he had crouched under the window, to get a veiw from the centimetre crack between the sill and where the window finished.

He had watched her put on her fancy dresses and stare into the mirror, but the life was gone. Her eyes no longer shined with tears, but they did not shine with happiness either - in fact to him it seemed that his Wendy was fading away like one of the Neverland fairies at death.

Wendy's light was going out.

He watched Mrs Darling kiss her daughter's forehead and leave her sitting on the bed alone again, the smile she had been pretending with her mother was gone.

Peter watched as she turned to the mirror again, slowly she reached her hands up to release her hair from its bun. For a second as she did so, flashes of the Wendy he knew came back - but then it was gone and the sadness filled her eyes again before she headed to her ensuite.

Frowning, Peter took a deep breath trying to fight the tears threatening to stem from his eyes. Why was she doing this? Why was he Wendy growing up? He just didnt understand...

Suddenly a noise from the nursery caught his attention and he quickly flew underneath the boys window, he smiled watching the twins sword fight on the beds. Nibbs, Michael and Tootles were watching them laughing loudly. He watched John in the corner reading a book - that one had always been too eager to grow up in his opinion.

He wasnt sure how long he had been watching them before Wendy appeared at the doorway. Maybe minutes, possibly hours. Time didnt mean as much to him as it did others. He wasnt even sure how long she had stood in the doorway watching him.

All he knew was that when he met her gaze -

She smiled.


Never had she been able to watch him candidly, Peter was always the one to watch her, to hear her stories and for the tables to be turned was quite odd.

But there she stood, silently in the doorway, watching him stay as far out of sight as possible, smiling and trying not to laugh at the expressions crossing his face. It was times like this she wanted to be just like him, without a care in the world...wearing her nightgown and being in the nursery she suddenly felt 12yrs old again, waiting for him to come to visit kiss her once more, waiting for him to come and stay with her.

His gaze suddenly fixed hers and she smiled at him, releived to see him shyly look down before smiling back.

"Wendy!!" the boys ran at her and she laughed "You guys act like you didnt just see me at dinner" she said beaming at all of them. She had forgotten that something as simple as playing with her brothers had once meant so much to her.

"How about a story then?" Nibbs piped up and Wendy hesitated.

She hadnt told stories in so long...

"Very Well" Wendy smiled and let her eyes flicker briefly up to meet Peter's "I shall tell you all about Peter Pan and his adventures in Neverland..."

The boys cheered and Peter grinned at her from the window, getting comfortable.


"So you see...Peter may have gotten his wish to never grow up, but he missed out on so much..." Wendy finished, a sleeping twin on each knee as she looked around at all the other boys.

"Peter must have been very lonely" Nibbs said quietly staring up into his sister's face.

"Yes" Wendy said running a delicate hand through her brother's scruffy hair "But he had choices...he always had choices, thats what life is about Nibbs dear, he could have chosen to grow up but he didnt want to...he..." Wendy looked up at the window suprised to see Peter still there, looking at her with tears in his eyes "he chose to be alone forever"

The boys began making their way to their beds noisily "Goodnight..." Wendy said quietly standing at the door.

"Goodnight Wendy!" the boys chorused.

John even looked up from his book to give her a smile "You should visit more often" he said walking over to his sister who only came up to his shoulder.

"Soon I will be visiting you in another room John..." Wendy said looking around the nursery wistfully "How I did like it here"

John looked around and smiled at her "We had some grand adventures didnt we?"

Wendy reached out impulsively pulling her brother close to her in a hug.

John looked suprised as Wendy clung to him tightly and let her hold him for several seconds.

When she pulled back, he looked at her with understanding. As she turned to leave again, he stopped her, touching her arm lightly.

"David is...he will look after you Wendy" John said stiffly, in a manner that reminded her of Mr Darling.

Wendy nodded and forced a smile as she looked at her brother and then the now empty window, she squeezed her brother's hand and left quickly.


Furiously Peter wiped tear after tear away, from his perch atop of the roof, he stared at the London Skyline and begged silently to go back - back before he had ever met the Darlings - back when he had never felt confused or helpless

Especially love.

He had never realised what Wendy had offered him - what she was now offering this David James person. She had tried to give him her heart and he had...well he had been foolish.

He gazed at his hands, no longer child like, they had grown bigger - why had he not noticed how much he had grown before? Peter flew from the roof, weaving in and out of the buildings recklessly, finally stopping in front of a house he had long ago left behind.

He watched his mother...the way that she tucked his little brother and sister into bed. His mother had never sat by the window waiting for his return...his mother had been nothing like Mrs Darling.

Slowly his happy thoughts faded and Peter Pan hit the ground feet first, hot tears forming in his eyes as he tried to remember something happy...tinkerbell, hook's death...anything...


But that just made it worse.

Shivering Peter made his way down the nearly deserted street, "Tinkerbell!!" he screamed along the streets "Tink where are you?" ...and then he remembered.

He had made Tinkerbell stay in Neverland this time, had said that she was too accusing, too annoying.

"Tink" his voice came out barely a whisper, just a boy alone in a deserted street.