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"So... you're not Drusilla then? She died?" Giles asked in a mere whisper.

"Yes." Buffy said while watching him, trying to gauge his reaction. He then took off his glasses and began polishing them furiously.

"And you knew all this time, William?" He asked, not looking at either of them.

"Yes, but not the whole time, though."

"So, they're all dead?" Giles said more to himself than the other two occupants in his study.

"I didn't know how to tell you. How do you tell someone after... I just want you to know that I never did what I did-"

"What, lie to me?" Giles said, looking at her just then. She swallowed hard before continuing.

"Yes, lie to you. I never did it for money or- or anything like that. I was just scared."

"And you, William? When you discovered the truth, why didn't you tell me?" Giles asked, completely bewildered by the entire situation.

"I wanted to know what was going on for sure first. And when I discovered everything, by then I was already in love." He said in a low voice, not looking at anyone. Buffy smiled at him and held his hand tightly.

"Oh, well..." Giles wasn't quite sure what to say exactly. Spike took the opprotunity of silence to share the Angel blackmailing Buffy information.

"You should also know that Faith's father... he's blackmailing Buffy about her 'not so much a secret identity' now. But I'm going to go explain to him to leave our family alone; that we already know and don't really care. Is that okay with you, dad?" Giles remained silent as he looked from one to the other. He watched his son watch him- watching the way he mentally prepared himself for an unfavorable answer from his father. Though his stoic, facial expression said otherwise, he could see the truth in his eyes- his eyes. He knew William so well. He could practically see the wheels turning in his head. And then there was Buffy. Hmm... Buffy. His eyes settled on her then. Her fear at his reply was much more obvious. He thought the girl might break into a nervous sweat. He smiled reassuringly at her.

"Yes, William. Quite right. We must protect our family." Buffy let out a gasp of elation before leaping out of her seat and giving the older man a fierce hug.

"Oh, thank you Giles. Thank you." Giles was only a little upset by the news, mainly the lying. But he had not had the chance to get to know the real Drusilla. He was certain she was a lovely girl, for Randy loved her, but he cared about Buffy all the same. But it would take him some time to get used to the unusual name...

After much insisting on her part, Spike finally allowed (he really didn't have much choice in the matter) Buffy to come with him to the motel. She thought it would be best to show that they stood together on this.

"God, what is taking so long?" Buffy asked irritably. Spike had been knocking at the door for at least five minutes.

"Maybe he isn't there?" Spike asked, putting his ear to the door trying to see if he heard any noises.

"Oh, forget this. If he isn't there, then I'm getting my check back." She said, trying the knob, and finding it easily turning. Hmm, weird.She thought as the door opened easily. She walked further into the room before stopping dead in her tracks.

"Didn't think he was... What luv? What's wrong?" Spike walked closer to her to see what she was staring at. And when he did, he wasn't sure what to say.

"Is he dead?"

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