AUTHORS NOTES: I might as well get the ugly truth out of the way-this IS my first attempt at a fanfic. There. I said it. Are you happy now? ^_^

Normally I would leave the writing up to the people who can actually write well, but I had all these annoying little ideas that would Beat on my head at night and wouldn't leave me alone. I even considered having someone else write my stories for me, but apparently no one likes the idea of writing it exactly how I want it. Go figure.

Anyways, I would appreciate feedback and reviews, even flames, as long as there constructive. A hell, your not going to listen to anyway.  ^_-

            Keiko groaned as she painfully entered consciousness. Her head was throbbing in a steady rhythm that caused spots of light to dance behind her eyes.

            Gingerly she tried to open them, but an obscenely bright light instantly sent sharp pangs through her skull and she quickly shut her eyes again in defense.

            Ugh..this must be… what a hangover feels like….

            Too bad… I don't drink…do I?

            Keiko frowned slightly.  Her thoughts were like a giant cotton ball in her head, thick and hard to pick through clearly.

            Feeling the light continue to beat down through her closed lids, Keiko grumbled pitifully. "Taki, turn off the light…it hurts."

            Silence was the only thing that responded.

            Looked like if she wanted it off, she would have to get off her lazy butt and turn it off.


            Resigned, Keiko moved to sit up and found that she could only barely lift her head. The rest of her body felt weighted and heavy, apparently too heavy for her to even move an arm.

            And to add insult to injury, she noticed that she was cold. Apparently she had kicked off all of her blankets in her sleep sometime during the night. Now she would have to find them.

            Seriously, Keiko could have cried at the injustice of it all.

            Momentarily giving in to the lethargy of her body, she let her head drop back down onto her pillow.

            Except she didn't hit her pillow. Instead her head landed with a sound thud, like she had hit something hard and solid.

            Hard? Why would I hit anything hard in my bed? Did I kick my pillow off too?

            Groggy and confused, which was not a good combination when she was tired, Keiko slowly braved opening her eyes again to see why her head as well as the rest of her body were being deprived of the usual comfort of her bedding.

            Again the light was there, sharp and jarring, causing Keiko to seriously contemplate having the thing permanently removed.

            Light, who really uses it anyway?

            Making another attempt to lift herself, Keiko still found that she could only lift her head, the rest of her body still felt too heavy to move.

            Am I really that pathetic, she wondered in dull amazement.

            I should take more excersising classes Keiko promised

            At last the offending blaze of light faded and Keiko looked around her-

            - and felt her self become paralyzed with terror.

            She wasn't in her bed.

            She wasn't even in her home.

            Keiko was somewhere else.

            She was in a nightmare.

            Quickly she crammed her eyes shut, willing herself to wake up and have the image she had just seen disappear.

            Because she could make what was in front of her go away. She could! Everything would be ok when she opened her eyes. It was just like any other bad dream that she had ever had. It wasn't real…what she had seen wasn't real, right? Right!

            So why did her stomach still feel like the bottom had dropped out of it?

            Slowly Keiko opened her eyes-

            -and was greeted by the same scene as before..

            She felt like she had landed herself in a horror movie, captivated in a dreamlike state as she could only gaze numbly at what she saw and hopelessly try to cope with it.

            She was in restraints.

            Her whole body, starting with her ankles all the way up to her wrists, was held firmly down with thick black strips to what she now realized was a metal table, like the kind you see in operating rooms.  Her legs were held together, but her arms were spread out on either side of her, wrists up.

            As kind of an after thought Keiko vaguely realized that the reason she hadn't noticed the restraints before was because they were made of some soft material.

            But she didn't really notice this particular bit of information, because something else had caught her attention.

            Now Keiko understood why she was cold.

            Someone had removed her clothes.

            Stripped down to just her underwear and bra, the rest of her skin was left disturbingly exposed, even under the numerous restraints that held her.

            Someone she didn't know had touched her as they took off all of her clothing.

            They had looked at her, eyes leering and invasive.

            And she had been completely helpless.

            A cool breeze softly drifted over her skin, causing Keiko to shiver and seemed to break the trance she was under.

            Suddenly, she started to struggle with the straps that held her down, twisting this way and that, not really caring if it would do any good. Her mind was like that of a frightened animal, the only thought, the only feeling, was of escape. Her breathing came in short pants and soft grunts as she mindlessly used what strength she had against the bonds that held her down.

            But the restraints barely moved, being very effective and securely tied, causing Keiko to become even more frantic in her efforts.

            Pulling her wrists to her mouth, she tried to bite through the thick bands-but they wouldn't reach. She then tried sliding her legs out from underneath, but that only caused her to chafe around the ankles.

            Only when she felt a stinging pain in her ankles after she had rubbed them raw enough to bleed did she stop.

            Frustrated and exhausted, Keiko barely realized that she was crying, her broken sobs echoing slightly in the room as her thoughts raced madly around each other, swirling and confused.

            Why? Who took me? Ransom Parents-no-money-Yusuke-help-gone-How?



            Gradually, Keiko's mind cleared as she kept coming back to that one thought.

            How had she been taken? What happened to her? She needed to remember if she had even a ghost of a chance of escaping.

            Forcing herself to breath evenly through her nose to calm down, Keiko addressed this like any other difficult problem she had ever faced in school.

            Concentrate…..when was the last day you remember….

            Fuzzy images started to fade into focus in her mind. Not wanting to lose them, Keiko concentrated everything she had into making those images clearer..

Suddenly everything in her mind became startlingly clear, making Keiko gasp as the images rushed through her with unyielding force.