Over the next few weeks, Dom was as good as his word. Anywhere that Kel went, he went. He was her escort and made sure she got better, watching any move she made. He never asked what had happened over the course of those two months, and Kel was grateful that no one brought up the uncomfortable subject.

One afternoon she walked into Raoul's temporary office, "I'm going for a ride," she stated, "No one treats me normally anymore, they all seem to think that I've turned to glass. I need to get out and think."

"I won't lie to you on that, everyone was worried, but someone is going with you." Raoul told her firmly.

"Fine, I'll be in the stables if they want to find me," she called over her shoulder as she walked out.

As she had guessed, Dom walked into the stables a minute after her. He took her hand and bowed to her saying, "Domitan of Masbolle, personal bodyguard, at your service, my lady."

Kel hid a giggle with her Yamani mask and told him seriously, "Alright, but you have three minutes to saddle up, or I'm leaving you." She broke into a grin as she mounted Hoshi.

"Actually, milady, you can't leave without me. Lord Raoul gave explicit instructions so that the only way the gates of your little fort will open is if I am in tow." Kel had to smile at Raoul's ingenuity.


After a half hour of easy riding Kel slowed and dismounted, "This looks like as good a place as any other," she said. Dom nodded and followed suit. They were in a shaded grove with patches of sunlight piercing through in places.

Dom picketed the horses as Kel sat down against the trunk of a tree. Dom came and sat next to her, turning so he could watch Kel's face as he thought. 'Goddess, she's beautiful,' he smiled as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back with a sigh of pleasure. Dom wished he weren't so shy to her! 'With any other girl but Kel, I can open my mouth and say anything. But she just throws me so off balance!' He curled his fingers together, angry at his own foolish timidity, 'I just have to take a breath and say it!'

When a few minutes had passed, Kel sighed again and said to him, "Dom, why are you staring at me?"

"Because you're beautiful." That got Kel smiling, but she still didn't open her eyes. He moved so his face was only a short distance from her.

"Really?" she asked, she obviously thought he was teasing.

"Without a doubt, I love you Kel." Now that got her to open her large hazel eyes, she was even more surprised as Dom leaned forward to kiss her softly and gently.

When he pulled back he opened his eyes to find her blushing and smiling with a mixture of delight and excitement in her eyes, she wrapped her arms around his neck, "I love you too, Dom." she said as he leaned forward for another kiss.

I hope you liked it! It's my first fanfic!