Dual Blood
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#1 Naruto the 3rd Year Genin

Kakashi slowly walked to the class to meet his new team which didn't matter much to Kakashi. He has yet to pass a single team. He opened the door to find only two ninjas. The years' genius rookie Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

"Wheres the third member of your team?" Kakashi asked.

"Someone named Uzumaki Naruto," Sakura said politely then went back to Sasuke asking for a date.

"Uzumaki Naruto?" Kakashi asked surprised.

He chosen to be back on a team? Kakashi thought as he sat down at the teachers desk

"For now we wait for your third member," Kakashi said, "He should be getting back from his latest mission any time now,"

"Mission?" Sasuke asked. They heard footsteps as someone ran through the hall. Everyone saw a orange blur slide by the open door. Naruto pulled himself into the room. He had a orange jump suit on expect his right sleeve had been ripped off and his right arm was wrapped in bandages. His blond hair was spiky. His eyes were crystal blue. His face was covered in dust.

"Hey," Naruto said as he waved with a nervous smile.


"Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourselves?" Kakashi said. He waited and waited and waited. No one talked. The only noise was Naruto's snoozing.

"Ok. I'll start. My name is Hatake Kakashi. I have a lot of hobbies. My dreams are not your concern. My likes and dislikes are also none of business," Kakashi said, "Now you," He pointed at Sasuke.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I hate a lot of things. I have no future dreams. I have one

ambition. To kill someone," Sasuke said.

"My name is Haruno Sakura. What I like is...," Sakura glanced at Sasuke, "My future

dream is...," She glanced again at Sasuke.

"Ok. One of you mind waking Naruto?" Kakashi asked. Naruto started to talk while looking up at the sky.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like my friends and ramen. I dislike a lot of people. I had an ambition to kill 3 people," Naruto said, "My future dream is to be the Hokage,"

"Ok. Now thats over with. Your first test will begin tomorrow. It has a 66 failure rate. So only 1/3 of the graduating class will pass," Kakashi said.

"But Naruto isn't even part of the graduating class," Sakura said.

"Naruto will go back to being on the reserve list," Kakashi said, "By the way. Forget about breakfast. You don't need it. You'll be losing it,"

(Later that Day)

"First team in 2 years," Naruto said as he stood on a small pond. It was near the meeting place.

"About time too," Another voice said as a Hyuga limped into the scene. His right leg was braced with a metal case. He was leaned on a clutch.

"Just like you Hatch," Naruto said, "You always know where I am,"

"I asked Kakashi where the training area is and I knew you would be there," Hatch said with grin, "Kai did the same test with us. You think his former Anbu teammate, Kakashi will do the same thing?"

"Yeah. I'm eating breakfast this time of course," Naruto said. Hatch laughed.

"All of the team you were the only one who didn't eat last time," Hatch joked.

"Funny. Suiton. Oonami no jutsu!" Naruto yelled as he sent water from the pond at Hatch. Hatch grinned as he took in a breath. His arms making seals.

"Ice breath!" Hatch yelled as a cold blast of wind came out of his mouth. He froze the blast. It shattered into pieces as it hit the ground.

"Still the same as ever I see," Naruto said as he jumped off the water onto the ground.

"I can counter anything you got," Hatch said. Naruto grinned a foxy grin.

"Expect your personal abilities," Hatch said with a chuckle.

"Kai told us. I couldn't use it yet through," Naruto said, "We're the only ones left of Team 6 and you're out of action forever,"

"Don't worry about it. It happened and I moved on. I'm an infamous tutor now," Hatch said with a laugh, "Come on. Ill treat you to some ramen," Naruto smiled as he followed Hatch.

(Jounin Lounge)

"So you have Naruto as a student I heard," Gai stated.

"Yes," Kakashi said.

"Whats with this Naruto I been hearing about?" Kurenai asked.

"You're new so you wouldn't know. Naruto is called Fiend of Roku. He was part of Team 6 three years. One of the youngest genin ever," Kakashi started to say.

"I read his report. He had some of the lowest grade in the history of the academy," Kurenai stated.

"Naruto has been growing like wild fire. He has the skills of a Jounin," Gai said.

"Naruto's a genius?" Kurenai asked.

"I guess, he is two bloodlines in his veins," Asuma said.

"Two bloodlines as he's DB?" Kurenai questioned.

"Yeah, The Red Cross Bloodline that allows him to change his chakra nature so he can use 100 of any jutsu and can use some jutsu you can't imagine and the Sharingan which can copy any jutsu it sees,"

"Naruto has more surprises than that," Kakashi said, "I personally would like to see it,"

(Next Day)

Naruto was asleep once again as they waited for Kakashi.

"Will you stop that!?" Sakura yelled at Naruto's snoring. Naruto sat down lazily. Naruto looked around then stood up.

"Whatever," Naruto said as he yawned. He pulled out a kunai and spun it around his index finger as he charged it. Naruto threw the kunai off his finger. It threw along the ground as a blue blade. The grass was scorched as it passed them. It pierced itself deep into a tree.

"What the?" Sasuke asked interested in the technique. Naruto continued to threw themuntil he had a line of 10 of them in the tree. Naruto raised up his fingers and pulled back the kunais.

"String?" Sakura asked as Naruto caught the kunais in his hand. He hasn't said a single word to them. Personally Naruto was bored out of his mind.

'Being an official Chunin! I had a mission here and there. I get paid and I can do what I wanted with it,' Naruto thought as played around with his weapons.


"Where the hell is he!?" Naruto yelled as he threw the kunai with a blast of chakra. The

kunai blasted the tree in half. The kunai was caught by the handle.

"About time!" Naruto yelled.

"Sorry. You see...," Kakashi said.

"Forget it. I heard of why you been late. Its almost legendary," Naruto said, "Just get on

with the exercise?"

'Hes direct,' Kakashi thought.

"Your mission is to get these two bells from me. Who doesn't get one is tied to the log and fails and goes back to the academy or reserve list," Kakashi said, "You can use everything you have at your disposal. By the way. The one who fails goes hunger,"

"What!" Sakura yelled. Sasuke looked pissed. Naruto yawned.

"I ate breakfast," Naruto said as he grinned. Kakashi threw back the kunai at Naruto. Naruto's hand came out and caught it. It's tip was gazing the tip of his nose.

"As I just showed you are to aim to kill. Thats the only way to beat me," Kakashi said,

"The test ends when this ring," Kakashi clicked a timer. When he turned around they were gone. Kakashi started to walk. After a bit he heard a noise then a dozens kunai threw at him. Kakashi easily dodged it but he hit a trap wire. This time a log swung down. Kakashi ducked as a row of wood spikes flew at him.

'These traps were made quickly but very effective,' Kakashi thought as he stood up.

Naruto came out of the bushes and missed with a jumping spinning kick. Naruto slid to a stop

with his back to Kakashi.

"You shouldn't have your back turned to your opponent. Hidden Leaf Ancient Taijutsu Supreme Technique: A Thousand Years of Pain!" Kakashi yelled as he made a fist with his index fingers out. He attacked Naruto's behind. Naruto went flying. Naruto burst into water in the air.

"A Mizu bunshin?" Kakashi asked.

"What technique was that?" Sakura asked herself in her hiding spot, "The body was made of water and was acting independent,"

'He used that to test Kakashi's strength,' Sasuke thought. Suddenly a dozens of Naruto flew out. Kakashi jumped back as he dodged the attack but it was getting close. Kakashi hit out expecting it to turn to water but it disappeared into smoke.

"Kage Bunshin!" Kakashi yelled to himself, 'Kage Bunshin is more powerful than Mizu bunshin. Impressive," Kakashi turned it up as he pulled out a kunai and spun around attacking the clones. Each disappearing into smoke until one was left.

"Not bad for a genin," Kakashi said with a smile as he attacked. He connected with a hard punch sending Naruto into the forest. Naruto took down a tree as he crashed into it.

"You overestimated your skill and underestimated my skill," Kakashi stated as he pulled out his favorite book and walked away. Naruto smiled as he stood up unharmed.

"You wouldn't see me coming now," Naruto said as ran into the forest silent as a ghost.


"The Kage Bunshin is a very useful skill To been able to use it is a great achievement Naruto. To master and use it to its fullest potential is tough," Kai said. He was a young man with white hair and red eyes.

"You're the one tied to the logs," Hatch said with grin.

"You used Naruto's Kage Bunshin to lure me to a trap. Gwen used genjutsu to hide the trap and you used your high speed to get the bells while I'm in the pit. Clever but who'll get the two bells?" Kai asked.

"Naruto and Gwen of course. They did do all of the hard work," Hatch said, "Naruto would be teased too much if he did go back. Ill pass next time," Hatch tossed a 10 years Naruto and Gen, a green haired girl, the bells.


Sakura quietly walked in the forest searching. Suddenly a pair of hands came out behind her. One covered her mouth and one around her waist and pulled her into the bushes. Sakura turned to find it was Naruto. He had his finger to his lips telling her to be quiet. Sakura looked back to see Kakashi walk by reading his book. Sakura walked out after Kakashi walked by.

"Hey Sakura. I have this plan to. . .," Naruto started.

"Have you seen Sasuke?" Sakura asked quickly.

"I saw him about 20 meters to the west but...," Naruto spoke but Sakura didn't heard the rest as she went to find Sasuke.

"I don't believe this," Naruto said, "Sasuke says he doesn't want or need my help. He is overestimating his skill. Hell come close but hell lose. Sakura's too love struck to focus. Why the hell am I doing here?" Naruto disappeared in a cloud of smoke.


Kakashi looked around the area. Sasuke's head was the thing visible. Sakura was foaming at her mouth. Naruto was missing.

"Naruto's missing?" Kakashi asked as he looked around. Suddenly the ground exploded with a dozen Naruto's. They were flying towards Kakashi from his right side.

"More Kage bunshins?" Kakashi asked as he turned and jumped. He started to make them disappear. Suddenly from behind a Naruto latched onto his back hooking his arms.

"Nice to see your back," Naruto said as the others jumped to attack. Kakashi smiled as he disappeared and another Naruto appeared trapped. Naruto instantly let him go.

"Kawarimi no Jutsu," Naruto said as he landed.

"Hey Kakashi! Look on your back! I let you a present!" Naruto yelled into the woods. A explosion answered him.

"Explosive note on the back. Got to hurt," Naruto said as he walked in the direction of the blast. Naruto faded out. Sakura was shaking off the illusion and Sasuke had dug himself out.

"They're fighting," Sakura said. Naruto flew through the tree. He slid to a stop in the clearing then charged back in. The timer rang a few minutes later. A beaten up Naruto walked into the clearing muttering something about arms too short and taijutsu. Naruto collapsed on his face. Kakashi shortly walked in. Judging from the bruises on his face and his broken headband and cuts in his clothes he didnt fair as well as he did with Sasuke or Sakura. Kakashi pulled out a random shuriken from his vest.

"So we fail?" Sakura asked.

"Depends on Naruto," Kakashi said as Naruto stood up holding two bells in his right hand.

"Catch," Naruto said as he threw them. Sasuke and Sakura caught one each.

"You'll go back to reserve list you know," Sakura said.

"Whatever. I know the meaning of this exercise. But going back to before as more fun than this," Naruto said as he sat against a tree. He made a few seals and started to heal himself.

"Ok. What was the point of this exercise?" Kakashi asked.

"Teamwork. Normally a team of three Genins can overpower a Jounin enough to grab two bells off the Jounin," Naruto said.

"But why was that only two bells?" Sakura asked. Naruto chuckled.

"To see who willing to give something for another," Naruto said, "Teamwork isnt about

being selfish. Its doing whats best for the team,"

"Naruto knew this test coming in because of his first instructor. Naruto started to get each of you to be a team but Sasuke you took me on thinking you could win without seeing what I could

do. Sakura. You were too focused on finding Sasuke," Kakashi said.

"My first trap attack was to test his speed. The Mizu bunshin and Kage bunshins was to

test his reaction speed and fighting skill. Why fight, yourself? Send in the clones," Naruto said.

"That doesn't explain how you got the bells," Sakura said.

"My taijutsu style is powerful and my skills are top class," Naruto said, "But...," Naruto collapsed backward and ended up laying on the ground on his back.

"Takes up a lot of stamina," Kakashi finished, "By the way. Thanks to Naruto you pass barely,"

(Jounin Lounge)

"You beaten up bad," Gai said with a grin as Kakashi came into the lounge.
"Naruto?" Asuma asked, "Looks like it. I seen his handy work. I was on my last mission,"

"Your last mission was a Class B mission if I remember right," Kurenai said.

"Naruto's really a Chunin and high ranked one at that. So where is the kid?" Asuma said.

"I think hes training right now,"Kakashi said.

(Training Fields)

Naruto spinning like a buzzsaw. He put out his foot and he hit the top of the log hard. Naruto froze there with his heel in the huge log. Naruto's foot bounced off the log and Naruto fell backward to the ground. Hatch started to laugh.

"Dammit! My ankle!" Naruto yelled as he sat up and pulled his pant leg off. It was a bit bruised. Naruto put his hand to it to heal it.

"I cant get the lightning Bullet to work right," Naruto stated as he sat down beside Hatch. Hatch tossed him a drink.

"You don't get enough force between the kick. You need get higher or spin even fast for it to work you know," Hatch said.

"I can't seem to get some force," Naruto said, "My team doesn't help either,"

"What you mean?" Hatch asked.

"My thoughts were Team 7 would rival Team 6 but...," Naruto said.

"Conflicting interests?" Hatch asked.

"Sasuke's the number one rookie for this year. Sakura's the most intelligent student of the year. But Sasuke's overestimating his skill and power. Sakura's too love struck to focus," Naruto said.

"Teamwork is thrown out the window," Hatch said, "I heard who else made it pass the test. Want to hear?"

"Shoot," Naruto said.

"Team 8. The new Jounin Kurenai led team of Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino and my cousin Hyuga Hinata. They call that team the Clans Gang. Each of them are part of a ninja clan," Hatch said.

"The other team?" Naruto asked.

"Team 10. Asuma led team. You were on a mission with him I think. Akimichi Chouji,Naru Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino," Hatch said.

"Ino-Shika-Cho Team. I been on a mission with their fathers. Tough as hell team and their teamwork was great," Naruto said.

"From what I heard Ino is at odds with her teammates. Chouji eats all of the time. For Shikamaru you need a stampede of rhinos to get that guy to move an inch," Hatch said.

"This year should be fun to watch," Naruto said. They both started to laugh at the ideas in their heads.


Naruto jumped and caught the target as it tried to get away.

"All this trouble for a cat?" Naruto asked as he held it up by its sides. The cats claws

came out and tried to scratch his face. Naruto pulled it away from him.

"Watch it kitty," Naruto said as he growled at the kitty.

"You must know how things work. You're Genins so you can only get Class D and C missions normally," Kakashi said.

"Couldn't we get a C mission at least?" Naruto asked over the com.

"The idiots right. This stuff is child's play," Sasuke said. N

"Funny. Don't make me hurt you," Naruto growled.

"You dare threaten Sasuke-kun!" Sakura screamed into the headset. Naruto took off the headset in pain. Sasuke did the same. Kakashi knew far away to take it off a head of time.

"Whatever," Sasuke said as he walked away. Naruto followed with the cat.


Naruto opened the door to his apartment to find the Hokage.

"Hey grandpa," Naruto greeted him as he opened his fridge.

"I want to see how you're dealing with your new team. While you were the best candidate for the mission, I know this must bring up from bad memories," Hokage replied as Naruto pulled a bottle and a Kage Bunshin grabbed two glasses from a cabinet.

"My big sister made me promise to protect the clan. It was her dying wish for me," Naruto said as he poured a glass for the Third and one for himself. They mets at least once a month for a drink.

"The legendary Dual Blood of The Leaf. Master of two bloodlines, parading as a lowly Genin," Hokage said as he laugh. Naruto chuckled a bit.

"Can you give us a C mission at least in the soon to come future? My awesome skill is going to waste at this rate" Naruto asked.

"Ill see what I can do," Hokage answered as he stood up, "So Ill get your status report on a weekly basis right?"

"I wouldn't be an Anbu for nothing then," Naruto said with a fox grin.

Author Notes

A revised with small variants from the original but nothing dramatic.