Dual Blood

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"It's good to be back!" Naruto shouted as he passed the gates getting the attention of people around him but they shortly returned back to what they were doing seeing it was Naruto.

"Come on, you said you could help Hatch right?" Naruto asked.

"His injury doesn't sound too serious for me to heal." Tsunade stated.

"I'll go and get him. I'll meet you at the hospital!" Naruto disappeared in the crowd.

"Energetic kid, isn't he?" Tsunade asked.

"Yeah but I don't know if being in the village is the best for him," Her fellow Sannin replied.

"I know. Naruto's growth is incredible. I wonder how long can he be bound to the Leaf. He's already at an Anbu level,"

"I wanted to talk to you about that, Tsunade,"

"You want to take him out of the village right? I was thinking about doing that anyway,"



"Hakke kuushou!" Both Neji and Hinata were knocked back hard. Hatch stood with a crutched under his left arm and right hand out.

"What was that?" Neji asked as he stumbled to his feet.

"The next level of Jyuuken. It's not just a close range style at this level," Hatch explained, "Both of you wanted to trained with me? This is how I fight,"

"He's a master at that," Hatch spun around and sent a strike at the tree. The trunk bent then shattered before the ninja sidestepped from hiding behind the tree.

"Hogan!" Naruto struck down at Hatch. Hatch pushed off with his crutch to help him jump back.

"What's up Naruto? I'm sort of in the middle of some business," Hatch motioned towards the two Hyuuga watching. Neji and Hinata just stared. Naruto and Hatch just attacked each other and were acting like nothing happened.

"I wanted to talk to you about something. I just brought back Tsunade and I asked her if she could heal you with your leg,"

"How?" asked Hatch

"She's a medical genius. You know how I am with that crap," Naruto scratched his head as he tried to remember how Tsunade said it, "I forget what she said but she said she could probably fix your leg,"

"Why not? I'm sort of sick of walking with crutches," Hatch stated. He turned to Hinata and Neji who had moved in to listen, "I guess I have to cut this training session short,"

"Hey guys," Naruto stated as he turned to him.

"Naruto-kun," Hinata whispered.

"Uzumaki," Neji stated, "Since you're cutting my training session, why don't you spar with me,"

"That's too easy. I know this crap. I'll train you for a bit. I'm struck in the village for a bit but first. Come on Hatch!" Naruto grabbed Hatch and disappeared.



The lobby got a surprise visit as Naruto appeared with Hatch. Hatch looked around before he turned to Naruto.

"Idiot!" Hatch uses his crutch as a hammer to hit on top of Naruto's head, "Warn me before you do that!"

"Hello, Hatch. Tsunade is waiting for you in room 201, this way please," The nursed gestured towards the elevator.

"Thanks," Hatch went back to his calm and composed self in a second and walked away. Naruto turned away as he mumbled anything about spilt personality and Hyuuga strangeness. He disappeared then reappeared on the training grounds.



"Where were we?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

"Hakke Kuushou!" Naruto moved his head as the chakra wave pasted by him, "Not bad but…," Naruto quickly made a few seal and he shouted,

"Kaze Misairu!" Naruto mimicked Neji's punch but he hit his target. Neji was blasted by wind. He slid back with his arms crossed.

"What was that?" Neji asked.

"A missile. I've been working on them for a good year now. Just perfected it recently. It doesn't have the same power as Hakke Kuushou but it's a handy technique," Naruto moved to the side as a chakra propelled Hinata came from behind with a strike.

"Interesting," Naruto whispered as he somersaulted but Neji came in this time.

"So this is what an Anbu can do?" Neji asked.

"So you know?"

"Your one of the youngest ever to enter the Anbu," Neji stated as missed a chakra point strike at Naruto.

"Actually second in command of the Head Anbu team," Naruto grinned as he pushed off Neji's head and went into a spin. He quickly disappeared then appeared next to Neji still spinning. His leg reached out and knocked Neji away. As soon as Naruto touched the ground he disappeared and appeared in front of Hinata.

"Kaiten!" Naruto was knocked back surprised by Hinata.

"That's good. You finally learned it!"

"Katon! Housenka no jutsu!" Naruto's eyes widen as flames flew from Hinata like a foundation's water. Naruto found it hard to dodge the random attack. Neji had started his own Kaiten to deflect the attack.

"Doton! Doroku Gaeshi " Naruto pulled out a slab of stone as a shield. Hinata slowed down then stopped. She stumbled around dizzy.

"I think that's enough for today," Naruto popped out from the side of the stone. Naruto caught Hinata as she fell down.

"Gomen," Hinata whispered as she closed her eyes from exhaustion.

"She used too much chakra with that combo attack," Naruto stated as he picked her up and handed over to Neji, "By the way, better start running. Someone wants to stretch their legs now," Neji looked at Naruto confused before he saw chakra coming. He jumped back as Naruto side stepped the attack. The attack impacted the ground.

"This feels good to move again," Hatch stated as he twisted his leg around.

"Better I see?"

"I had to lose hair through and stay still for a while," Hatch stated as he slammed his hands through a series of seals.

"Doton! Stone sperent!" Hatch yelled as the ground exploded as a jagged stones ripped through the ground at Naruto.

"Normally a Hyuga have to limit themselves to low level jutsu and gentle fist taijutsu but Hatch was different. He was able to perform high level jutsus," Neji whispered as he watched from afar as the two old team mates ripped the training ground apart.



"So why didn't the Third have access to this place?" Jiraiya asked as he looked around at the web covered stone walls as he stood in front of a large stone gate.

"This was constructed to hold all of the forbidden scrolls that my grandfather and his brother collected while as Hokages. Only someone from their family can open it.

"Like you?"

"Exactly. This should hold information on the SIN bloodline," Tsunade held up her hand to the door. Tsunade flinched as a needle drew blood. Shortly after, the stone gates slide open admitting the two Sannins. Jiraiya whistled amazed as he looked at the large cave pilled with scrolls to the top.

"The last person to come here was Arashi," Jiraiya became quiet over his student' name was mentioned.


"Shit," Hatch let out a exhausted breath as he laid on the ground.

"That's all you have? Come on man! It's been a while since we sparred?"

"Shut up!" Hatch yelled as he playfully threw a water jutsu at Naruto, who easily evaded.

"Unlike someone, I've been out of action for a while. I'm surprised my legs can walk!" Hatch yelled as he launched more jutsus at Naruto. Naruto had evaded all of those attacks.

"Wait a minute," Hatch rushed to his feet, "Come on. I want to see someone,"

"What's up?" Naruto asked as he looked Hatch in the eye,

'What the? I'm looking at Hatch without looking up,' Naruto thought.

"You grown fast, also you're faster than before," Hatch stated as he stepped back, "I could hit you at least once with my barrages. Let's see any other thing. Come on man," Hatch held up out his right hand.

"Mercy," Naruto stated. He and Hatch played mercy a lot but Naruto had yet to beat him. Naruto grabbed Hatch's hand and they started to crush each other hand.

"Ah!" The two old team-mates yelled as they pushed their weights into their hands.

'Shit! He's gotten stronger too!' Hatch thought as he started to move his arm higher. He moved his fingertips to where Naruto had broken his hand before. All was fair in war and mercy as he said.

"I give!" Naruto yelled as he broke off shaking his hand in pain.

'He's stronger than me now,' Hatch thought then yelled, "What the hell did you do while you were gone. Damn. You're taller; you're stronger and faster than before,"

"I don't know. I did something with Kyubi. Something about that SIN crap. I don't remember that well," Naruto scratched his head.

"Another evolution of Uzumaki Naruto," Hatch stated as he shook his head.


"SIN bloodline was from the Original Ninja village. Its real name was Shinkouteki Ibusa Naito or a Spiritual War Knight," Tsunade read as she unrolled more of the large scroll.

"I heard it was Spiral Initial Neo," Jiraiya stated.

"Apparently the bloodline died out shortly after the Leaf was created so the name was lost through the ages. I was partly right with some of the naming,"

"What else does it say about SIN?"

"The SIN bloodline's origin is demonic. It requires a demon soul to unlock. So that's why Naruto has been the only one to unlock in such a long time,"

"The Kyubi,"

"Yes, The bloodline enhance the basic abilities of the user to incredible level,"

"Like what he did against that Sound Spy kid,"

"Right, This is what it say, "Earth's strength, Lightning's speed, water's touch, fire's vision and wind's whisper. It allows the user to have several other abilities but it doesn't say any details," Jiraiya looked at the scroll himself.

"What's this mark?" Jiraiya pointed to a wax seal at the side of the scroll. It looks like a phoenix bird with it's wings around something.

"It's an old mark. I don't know what it means,"

"I feel like it's important,"


"Knock, knock," Naruto popped his head into the hospital room and looked around to see Sakura apparently peeling an apple for Sasuke who seemed distracted.

"Hey! What's up guys?" Naruto asked as he walked in. Sasuke looked up at Naruto. He was determined about something but Naruto couldn't tell.

"Fight me," Sasuke stated.

"What? Come on man. You get in the head. You're in no condition to fight," Sasuke nearly jumped out of the bed.

"Fight me now," Sasuke growled.

"Whatever but this is too small," Naruto saw the determined look. No way Naruto could convince Sasuke or else.


Naruto let out a breath as they came to the roof. Sakura had followed them to the rooftop.

'Naruto Uzumaki. Age: 12. Second year Genin. High level in ninjutsu, taujustu and weapons. No information on genjutsu and bloodline abilities. He has a 7 Class A mission record,' Sasuke remembered Kabuto's summary of Naruto. Sasuke had found what he could about his team mate. Everyone who knew anything said Naruto was the strongest of the generation or he's a monster of the generation.

"You still want to fight?" the ninja in question asked.

"Katon! Goukakyuu no jutsu!" Sasuke started with the massive fireball.

"Dragon slash!" The fireball was spilt in half by Naruto's Reikiri.

"Katon! Housenka no jutsu!" Sasuke launch smaller fireballs at Naruto. Naruto used his katana again to cut the attack and deflect the shuriken inside them.

"Are you done?" Naruto asked as he tighten the grip on his katana.

'What the hell is wrong with this guy? Even through he's injured he's using everything he got in those attacks,'

"Sasuke! That's enough. You're still not ok," Naruto yelled.

"Shove it!" Sasuke yelled as he grabbed his right arm as he charged in at Naruto.

"Chidori!" Sasuke's arm exploded as chakra exploded from his hand.

'What the hell is he thinking?' Naruto thought as he went through some seals.

'Just dodge it. Let your body move naturally,' Naruto heard Kyubi's voice. Naruto momentarily stop to the Kyubi's voice.

"Shit," Naruto saw Sasuke in striking distance. Sasuke's arm shot out and it went right through.

'Right through?' Sasuke thought. His arm went through Naruto but he didn't feel any flesh, 'A bunshin?' The Naruto just disappeared. No smoke or nothing.

'What was that?' Sakura thought. Kakashi was watching also was thinking at long the same line and also….

"Where's Naruto?" Kakashi whispered. Sasuke was knocked to the ground with his arm held back. Naruto held Sasuke to the ground.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Naruto yelled as he held Sasuke's head on its side to the ground. Sasuke stayed quiet for a few minutes.

"Whatever. You've been a jerk since day one. I'm sick of it now," Naruto let Sasuke out and disappeared with a Line Bound.


"What do we have here," Tsunade picked up a large scroll.

"You got something?'

"This has a spiral seal on it," Tsunade put the scroll on the large reading table and pointed to the wax seal on it.

"So what? A lot of stuff have spirals seals,"

"This is the same Spiral seal as her,"


"Aiko Uzumaki. Naruto's mother and the Fourth's Wife," Tsunade opened up the scroll, "The demonic bloodline of the SIN,"


"What the hell was that?" Naruto yelled as he stood in front of the 'holding cell' of the Kyubi. It was currently like a royal castle. Kyubi was sitting in a throne of sort as a red hair older woman.

"You forgot our last deal? Our strength as one?"

"What the hell does that do with my body moving like that?" Naruto yelled.

"Your body is stronger now and also like that's Sand demon's shield. Your body can move and attack when you don't think.,"


"You can control your body or let your body response on its own. Restriction to this is that your body can't use jutsu by itself but it can use the abilities of Sin,"

"What was with that speed too?"

"The Lightning's Speed I believed they called it,"


"The body will open the eight celestial gates and use the released burst chakra into body to be used into various forms from speed to strength to sight,"

"Celestial gates? Don't people die from that?"

"Apparently it's because of the demon spirit, needed to unlock the bloodline, that the user can survive that gates' openings,"

"Then Naruto has a lot of power at his disposal then,"


"This is the power Orochimaru can give," Sasuke looked at the four as he sucked in the pain, "If you want this power then come to the Gate tonight,"


"Naruto! Where the hell are you?" Haku yelled as she came into the house. She found him in his living room in a trance.

"Wake up!"

"What is it?" Naruto asked as his eyes snapped open.

"The Hokage just made a summon for END,"



"What took you so long?"

"None of business, Let's go," Sasuke stated as he walked by them and jumped down from the gate.

"This guy is more annoying then that Fox Brat from a year ago," Sakon stated.

"At least that brat could fight better," Kidoumaru stated as they followed.



"I can't believe this new Hokage," The Chuunin stated as he tried to balance the sheets of papers. His partner had the same problem as he had his own stack.

"Hey look over there," The two look at the body asleep on a stone bench, "Hey wake up!"


"What?" Tsunade broke the table when she stood up and smacked her hands into it, "Dammit. I want that new Nara Chuunin,"

"Yes ma'am," The Chuunin nodded and disappeared.


"You want to see me?" Shikamaru asked lazily as he came in.

"Your classmate Sasuke has left the village without permission. It's assumed that he left of his own accord. I want you to lead a rescue mission to recover him. I also believe that Sasuke has powerful enemies accompanying him,"

"I guess I would need a team of Chuunin and Jounins,"

"Sorry but there's no available Chuunin or Jounin. I want you to gather as many worthy Genin as you can. This is a Class A mission,"

"I better find Naruto then," Shikamaru stated as he remembered the powerhouse.

"I said all Chuunins and Jounins. Naruto is currently away on a Class S mission,"



"You know this will be probably a suicide mission," Haku stated the small unit move through the trees. Each was about 100 meters away and was talking through headsets.

"No it's won't. Here's the plan. I'll sneak in the village. You create a distraction but no direct combat right?" Naruto said as he used his hands to propel himself toward.

"What are you going to do? This isn't an assassination mission,"

"You want to know? Ever heard of Ragnarok?" Naruto asked.

"What? I heard of it. The Red Cross bloodline's greatest technique. They summon the five gatekeeper of hell and unleash hell in a small area,"

"Good. I don't have to explain?"

"Are you insane! Ragnaork center around the Red Cross guy! That means you die too!"

"Unless I escape the radius,"

"What's the radius?"

"About the radius of the village. When I summon the gatekeepers I have about a minute before hell breaks loose. I have that much time to escape,"

"So Line Bound technique,"

"I can't, Ragnaork will take away my Red Cross abilities. I'm losing them slowly,"

"I know I can't argue with you but I'll say this. If you freaking dead, I'm going to hell drag you back then kill you myself!"

"Listen to your girlfriend,"

"Shut up you three. Uzumaki. Good luck. You know the plan,"


The gates closed as the Genins look in the direction.

"You all know the plan right? Move out," Shikamaru said barely audible to the team. They nodded then jumped out of sight.


"END. I can't believed you summon them,"

"If I knew Naruto was on that team then I won't have," Tsunade stated as she looked at the images of End.

"End, the Leaf's most secret Anbu team, they've only summons in times of war or great danger. END has been summoned only 3 times in the history of the Leaf,"

"That village is too much of a threat to leave alone. I have to end it,"

"Normally the members of End don't make it back for the time, I know the kid he done some crazy impossible things,"


Orochimaru stood as an illunsionary snake struck down on the victor of the tournament.



Naruto was surrounded by dead bodies. He was covered in their blood as he made five circles around him in their blood. Within each circle he created a star. On the walls he placed five names.

"Let's start this," Naruto rolled out the scroll in front of him. The explosions and blasts outside not disturbing him. He sat down crossed legged in his hands on the ground.

"I am a child of the bloodstained cross. I am a child who has peer into the eyes of death. I call upon the guardian that I have call upon for my power. I called on those who shared a covenant with this child," The blood signs started to glow crimson.

"I summons the banished Gatekeeper Tedah!" Naruto yelled as the names behind him to the right glowed. Outside a red beam shot out from the wall and curved out into 1/5th of a circle.

"I call upon the Watcher in the shadow! Rerpa!" Naruto yelled as the name behind him to the left glowed. Another red beam shot from outside and the end curved to link with the first one.

"This is the room!" The door to the room opened as a ninja appeared. He was knocked out of the room by a Kage Bunshin. The Kage Bunshin followed him.

"Need to hurry. Heaven or hell! I call the judge of the damned! Densad!" The name to his right glowed and the red came out and linked with the rest of the circle. The circle was 3/5th done.

"Hunter of lost souls that wanders between world! Velid!" Naruto yelled as the name to his right glowed. The circle was nearly finished. The door opened again as Sound-Nins rushed in as the Kage Bunshins disappeared in smoke.

"Ruler of the damned! King of the dead! Hinagimshi!" Naruto finished as the last name glowed brightly as the circle was finished. The Sound Nins covered their eyes. Each pointed started to send beams to the next point and so on as a Start diagram begun to appear.

"Hell is coming. Best to get out of here," Naruto stated as he weakly stood up. His body drained by the ritual.

"You bastard! We'll kill you!" Naruto jumped back into the wall as he turned and slapped a tag on the wall. The wall exploded allowing a running and exhausted Naruto ran for he could.


"End squadron! Move out of the red zone!" The ground started to shake as large stone statues at the points of the star.

"What's your ETA Naruto?" Haku asked over the com.

"Don't know. That ritual took a lot out of me. I lost the Red Cross blood so I'm tired. I'll make it! Just get yourself out of the area before those statues reach their peaks!" A loud boom exhoed through the encircled area.

"Ah!" Naruto yelled as he stopped as his body began to freeze up. The statues' mouths had opened as they started to open their arms. The ground began to turn dark. pitch black.

"Dammit. The Terror of death, paralyzes all," Naruto coughed out as the darkness on the ground started to rise.

"Looks this is the end for me. At least I'm taking a village with me," Naruto chuckled as he saw a Sound-Nin already trapped in the darkness screaming.

"Break free of the terror," Kyubi's voice roared from inside, "With the touch of water,"

"What?" Naruto whispered.

"This is fucking annoying, summoning your abilities while seal within your stomach!" Naruto was startled as his body was covered in a blue fire of sort. His body was being pumped with renwed power.

"Run!" The Fox screamed. Naruto took his advise and ran as fast as he could.


Sasuke laughed as he looked at his newly transformed body. He could feel the ground in him as it surge through it.

"I can feel it. I can kill Itachi with this argh!" Sasuke fell to his knee as his power started to discharge.


Anko grinded her teeth as she held the neck as pain shot through her body. She screamed as it started to burn.


"Hey Naruto? You still alive?" Naruto felt light slaps to the ground

"Give me five more minutes," Naruto groaned. The ninja broke out laughing after hearing that.

"Look over here," One stated.

"What is it?"

"It's that Uchiha kid," Haku stated as she looked at the inconsious kid.

"Why the hell is he here?"

"Just grab him and Naruto, We'll sort it out later. There still are Sound-Nins around. Orochimaru would have escaped too. Now move it!"


Konoha Village

The gates of the city opened as five bodies collapsed just after entering.

"What the hell?" The Gatekeeper appeared before them and took a look, "Get the medics!"


Hokage Office

"I don't know to laugh or what? END destroyed a village, apparently killed Orochimaru since the Curse on Anko and Sasuke are gone. They also brought back Sasuke, a Mission you gave another team. Maybe you should make them a permanent team,"

"What worries me is Naruto,"

"What's wrong with him?"

"Before the cells in his blood were active since he had awaken the Red Cross Bloodline but now they're dominant,"

"The only way someone can lose their Red Cross abilities is to die or …dear god. Ragnarok!"

" Ragnarok? You're joking right? The most forbidden and powerful Red Cross Jutsu used by a kid? Only Elders of the Red Cross had been able to use that!"

"What other reasons can you think of? Naruto's still alive but he lost his Red Cross blood,"

"What the hell is going on? I thought Naruto was a genius even a prodigy but right now he's transcending everything I understand,"

"I don't know what to say. Call for me when the kid wakes up. I want to chat with him,"



Kaoru looked as Naruto and Jiraiya stepped out of the gate. She stepped into sight as the gates closed down.

"This is the woman who coming with us?" Jiraiya said as he stared at her. There was drool dripping from the side of his mouth. In a flash he whipped out his notebook.

"Pervert?" Kaoru asked. Naruto simply nodded. Somehow a huge hammer appeared out of nowhere and Kaoru hammered Jiraiya right on the head. Naruto shook his head.


"Dual Blood's dead now but he reached a high level," A shadow asked. The eyes opened to reveal two blue eyes.

"Will he be able to stop Kokuzoku is what matters," The second shadow asked as red eyes looked around, "Or will he open the Gate and destroy the world? By the way, are you going to stop hiding from him? You are the only one who can teach him about the true abilities of SIN. After all you are his family, Aunty," The shadow let out of a breath then disappeared.

"He's the last hope,"


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