Title: Piggy, Piggy

Author: Snacky

Email: snknjak@yahoo.com

Summary: A little bit of fluff between or favourite couple

Pairings: Sam/Jack

Spoilers: none, set in future

Rating: G (U)

Archive: Samandjack, Gateworld.net, fanfiction.net

Authors Notes: It helps if you have heard this little rhyme, if not I think your going to be a little confused.

"This little piggy went to market"


"This little piggy Stayed at home"

*Giggle* "Jack? What are you doing?"

"This little piggy had bread and butter"


"This little piggy had none"


"And!...This little piggy went we, we, we, all the way home!"..."What?"

"Sometimes I just don't get you...And sometimes when you smile at me like that, I don't care..."

"And that's why you love me right?"




"This little piggy..."


Happy new year everyone!

Toodle Pipsky