Title: Brothers and Sisters

Author: Vix

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Category: Alex POV

Summary: Alex's after thoughts about punching Michael.

Disclaimers: If I owned them Michael wouldn't have missed when he tried to use his powers on Courtney, but obviously I don't own them.

Rating: Pg-13 (language)

Spoilers: Everything up to and End of The World

Authors note: This probably really sucks, I just saw End of The World last night and right after it I started to work on this cause

this was one of my absolute favorite parts.

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Family is a strange concept. What makes you family, blood or love? Perhaps both, but I know one thing for certain whether Maria is blood or not doesn't determine how I feel about her.

She's not just a girl, nor is she just a friend. She never was and never will be, at least not to me.

She's my sister. I love her, and I put her before me in all things. I made a promise to myself that I would always be there for her, always.

She doesn't have a dad like Liz to tell her that he'd protect her. She doesn't have the over protective fathers Liz and Isabel have. She has Mr. Parker and me, but I highly doubt Mr. Parker would have punched Michael Guerin in the jaw.

He has at least 30 pounds on me and could kill me with a thought, but I don't regret it, at all. Some probably think I didn't think it through enough cause if I did I wouldn't have done it.

They're wrong. I had thought it through. I had thought about it since the day I found out Michael had hurt Maria the first time. I promised my self then that I would never let him hurt her.

I made exceptions. When he killed Pierce, I let it pass because he was scared, and I could be there for her then. I let him off the hook because he wasn't cheating on her. He was just scared and I knew eventually that the fear would pass and he would probably return to her like always.

When it did pass Courtney showed up. I knew there was tension between Maria and her because of Michael. I thought Michael had no interest in Courtney after all his original reason for leaving Maria was that he had loved her too much.

I guess he didn't love her enough not to cheat on her.

That is where I draw the line. To me it's one thing when you leave cause you're trying to protect the one you love and you're trying to figure everything out for yourself. I can understand that.

But when you cheat on one of my sisters… There is no turning back when that happens, not for me.

I love Maria and Liz with all my heart. I would do anything for them, anything at all. Yes, I knew Michael could have killed me. Yes, I knew it was a possibility I would come out of his apartment not on my own to feet, but by him throwing me, but that didn't really matter. And it probably never will. Not when they're involved.

My hand still hurts like hell. It was so smooth of me to hit his jawbone, really it was, but Maria is well worth the pain. She's worth much, much more to me.

I would die for her in a heartbeat. There's nothing that I wouldn't do for her or Liz for that matter.

He told me I really was a good friend, and I told him if he said that to me again I was really going to kick his ass. If he did say it again I really would have. I might not have succeeded, but I would have tried. I would have tried until he beat me so bad I couldn't move.

I don't care if the next one that hurts her is twelve feet tall and carrying a shotgun. I will go after him any way that I can. There aren't any second thoughts about it.

I remember back in fourth grade, when we meet. She was more violent than I was. She still is most of the time. I never had to protect her really; she did that. Not only for herself but for me as well.

Michael's right, I am a really good friend, but above that I'm a really good brother.

The End