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"-And so, even though the situation seems to have quieted down at the moment, it is my opinion that the area should still be closely watched." Having finished his report, David saluted, his spine rigidly straight. Trying not to look as though he was doing so, he watched the assembled Council closely.

The Skybax Council was made up of the heads of each Squad. He tried not to stare at Sebastian as the assembled men and women bent their heads together, discussing what he had just told them. David stood stiffly, waiting.

Eventually one of the heads, the gold leader's, rose up. "Thank you David. You are dismissed."

David saluted again and headed back to the barracks. On the way he passed by the nesting cliffs and his eyes automatically sought out Freefall. The Skybax was already asleep in his nest. David smiled. It had been a long mission, made all the longer for David because Sebastian was stuck back in Canyon City doing Council duties. Not that Altara was a bad person, or a bad leader. Not by far. But she just wasn't Sebastian.

David hardly even noticed his own door as he passed it by. When the next batch of cadets came in, someone else would be given the room. God knew he never used it. David smiled slightly, pushing open the door to Sebastian's room. He dumped his gear in a pile in the corner and flopped onto the bed, exhausted. They had really pushed themselves to be back before nightfall, and they had just barely made it. And then there had been the interminable wait to make his report to the Council, then the report itself. And now, finally, it was time to rest.

David lay still for a few seconds more, before getting up enough to rid himself of his clothes. It was late spring, but already warm enough that one could comfortably sleep naked, even with the windows open. Dinotopia was a tropical island, so it never got cold enough for a serious winter anyway, and Canyon City was especially warm, even with the major winds that blew through.

Pushing down the light blanket to the foot of the bed, David sprawled in the center of the sheets, staring at the ceiling. Twenty minutes later he was almost drifting off when he heard the soft click of the door opening. The cross-breeze created by wind moving through the open door and window sent a soft breath of cool air across his sweaty skin. He didn't open his eyes, but smiled when he felt a weight settle into bed next to him.

He turned his head to the side and opened his eyes slightly to see Sebastian, also naked, grinning at him. Nine months they had been together now, David thought. Nine months. Not a year, but substantially more than half. And that grin still gave him that peculiar little warm feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Sebastian leaned forward and kissed him lightly, first on the lips, then on the jaw, then on the neck. "I missed you," he said.

"I missed you too," said David. "I hate going on patrol without you."

"At least you're doing something instead of stuck in this city arguing with stubborn, thick-headed Council members over something inane, like protocol," Sebastian groused.

David smiled and turned on his side so that he could run his fingers through Sebastian's hair. It was hot out; the hair at the base of Sebastian's neck was already damp with sweat. Sebastian closed his eyes briefly and sighed with pleasure. "At least you're back now," he said.

David didn't answer, but tugged on Sebastian's arm until the other man moved over and was lying on top of him. The sweat of their bodies stuck their skin together, but David had missed this feeling of a comfortable weight on top of him too much to care. At least when Sebastian was with them on patrol, the two of them could sleep next to each other on a pallet, even if they couldn't actually have sex due to the proximity of the rest of the Squad.

Sebastian resumed his leisurely kissing of David's neck, moving down to lick at his collarbone. He chuckled. "Salty," he murmured.

"It the sweat," said David. "It's too warm in here."

"You call this sweat?" said Sebastian. "Come on. I know you can work up a better sweat than this." He grinned ferally. "Here. I'll help you."

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