AN~ Hello again! I'm here to present to you the prologue of sorts to my fic Transformers: Dark Master! The life of Optimus and Magnus before the events of my fic, and even before Armada! So enough blabbing, here we go!

1 – Born (prologue)

Alpha Trion entered the last set of codes into the computer panel. His faded colours glimmered in the soft light of the room, and especially on the two mechs that lay on the tables. Alpha smiled as his gentle gaze shifted to his creations. They were truly beautiful … and Alpha knew they would become something great someday.

The elder one was a beautiful blue and red with golden highlights. Most of the areas not covered in armour were silver, and his face had a silver faceplate covering his nose and mouth. He looked powerful and strong, and could transform into a great armoured truck of sorts, but Alpha had made his form sleek as well, making him even more impressive.

The other one lying next to him was coloured black with crimson and dark blue armour. He too was powerfully built but also sleek, but smaller than his brother. Not that it mattered; Alpha had installed a jet pack in this ones back so he could fly. His face had no faceplate and was coloured silver, and his head was crimson and black to match his body. But if the other had no faceplate they would have identical features. That was the one part of the body that Alpha had decided to make them look alike.

Alpha then saw a light shine on them both. He recognised it and then muttered, "Primus blesses you, Optimus and Magnus."

He then activated them, Optimus first and Magnus second but only by a millisecond difference.

The blue one, Optimus, opened his optics slowly for the first time. Alpha had activated many transformers in his lifetime, but he still got a thrill to see a new life awaken and gaze around for the first time. Optimus gazed around as he sat up, and Alpha Trion came to his side and said, "Welcome to Cybertron, Optimus."

The blue mech then spoke, "Are you Alpha Trion? My creator?"

"Yes I am." Alpha said gently.

Then the other sat up too. He seemed to have more curiosity than his brother and gazed around with wide optics.

"Where am I?" He said, looking around some more.

"Hello Magnus," Alpha said, smiling at his creations youthful curiosity. "Welcome to Cybertron."

"Um, hello." Magnus replied, looking puzzled for a moment, and then looked over at Optimus, "Who're you?"

Alpha then said, "Magnus, he is your older brother."

"Brother?" Optimus said softly, and looked over at the red and black mech, who smiled at him and waved, saying "Hello!"

"Hello!" Optimus replied. Magnus laughed and he soon joined in. Neither knew what was funny, it just was.

Alpha watched the two as they proceeded to talk about themselves to one another. They were perfectly happy, and so innocent … he had created them just as he wanted. The older mech smiled. Their future would be bright indeed.

A little while later he went to get some energon for them; he knew they wouldn't cause any trouble. When he came back with some Energon in two drinking containers, he found both mechs sleeping together, leaning against the wall. Magnus's head rested on Optimus's shoulder and the blue mechs arm was around his little brother's torso. Alpha smiled at them. They had only been awake a few hours and already they were close. He hoped that nothing would happen to these two, but Alpha had a feeling that these two would always be together. He took a picture of the two together, and wrote on the back of the photo disk:

Optimus and Magnus.

Born on 600 C

Soul brothers _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Short I know, but this is just the start. Thankyou to all those who enjoyed TF: Dark Master, I am really glad that you enjoy my writing; my imagination gets out of control sometimes!

This is only the start! I only wanted to set the stage for this fic in this chap, and I hope you like it so far. I need to get as much written as possible before school starts. Yr 11 is gonna be hell with homework; I bet $1000 on it.

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