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7 – Year 6

"It's just –" SLASH! "A simple-" WOOSH! "Reflex – " SLICE! "Jetfire."

Currently, Magnus, Optimus, Jetfire and a new kid called Blurr were in the training room, and Magnus was practising with his light sabre (which he had called Fury) and talking to Jetfire at the same time. He was just telling Jetfire about some moves he had seen on the CN show 'Warriors in Action' and how one of the samurai's had somehow known that someone was sneaking up on him in his sleep, and how he had grabbed his arm with lightning speed.

"A reflex?" Jetfire pondered. "I wonder how that works …"

Magnus finished his series of moves with a final slash and de-activated Fury. However, Optimus answered. "We get to learn it this year I think."

"Pheh!" Jetfire grumbled. "Its already Fendis and we haven't done it!"

The storm month was ideal for everyone to practice his or her combat moves. The aerial class spent many days out in the dry storms, practising dodging lightning and shooting though the clouds. This was a bad idea, and therefore restricted to years 9 and above.

And then there was Delemon Academy …

This school was much the same as the one that Optimus and Magnus went to, except it was situated in the heart of Delemon. No one was sure why there was a school there at all, as the Capital was supposed to be a workplace. But everyone at Polyhex knew one thing – they weren't nice at the game Heavy War Ball.

Dinobot – a transformer a year older than them – told Springer about them. They weren't murderous, but they were close to it. It was because of this tactic and fear factor that led them to be the tournament winner for seven years in a row. There weren't many who would go up against them and not be afraid. But as Optimus and Magnus were not in the 7th year yet, they could not join the team.

The Delemon Academy seeker students or what not would sometimes come out to play with the Polyhex students in a game called Storm Tag. A lot of the local schools permitted Storm Tag, but generally it was a game frowned upon. After all, not many of the teachers could really stop the game anyway. Basically, the aim of the game was to fly around, and, not using any unique powers whatsoever, knock everyone else out of the sky. So far, the leading winner was a seeker by the name of Thundercracker. It was common knowledge that the blue seeker was damn fast and could withstand the noise of lightning, but no one yet had been able to bring him down.

This was something that Jetfire took as a personal insult.

"I bet I can beat Thundy." The white mech boasted. I've got a faster speed stat than him."

"I don't think that's all Thundercracker is famous for." Springer said seriously. "He wouldn't be the champ if he didn't have a special technique to beat everyone with."

The bell went, signalling the end of the day, so the bots left the training room, still talking.

"I'm sure that someone can beat him, eventually." Said Blurr. "No one can hold their title forever."

"But it would be such a devastating blow to his enormous ego." Magnus chuckled. They had heard that the blue seeker was the most arrogant snob to ever grace Cybertron. He was very popular, which only fattened his head more. "Oh I crave to see his expression when he's tasting Jetfire's vapour trail …"

"Thanks Magnus!" Jetfire said cheerfully, thumping the young mech on the back.

"Good idea …" Optimus whispered to him, while Jetfire chatted about ways to beat Thundercracker. "Inflating his head instead of his enemy."

Magnus chuckled guiltily.


Resting back on his recharge bed, Optimus stared at the ceiling that night. He could feel it in his very core … the approach of darkness.

For some reason that he could not explain, he liked the dark more than any other time. It was as if he had a strange affinity for the time of the day, and in complete contrast to his brother, who didn't like it much. Optimus liked the day, but he loved the night, and he found it strange.

The door opened, and Magnus walked in, looking completely exhausted. The day's combat training was heavier than usual, and Magnus had felt the blunt of it, having a higher-class weapon and all. Optimus loved his rifle. It was dark grey in colour, and he thought it was the most powerful thing in the world.

"I can't wait 'till next year …" Optimus mused. Magnus looked over at him from closing the door.

"Why's that?"

"We'll be senior students." Optimus said happily, watching Magnus get onto his bed. "And we'll be able to play Heavy War Ball and Storm Tag as well."

"You can't play Storm Tag." Magnus said, surprised. "You can't fly!"

Optimus looked over, grinning. "I'll find a way."

Magnus smirked at him, and they fell into recharge …


"Is this some kind of crazy experiment again, Cyclonus?"

The silver and yellow transformer looked up from his acidic concoction at his friend, Demolisher. "Its not crazy!" He protested in his whiny voice. "I'm merely making a metallic compound of HT6!"

The test tube began to froth and bubble violently, and Demolisher grabbed Cyclonus in alarm and said, "Its gonna –"


The two mechs fell to the floor of the room. There was a commotion outside as a huge transformer ran into the room, looking livid.

"What is all this mess?!"

Cyclonus cowered and stuttered out, "M-my experiment!"

The sixth year known as Megatron glared at them. The robot had a transformation of a huge battle vehicle known as a Tank-bomber, and he was by far one of the biggest Transformers in all of Delemon Academy. He could be kind … but very little. He had plans that rivalled Heavens War, the current leader of one army to the brewing war.

"Typical." Megatron snarled. "Going and blowing up half the lab … I have half a mind to go and inform Trypticon of your insolence."*

He left, leaving two very shaken transformers in his wake …


* I LOVE that word. And yes, Trypy is a dino who is a Teacher at the soon-to-be Decepticon academy :p

School is evil. EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!!!!

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8 – Year 7

Now being senior students, they can learn Heavy War Ball, and Jetfire tests out his wings against the Storm Tag champ, Thundercracker...

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