The Evil Strike

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Chapter One: Holidays

It was a cold winter's day in Domino Japan, just a week after Christmas. The snow still lingered on the grounds outside every shop and building, and sparkled in the bright sunlight. The holidays had been rather quiet so far for Yugi Motou, since most of his friends were either off visiting family somewhere else or couldn't bring themselves to leave the comfort of their homes to do anything.

Yugi himself, he admitted that afternoon, was enjoying the leisurely atmosphere, of not having any obligations or such and just hanging around the house and Game Shop, dueling his grandfather and talking to the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, Yami.

That particular afternoon, Yugi was lying on his stomach on the couch, flipping through a magazine on cards, Yami perched on the arm of the couch on the other end.

"It's been rather quiet these past few days, hasn't it, Yugi?" he inquired, looking over at his friend.

Yugi nodded with a sigh.

"Yeah..." he agreed. "Joey's off spending the week with Serenity and his mom, Amber and Duke are still in America for the holidays, and even the others are mainly spending time with their families, which is a good thing."

Yami nodded in agreement.

"Indeed," he replied with a nod. "Although I can't help feel as though I'm neglecting something."

Yugi rolled over and looked up at his spiritual friend, raising an eyebrow.

"Neglecting something? Like what?" he inquired curiously.

Yami sighed, turning to look out the window to the side of the couch. Yugi sat up, looking concerned.

"Yami?" he prodded.

"Well," Yami began, closing his eyes. "Lately I've been feeling strange if someone, or something close to me was being attacked, or hurt by an evil force. I always sense evil forces to some degree, but's been increasing."

Yugi raised an eyebrow.

"But who could you know that was being attacked by evil?" he asked, wondering out-loud.

Yami sighed, shaking his head.

"I don't know, Yugi," he replied honestly. "I don't know."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, over at the Kaiba Manor, Seto Kaiba was busy up in his office, typing non-stop on his laptop computer. The Christmas holidays, although peaceful, still didn't give him much of a vacation from working on Kaiba Corporation. The way he saw it was that if he did enough work over the holidays, he wouldn't have so much to do when they were over.

Mokuba Kaiba was upstairs in his room, playing with his new computer game that he'd gotten for Christmas. He didn't mind so much that his older brother spent the mornings working on various things in his office. After all, he thought to himself as he shot another enemy on the screen. He'll probably do something fun with me later today.

Hovering behind the boy was a spirit, his figure bluish-tinged in color, that looked nearly identical to Seto Kaiba himself. Well, he would have looked identical if not for the Egyptian outfit.

"Is the game fun?" he inquired, leaning over the younger Kaiba's shoulder, staring at the screen with interest.

Mokuba nodded, still trying to get past level five, which he'd been stuck on for ages.

"It is..." he murmured, pressing the spacebar several times in a row. "Except when you get stuck on a I am now."

"I see," Priest Seto replied, backing up. "Modern entertainment is so different from what children in my time found amusing."

Mokuba laughed, hitting an enemy right on target.

"That's because you didn't have computers and TV and stuff," he replied. "Yes! Level five has been completed!"

Priest Seto smiled, looking out the window at the snow-covered trees. He hadn't seen the Pharaoh, nor any of his friends since their encounter back at Madam Christina's mansion. It didn't necessarily bother him, but lately he'd been wanting to talk someone to about strange things he'd been sensing.

Several times he'd almost decided to talk to his reincarnate about them, but he stopped himself, knowing that Seto liked to be involved with these sorts of things as little as possible. However...

"What if it's him again?" Priest Seto mused, floating outside and looking down at the snow below him. "If so, then we're in great is everyone else."

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Serenity Wheeler tossed a well-packed snowball in her brother's direction, causing it to splatter on the back of his coat. Startled, Joey whirled around to see who had hit him. When he noticed his younger sister, he laughed.

"Guess I ought to pay more attention next time," Joey laughed, scooping up some snow and beginning to mold it. "Nice shot, sis."

Serenity giggled.

"Oniichan," she asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow. "Did you get hit on purpose?"

Joey shook his head, blushing.

"Nah, I didn't think you'd hit from behind, that's all," he replied honestly, standing up and brushing snow off the back of his jacket. "Man, it's cold out here."

Serenity nodded, shivering.

"Yeah...and my hands are so numb that I can't even hold a snowball anymore," she agreed, turning toward the house. "But I had a lot of fun! Thanks, oniichan."

Joey grinned, tossing his snowball into the neighbor's yard and walking up to join his sister. The two were spending Christmas at their mother's house, and were enjoying their time alone together very much.

"And Tristan's not even here to mess things up," Joey thought to himself with a grin, even though he did miss his friends back in Domino.

"Anytime, Serenity," he replied as the two, snow-covered, walked up toward the house.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Over in America, Duke Devlin sighed as he scooped up another ball of snow and added it to his large stash of snowballs he'd been making in Amber's backyard. He's been having a great time with her family and Pearl, her younger cousin. Now, the three of them were outside, enjoying the snowy weather.

"I've got fifteen snowballs!" Pearl yelled from the other side of the yard, waving two in the air. "You better watch out!"

Amber rolled her eyes and added another snowball to her own collection. She had well over thirty snowballs, but decided to humor her younger cousin.

"We will, don't worry," she called back, Duke winking at her.

"Yep!" he added, hoping over his snowball wall and crouching behind it. "Everyone ready?"

Amber nodded, ducking down at well, getting snow on her dark blue sweater and black jeans. Her amber pendant hung down, almost touching the fluffy snow surface as she picked up two of her snowballs.

"Yep!" she called back. "On your mark..."

"...Get set..." Duke continued.

"GO!" Pearl yelled, running forward with two of her snowballs, leaving her fort behind.

Amber grinned, throwing both her snowballs at her cousin, one crashing to the ground before it could even reach Pearl, and the other hitting her in the face. While Amber giggled, Pearl dropped her snowballs to the ground, using both her hands to get the snow off of her face.

Suddenly, a snowball hit Amber, and she looked up to see Duke grinning, tossing three more at her. Narrowing her eyes with a grin, she ducked two and threw one at her friend, but it missed.

After several minutes of snowball throwing, the ammunition had been all used up, and the snowball mounds were gone. Pearl flopped down in the snow, her white hair matching her surrounding environment.

Amber laughed, leaning back on a tree stump as Duke tossed the last of his snowballs at Pearl, but missed.

"Well, that was fun," Duke commented with a grin, looking around.

"But what are we gonna do next?" Pearl whined, rolling over and getting back to her feet.

Her jacket and pants were now covered in the white powder, making her look much like a ghost of some sort. Amber smirked, looking at the sleds that were propped up against her house. Smiling slyly, she hurried over and pulled one off the wall.

"Anyone up for sledding?" she asked with a grin, the other two nodding eagerly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bakura sat in his bedroom, reading a book he'd gotten for Christmas. He hadn't seen much of his friends over the holidays, but was more than happy to not be involved with any other Millennium mishap.

Ever since he'd gotten rid of the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring, and given his ring to Yugi, he'd stayed as far away from Millennium Items as possible, for fear that Yami Bakura still lurked somewhere inside him, despite the absence of the Millennium Ring, and would awaken should he come into contact with a item of some power.

"I wonder how Yugi is doing," Bakura wondered to himself, turning the page.

He'd grown slightly lonely being by himself in his room most of the time, but until now hadn't thought of going over to Yugi's to talk or anything. He figured that if the gang were going to do something, they'd call him.

"Well, maybe I'll just take a walk, and pass by the Game Shop," he thought to himself, standing up. "We could probably have a lot more fun if we got together and did something, anyway."

With that, he slipped his shoes on and walked out of his room.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, in the land of Egypt, Ishizu Ishtar walked down the streets carefully, her eyes narrowed. She had managed to convince her brother and Rishido to let her go out on her own, despite their protests.

She was touched they cared so much for her safety, but sometimes she just needed to be alone to think. She needed to clear her thoughts...especially with the new threat that was approaching them.

"If the Vampire Lord has returned," she murmured to herself as she walked past an open-air marketplace. "We will need every ounce of strength and every ally we have to oppose him...and win."

Swallowing, she looked up at the blue sky. Shadi had left days ago to track down the Vampire Lord and figure out his location. He had left Ishizu, Malik, and Rishid in charge of gathering the other Millennium Item owners and anyone else who could help. He only requested not to get his older sister involved since she had no real powers of her own and he didn't want her to get hurt in the process.

Ishizu understood this, but had put off calling Yugi Motou and his friends for a few days now. Why, she did not know exactly. Perhaps, she thought, I was trying to think things through clearly before calling.

But today, being the fourth day since Shadi had gone off, she knew she had to call them. There was no other option. Without their help, Egypt would surely perish in an attack from the Vampire Lord...the evil that plagued Egypt 3000 years before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Across the sandy desert, there stood a temple built in ancient times, dedicated to the gods of Egypt. Inside stood many stone statues of the supposed gods, and it had also become the home of these gods over the years. At this moment, Bastet, the black cat goddess, was pacing back and forth, her ears flattened against her head.

Thoth, the ibis-headed god of the moon, raised his eyebrow, watching his friend pace around.

"Is something wrong, Bastet?" he inquired, setting down his scroll and pen.

Bastet hissed impatiently.

"Yes, there is," she replied firmly, trying to think clearly. "It's my duty with the Millennium Items."

Thoth cocked his head.

"What about it?" he inquired curiously.

"Well," Bastet replied, sighing. "It seems that the Millennium Items have shifted hands once again. The ring, puzzle, and necklace are held by the Pharaoh and the rod is now held by the reincarnate of the high priest."

Thoth nodded, not understanding.

"How is that bad then?" he asked.

"It's not necessarily that the switching of owners is bad, Thoth," Bastet retorted. "It's just complicated. Many more opponents have arisen to face off against them, and if even one Millennium Item lands in the grasp of evil, we're looking at a mess of trouble for everyone. I'm just concerned, that's all."

Thoth nodded.

"I see," he replied.

Bastet narrowed her eyes again, sighing.

"And I sense something very strong approaching..." she murmured to herself, closing her eyes in concentration. "They must be on their guard...or else."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

End of Chapter One

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