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The trip to the institute was a quiet one for the professors. After agreeing to come back for the kids in a week they loaded up the jet and headed back to the states. England was nice and all, but it was nothing like the good ole U.S of A.

The silence was deafening as the occupants of the jet allowed themselves to be lost in their own thoughts. Looking at Professor Xavier you would see a look of true peacefulness on his face, though on the inside he was a confused mess when he tried to understand the enigma which was Harry 'raider' Potter.

After seeing the boy's memories he knew there was no way, short of a miracle, that the boy could be anything but blind. And yet here he was skateboarding, fighting hand-to-hand combat, it just didn't make sense at all. So for the first time in his life, Professor Xavier began to actually question his telepathy abilities.

With a weary sigh, that could have only been accomplished by a old man has seen and done to much in his life, Professor Xavier shifted more comfortably in his chair and began making a mental list of all the things that would need to be taken care of before this little 'motley crew' came to the wonderful institute for gifted youngsters.

Harry and the rest of the gang headed back to their 'lovely abode', which had been their home since they were the tender ages of six. Though then the ancient two story house was used as more of a hideaway for when their home life got to hard to handle and they were in need of a couple hours of peace.

Actually, their home lives are really what has made this group as close as they are now. Knowing what each other has gone through and being able to relate to them has made recovery a little less painful, as they cling to each other the only family they have left in the world.

So with heavy hearts the teens made their way inside the house that they will be leaving again in a week's time.

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