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Endymion sat at the large oak table in his tent. Maps scattered every where. He had been up all last night planning his attack on the South side of Dalyen. 'Well maybe not planning the entire night' He thought as his eyes wandered his bed where the still sleeping form of the brunette was. She looked tiny in all of the layers of animal furs and pillows.

Dalyen. One of the most powerful cities in all of the country. Of course not nearly as powerful as his home, Terran. Myths were told that the Gods themselves blessed Dalyen. Well not Gods, so much as God. A goddess really. Selene. Myths say she was the most beautiful of all the Gods. Her long silver hair ran all the way down to the ground and her eyes were a deep, yet light shade of silver. Myths also told that she was originally from the moon but when a asteroid collided with the Moon's surface, the moon became inhabitable. Many men speak of this myth but the part that always caught Endymion's attention was the mention of Selene's daughter. A spitting image of herself, but instead of having deep silver eyes, the girls eyes were a sky blue with silver flecks and her hair was gold like the sun, but was evenly streaked with silver. The myth spoke that if any man were ever to lay eyes on the beautiful maiden he would instantly fall in love with her and never be able to leave her side. Endymion smirked. Good thing he didn't believe in myths.

Endymion got up from the large oak table. Stretching his back, he headed outside of the tent. The sun had yet to rise so the moon was still out. He took a moment to glance upwards at the large pearl in the sky. 'It really is beautiful.' He quickly shook his head of his thoughts and looked for his general in command. Loud sounds of metal clanging together made Endymion turn his head in the direction from which it was coming from. 'Speak of the devil.' He watched as a man with shoulder length white hair battled with a man half his size. The man with the white hair promptly knocked his opponent to ground. Kicking the man's sword out of his hands, he brought his own sword to his opponent's neck. "I win." The man smirked. He soon removed the long, and very sharp sword away from the man's neck and helped him up.
"I had no doubt that you would General Malachite." The man speaking bowed his head in a show of honor and respect and hastily left the battle grounds.
"Good show. I suspect any day now you'll be planning a mutiny! All hail Prince Malachite!" Endymion laughed as his friend created an exaggerated pose of his father when he spoke to his people. Both men walked towards each other. Unsure of what to do, Malachite just slapped Endymion on the shoulder and walked over to where the rest of the practice swords were held. Before he had walked two steps he felt the familiar point of a steel sword in between his shoulder blades. Malachite grinned widely and in one swift turn, was facing Endymion with his own sword clashing with Endymion's. They both quickly started to circle each other. Their eyes always locked, where one stepped the other had already.
"Are you sure you're up to this my Prince? I heard you were.entertaining company last night." Malachite smiled as Endymion was planning his next strike.
"Ah, jealous old friend? I'm sure there are plenty of maiden's who are vying for your attention." Endymion spoke as he lunged at Malachite, aiming for his left shoulder. Malachite quickly dodged the attack and retaliated by shooting out his sword towards Endymion's chest. Soon all that was heard was the clanging of swords and the heavy pants of men equally matched.
"Ow!" Endymion quickly retreated clutching his hand to his chest. Malachite forgetting they were fighting hurriedly went to his injured Prince.
"Endymion! Are you alright? Let me see." Malachite never finished his sentence as his sword was knocked from his hand by Endymion's. The sword fell to the ground with a thud. Endymion raised his sword and pointed it to Malachite's jugular. An evil smirk was showing in his eyes and in his smile.
"Now that was not playing fair." Before Endymion could even laugh Malachite made a quick swoop with his left leg and brought Endymion down flat on his back. Moving swiftly Malachite picked up his fallen sword and pointed it at the now heaving Prince. Malachite grinned, knowing he had won.
"I see you know the rules of unfair fighting too." Endymion stated as Malachite extended his arm in a helpful manner. He gladly took it and when he was standing upright an evil glint came into his eyes. Not noticing Malachite was at Endymion's mercy as he was put into a headlock. The Prince held on tightly throughout Malachite's many attempts at freeing himself. When he finally stilled Endymion began to talk.
"Now say that I have won and I will free you."
"But you didn't win. I had you pinned and being the graceful winner even helped you to stand after your embarrassing tumble." Malachite spoke elegantly. Turning slightly red as he noticed his soldiers had started to gather watching what was occurring between the two men with glee. Endymion tightened his grip and took little satisfaction in hearing a grunt coming from Malachite.
"Okay okay! You win! All hail Prince Endymion! Winner of fighting unfair!" Malachite soon after felt the arm removing itself from around his neck and rolled his eyes when he came face to face with a smirking Endymion. He slapped the Prince upside the head, but before Endymion could even protest Malachite began.
"We had better get back to work. Otherwise we'll never win this fight." And the white haired general left leaving the dark haired Prince all by himself.


Serenity sat on her throne at the entrance of her hut. She watched as her people moved about, doing their chores. The moon was full tonight and soon it held her attention. Stars were bright and shone clearly against the dark night's sky. 'Mother.' However the Queen's thoughts were interrupted by a voice.
"My Queen." One of her soldier's spoke before bowing gracefully to her. Still on one knee the woman looked up and began relaying her news.
"My Queen. They are attacking tonight. The animals have been watching them for quite sometime now. They tell us that the Prince of Terran himself is leading the attack. The men are planning to attack at sunrise. They will move or try to move, directly through our village if we do not fight back." The soldier before her, Tienva, loved battle. Serenity could see it in her eyes. How this woman yearned to slide the smooth steel of her sword into the gut of any man who dare place a foot on the sacred lands of Dalyen in any attempt at war. This worried Serenity. Of course she too, enjoyed the game of war but she never delighted in killing. She killed because she had to, it was as simple as that.
Serenity sat quietly for a moment. Not taking her eyes from Tienva. She was going over all options available to her. She could do the safest thing and put a shield of protection around their village, but if any of the soldiers were to step foot on part of their village the shield would disappear. Leaving them open and vulnerable in the middle of a war. Then there was the harder decision. She could send her warriors out to fight. Of course going with them. They would most certainly return victorious. Never have they failed in a fight, never do they plan to. The only problem with fighting was she knew some of her warriors would be injured possibly even killed. Now the only question left was, was that a risk she was willing to take? Serenity knew all her warriors would gladly go to any war she led them through. Sighing the Queen of the Amazonian tribe knew what she had to do.
"Prepare our best warriors. We take no more than fifty. At sunrise we shall attack any force that dare enter our lands." With that Serenity waved her hand in a dismissive manner and Tienva nodded her head and bowed once more before leaving to inform the other soldiers. Serenity once more glanced at the moon seeking the feel of comfort she always received. Like always it came to her, washing over her in a wave of the warmth.
"Thank you mother." Serenity whispered to the night's sky. "I will not let you down." With that said the Queen made her way back into her hut to prepare for the coming battle.


Endymion was in his tent putting on his armor when he felt small hands at his waist. He stopped his movements and watched as the small hands started to undo his belt. Sighing he stopped the woman's hands and brought them up to his lips. Kissing them gently, he turned around to face the woman. Her deep brown eyes were so beautiful, If he had the choice he would spend the rest of his life just staring into those eyes.
"Caran we've been through this. I have to go. Otherwise those barbarians will eventually run into our lands, raping our women and ravaging our lands. I don't want anything happening to you, love." He lifted her hands once again to his lips, sincerity in his words and in his eyes. The Prince liked this woman yes, but other than that he was unsure. She made him feel things that he'd never felt before, but he was just so uncertain. The woman named Caran listened to every word Endymion said, believing each one with all her heart.
"I know. I just wish you wouldn't have to put yourself in such danger." She said, pouting her luscious red lips. This made Endymion's eyes darken. Caran noticing the change in his eyes slowly brought his hand to her mouth. Seductively, she sucked on each of his fingers. When she was finished with his hand she began to kiss his neck, all the while unbuttoning his shirt. When she was finished with the buttons she stopped her kisses and slid the shirt off his shoulders watching it fall to the floor. She took a moment to appreciate the beautiful man in front of her. He was nicely evenly tanned all over. He had a six pack and his pectorals were holding her attention. Muscles were bulging from his biceps and his true strength was showing for only a moment
Soon he was kissing her on the mouth, hard and forceful. He brought his tongue to lightly trace her bottom lip, as if asking for entrance. Caran obediently opened her mouth to his explorations. Endymion quickly pushed his tongue into her mouth. They tongue's came together as though it were the most natural thing in the world. A low growl emanated from the back of his throat and soon Caran's dress along with Endymion's pants were on the ground. Endymion gently pushed Caran onto the bed and then climbed on her. Endymion was about to thrust into Caran when someone cleared their voice.
Frustrated beyond belief Endymion made a most inarticulate moan and flipped on his back, to look at the dead man who dare bother him now. Malachite was staring at them with a half smile on his face. Endymion just glared at him, causing the white haired general to roll his eyes and turn around. Endymion looked back at Caran who was now beet red and had somehow managed to bury herself under the animal furs. He just chuckled leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.
"I'll be back soon, love." With that said he rolled off his bed quickly dressed once again and headed out of his tent with Malachite at his side.
"Nice timing, as always." Endymion said bitterly.
"It's what I do best." Malachite replied smirking at his Prince's state.
"So.?" Endymion began impatiently.
"Our troops have taken their position at the North. Nephlyte's regime is already positioned about two hundred kilometers away from Dalyen. Jedite and Zoicite are awaiting your command to leave. I have a good feeling about this Endy." Malachite smiled at his Prince.
"I'm glad you have such confidence in the mission." He replied.
"And you don't? All your strategies are genius, perfectly plan, and we have the element of surprise! Clear your mind of whatever worries plague you. We will be victorious in this." All Endymion could do was nod his head. He had a sinking feeling that something bad was about to happen.


Serenity watched as her finest warriors asserted themselves in their positions, awaiting her inspection. She eyed everyone of them, carefully looking over each detail. She then turned her attention to the rest of her warriors who were not accompanying her into this battle. Though many tried to convince her otherwise.
"My friends, my sisters, my equals. We have been through many battles together, we have lost many, and we have taken many. But through it all we have come out victorious. There is no doubt in my mind that all of our warriors shall return. There is no doubt in my mind that we shall leave no survivors. Blessed by the Goddess Selene, we have no fear. We will honor all that represents our Goddess and we will respect all that she stands for. Our duty is to protect this sacred land! As it was preordained by the Gods themselves, we are the Nahakra!" Every woman in the village raise their left arm and shouted the sacred name of them tribe in unison. Serenity smiled at the people she trusted most in the world. They were her family as was she theirs.
"Ami, Lita, Rei, Mina. Come forth." The four generals Serenity had chosen to train the warriors stepped forward. Each bowed, going down to one knee and raised their faces to look at their Queen. Serenity just watched them, knowing they knew what it was they had to do. Mina was first to step forward.
She wore a short, dark yellow leather skirt with the ancient designs of their people on it and two slits on both sides. She wore a matching brown leather top that tied at the neck and at the middle of her back. Her top generously showed her ample cleavage. Her long golden hair was tied back in a elegant ponytail, with a braid circling her hairline on top of her head. As she stepped forward she brought with her a rabbit.
"I, the general in charge of training our warriors in the way of the heart have brought a sacrifice for our goddess Selene. This rabbit was not killed by our hands, it died naturally. No warrior under the protection of Selene would dare kill one of her animals. So here I return this innocent creature back to it's maker, the goddess Selene." Mina place the animal down on a small table in the middle of the village. Serenity nodded and Mina stepped back to her place in line. Now it was Rei's turn. Rei wore the same outfit as Mina, except hers was a deep red. Her hair, a dark black, was down, loosely falling in her face. She stepped forward with a mouse in her hands.
"I, the general in charge of training our warriors in the art of the spirits have brought a sacrifice for our goddess Selene. This mouse was not killed by our hands, it died naturally. No warrior under the protection of Selene would dare kill one of her animals. So here I return this innocent creature back to it's maker, the goddess Selene." She too placed the animal on the small table. Then came Lita, she was wearing the same outfit only a dark green, her chestnut colored hair had multiple braids and was pulled back in to a ponytail. Then she began the ancient chant.
"I, the general in charge of training our warriors in the art of war have brought a sacrifice for our goddess Selene." Lita produced a beautifully decorated jar. "In the jar are the remains of one of our warriors who died so bravely in battle. So here I return this brave warrior back to her maker, the goddess Selene." Again she placed the jar on the small table with the other sacrifices. As Lita stepped back Ami stepped forward to complete the ancient ritual of her people. Ami of course was wearing the same outfit, only hers was a dark shade of blue. Her hair was short enough where she did not have put it up.
"I, the general in charge of training our warriors in the art of knowledge have brought a sacrifice for our goddess Selene." She pulled forward an ancient scroll. "This scroll contains all the details of our battle. Every battle won and every soul lost. So here I return the evidence of our victories and our losses back to our maker, the goddess Selene." Ami placed the last sacrifice on the table and stepped back into line awaiting their Queen to finish the ritual. Serenity stepped forward, wearing a white leather skirt that had a crescent moon on the left side and slit on the right and a white top. She brought with her a dagger.
"I, the leader of the Nahakra, have brought a sacrifice for our goddess Selene." When Serenity finished she walked to the small table and brought the dagger to her hand. Closing her hand around the dagger and holding it tight, she quickly dragged it out of her hand. Soon blood was dripping from her wound as she held it over the sacrifices. "My blood contains the blood of our goddess Selene. So here I return the sacred liquid running through my veins back to my maker, the goddess Selene." Serenity squeezed her hand into a fist and let the last bit of her blood drip onto the table before she signaled for two of her warriors to come forward. With a nod, the two warriors quickly set the table on fire. Burning the sacrifices and sending it to the goddess.
In one voice all the warriors chanted, "To our goddess Selene!"


Endymion watched in joy as his men set fire to the lands of Dalyen. Soon after him and his men had arrived on the "sacred" lands of Dalyen there was a loud noise. They soon figured it out to be a type of alarm. Within minutes an enormous army was standing in Endymion's way to victory. He only smiled viciously at the men blocking his entry. Endymion was a top his horse galloping through the country side killing any man who was not loyal to him and him alone. Then all of a sudden his horse reared into the air. Neighing loudly at something that startled it. Endymion quickly tried to calm his horse, never before had he seen his stallion act this way.
His attempts to calm him horse failed and he was soon bucked off of the steed and onto the cold, wet ground. Endymion cursed as he watched his horse gallop in the opposite direction. He quickly got to his feet, taking his sword in his hand. He ran into the waging battle. There were bloody bodies everywhere, some men were his own but mostly the bodies belonged to those of the Dalyen. Endymion saw Malachite ahead, battling with two men, he saw a wound on his friend's shoulder gushing blood. He was about to help him when he heard screams all around him. He turned in a direction and saw his men falling to the ground, blood oozing out of multiple wounds.
Endymion didn't understand just a moment ago they were winning, the army of Dalyen had fallen, no one was standing in their way anymore. Now every second two of his men dropped to the ground in excruciating pain. He didn't know what to do. He looked frantically for Malachite but found his white haired general no where in site. He then quickly started looking for the rest of his loyal generals only to see they were on the ground, unmoving. Then Endymion saw what was causing his men to drop like flies. Woman, beautiful woman, were fighting his men. Blood was splattered on their faces and all over their bodies, but he was sure none of it was theirs.
He didn't know who they were but he did know he had to kill them and fast otherwise his plan would fail. He quickly made his way over to a group of woman who were killing two of his men for every step he took. When he finally reached them all the men they were fighting were dead and the women were gone. 'I don't understand! We were winning! Where did these Amazons come from!' As if to answer his question a woman with long golden hair, wearing white leather strode towards him. Her sword drawn. Endymion could only stare at the goddess before him. She was absolutely the most gorgeous creature he had even laid eyes on. She had long golden hair streaked with silver, sky blue eyes with silver flecks, and Endymion looked closer not believing what he was seeing, a crescent moon on her forehead. Then all of a sudden memories flooded his brain at who this woman was. He soon realized why these women were killing his men, unable to think of anything else to do he started shouting.
"Retreat! All Terran's retreat! NOW!!" All his men looked at him with a questioning look, but when they all saw their circumstances they quickly started to retreat. Endymion saw Malachite looking at him, he could see the inner turmoil going through his most trusted general at whether or not he should leave his Prince. Endymion steeled his gaze and nodded at Malachite. Malachite gave his Prince one last look before he too started to retreat. 'Okay think. You can get out of this. Just quickly leave!' Before Endymion could even take one step he was surrounded by the beautiful women. Each held a sword to him. He gulped, knowing this was the end, when the beautiful maiden he had seen earlier stepped forward.
"You, Endymion, have trespassed on the sacred lands of the goddess Selene in an attempt at war. You will be taken back to our village and properly sentenced." With that Serenity turned around and the rest of her warriors followed. They tied Endymion's hands together behind his back and began pushing him along. It was mid morning when they finally reached their village. Endymion quickly scanned the village, never before having even heard of it's existence. His eyes were halted when he was kicked in the back of the knee and fell into a kneeling position. He then raised his eyes to the woman in white leather sitting on a throne.
"Endymion, Prince of Terran, have started a war against the sacred city of Dalyen. You will be punished for you acts against the goddess. I, Serenity, Queen of the Nahakra, and only daughter of our goddess Selene, sentence you to death by the next full moon!" Endymion fell back on his knees, 'Well ain't that just a kick in the ass.'


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