Title: Seeing Things to Come

Author: Jessica Cox, Rose Angel

Rating: T, Pg-13

Pairings: None, pre-OotP canon

Warnings: AU, differing religious views, school stuff, kids, non-humans, differing races, differing cultures, etc.. if there is a warning for it apply it to this story, don't read if you are easily offended by anything.

Spoilers: All books currently published

Genre: gen, action, adventure

Notes: Harry is six, he goes to a different world, has a psychic gift, Ocs, canon characters with OC relatives, no beta

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, he and his original world belongs to J.K.Rowling. I am simply playing with him. I was also inspired by works by: Tolkien, Mercedes Lackey,The Narnia books and many anime, television shows and movies.

Summary: Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy, until an accident changes his life and thrusts him into a new world.


The Atropes Academy had stood for eons, had been built long before the first ancestor of man had took their first breath. It had weathered storms beyond comprehension, the ravages of time beyond compare to any other building. It had seen the coming and going of many lives.

Over this long period of time, Atropes had gained a life of its very own, a mind and soul.

It had slept and woken, watched and listened, a sheltering force to those that had sought shelter under its roof. It was a magical building beyond any other, and as such it had certain influence over certain events. An ability to see what was to come.

It saw a certain child in its future, and the building took interest. It knew if events were left alone, the child would grow and eventually enter its halls, but the building thought it would be of more interest if perhaps it changed things a little, altered things a bit. Than the child would enter it while still a child. Than the building could watch as world hidden in itself was at last woken up from its stupor.

Just a little change here...