Alright, here is an interlude of sorts, as the next chapter is giving me problems. I am afraid I havn't read the sixth book more than half ways, so elements of this story mosst likely counter facts revealed in the sixth book.


Albus Dumbledore was currently experiencing the worst year of his life. As he sat at the High Table, watching the students and teachers eat their dinner, he worried and wondered. Where was Harry Potter? Who was that man who had taken him? Where and what was the Atropes Academy? He had no answers to these questions that buzzed and brewed behind his ever twinkling blue eyes.

Severus had been oddly smug though, when he had called an Order meeting to discuss these issues. Albus knew he was hiding something, some knowledge of this 'school', if it was in fact one. It was to bad Severus was a potion master, otherwise he would have slipped a truth serum into his tea and gained the answers he so wanted.

He was hesitant to alert the ministry to the unknown state of the Boy-Who-Lived, he knew Fudge would use this to his greatest advantage to gain some form of control over him and Harry. He hoped that soon he would be given some news from his searchers. Or even from Severus himself.

The flapping of wings approaching the High Table distracted him from his musings, he looked up and watched as a medium sized brown owl approached his potion instructor. It was an odd event, Severus rarely received owl post, at least not any that arrived during meal times.

Albus watched Severus take the letter and tuck into his robes with barely a glance at the paper before returning to his meal. The owl took off, Albus's hand twitching with the desire to take out his wand and cast a tracking spell on the bird.

He sighed, it was an odd feeling, truly, not knowing all the answers to the situation.


Severus Snape, potion master of Hogwarts, ate neatly and quickly as was his regular habit at mealtimes. He spared no thought for the letter from his nephew, if it had been important he would have received a letter from his sister instead.

Adrian was perhaps his favorite of his older sister's spawn, the one most like him at that. He settled himself in his quarters after dinner and read the message. It was normal enough, greetings and a report on the process of his schooling. Then in became more interesting, the reason he was feeling so smug. A paragraph on the oh so wonderful Boy-Who-Lived, one of the more tolerable young students at the academy.

He was very pleased, it wasn't every day he had one up on Dumbledore, after all.


Albus had at last cornered Severus, though having him up for tea in his office wasn't quite cornering so to say. His potion master was drawing this out though, dancing around the subject of the academt before giving out tantalizing hints before finally deigning to reveal something more concrete.

"Your nephew?" Albus asked. Severus made a light humming sound as he sipped his tea, a smirk firmly planted on his lips.

"He has been attending Atropes for two years now," Severus finished his tea and set his cup down before rising to his feet, "now if you don't mind, I have grading to do."

Albus blinked after him before beginning to compose a missive to Audrey MacDougal, the only Snape daughter.

Within a few days, Fawkes was on his way to Atropes with a lengthy letter to the headmaster of the academy.