These songs were made by Diamond Took and Estella Brandybuck. We do not
own the tunes of these songs and have only written the Lord of the Rings-
related verses.

Disclaimer: Mary Poppins does not belong to us and neither does LOTR.

"Hobbit Holiday," sung to "Jolly Holiday" from Mary Poppins

Oh, it's a hobbit holiday with Merry,
Merry makes your heart so light!
Though the Ruffians may be quite scary,
Merry will put up a fight!

Oh, happiness is bloomin' all around him!
The Burrowses are smilin' at the Chubbs!
When Merry holds your hand, you feel so grand,
You want to blow the horn-call of Buckland!

Oh, it's a hobbit holiday with Merry!
No wonder that it's Merry that we love!

Oh, it's a holiday with you, Estella!
Hobbit girls like you are few!
You're not like Diamond or Rosie, Estella,
I like you more than both the two!

You'd never think of stealing Maggot's cabbage,
Nor mushrooms for our relatives to feed!
Now Merry needn't fear, 'cause you are here!
You're mine to hold forever close and dear,

Oh, it's a holiday with you, Estella!
A jolly hobbit holiday with you!